Synopsis: Doo-Hun (Song Kang-Ho) is a retired gangster boss who confronts a mysterious woman named Se-Bin (Shin Se-Kyeong). Se-Bin is a 20 year old assassin sent to kill Doo-Hun. Things become more complicated when the retired mob boss and sexy assassin start to develop feelings for each other.
Genre: Action, Drama
Director(s): Hyun-seung Lee
Production: CJ Entertainment
  6 nominations.
122 min

HINDSIGHT SONG KANG-HO SHIN SAE-KYUNG CHUN JEONG-MYOUNG LEE JONG-HYEOK KIM MIN-JUN YOON YEO-JEONG LEE GEUNG-YOUNG KIM ROI-HA OH DAL-SOO ESOM Yoon is long gone Don't call him about boss's accident After he got hit by a car he was left on the street for too long Yoon... Yoon Doo-heon... Yoon Doo-heon? - Shit - He left Chil-kak long ago Hangang's Yoon Thought he retired He did Bring him to me Yoon Doo-heon... Relax WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY LEE HYEON-SEUNG Pay attention People say, you cook with your heart and soul That's all bullshit Cooking is a science based on data Mr. Yoon Yes What's most important in cooking? Skills? Knife skills? Cleanliness! Ms. Cho, you're new Put on your apron Attention everyone We're making Kimchi hotdog Wash Kimchi and dice Why can't you follow the instructions? Head goes the opposite way What? Opposite way? The other way Shit, I was wondering who came When did you come? Doo-heon You should've called me No matter the cookwear, made in Germany is the best You know sea breams Sea bream fish You see When you scale a sea bream it's important to do it in the opposite direction Hold the head like this Like this in the opposite direction I'll help you I don't think you can Go back there ls this edible? This is seabream ramen noodles Fusion cuisine is in style right now A seabream is low in fat and high in protein It's good for weak people and also for pregnant women Fucker Don't leave the hospital and report to me every hour Like in foreign gangster movies The boss always owns a restaurant When his gangs gather, the boss cooks for his family You are serious How is boss Man-gil? You haven't talked to him recently? I feel ashamed to see him right now But when I open my restaurant, I'm gonna invite him How are you holding up? It's tough without you I had one thing more than you I had you by my side What's this? Good luck with your culinary certificate A pot and a knife... I was gonna make pollack soup Amino acid in Pollack Aspartic acid in bean sprouts They do wonders for hangover You see That's not how you do it Cooking is about data It's a science Don't breathe What? You smell like alcohol Thought you had beer, but you smell like soju How'd you know? Thought you were alone Or did you meet someone? I drank alone Why are you peeking at me? I wasn't peeking at you Your hair is... It's nothing It's good How about mine? Um... It's... Good, right? It's not good I measured everything perfectly as you said One can't be good at math just because one has a calculator But you said,cooking is about data and science Now I have to be good at math too Total 6 You have a hangover? Wow, this is... ls there any rice? You going straight home? What? Yeah Go straight home That little... OK. I will go home Except during culinary school sat on the beach all day Sat on the beach all day Errand Boy Weekly Review Go Keep a close eye on Yoon Se-bin! Service fees Boss Cho let you live here You should keep your end of the bargain What? Let us live? Yeah, live Stupid This is a prison Can't you see? It's your debt Eun-jung!Eun-jung! Sorry It's cool Wash it good Cucumber is highly alkaline, which destroys vitamin C It should not be mixed with other veggies Cucumber is a loner Shit Then what about\cucumber kimchi? It's mixed with everything Shouldn't they be mixed to create variety of taste? This water kimchi was good - Can I try? - Go ahead This kimchi is... Should've kept one Hey, One-eye Sir, Boss Man-gil passed away Are you listening? How? He was hit by a car But... As far as I know, he left no will We have to find it It will say Yoon Doo-heon What can we do with him? He left us by his own choice Whoever is on the will is to become the boss of our alliance It's a tradition This seems complicated And Yoon didn't even show up What're you all saying? If we split up like before there will be a war Jung-im Lee Hello Ms. Kang How many times did you ride? Excuse me? Why would I ride your boat? It was just once Can you get a M24? I have an important business It might be... Yes, I can If I can find a M24 We can take care of your money problem Haeundae fuckers loaned you $10,000 and they want $70,000 back? Some people have great timing with money Take a look at cell phones Everybody switched telephones to cells in a blink of an eye But switching swords to guns It seems easy but it's not It's weird We're not in Chosun Dynasty We don't need swords Give that to me Teacher Please don't drink too much Sorry I'm no teacher I'm just a rifle coach If I didn't drink and drive that day, you'd be on the national team With a world record You would've been the best I'm lucky that I can walk You... Hold tight! Shut up! You slacked off Didn't you? You're telling me that Yoon goes to cooking school and sits on the beach all day A legendary gangster doing nothing? Legendary? Aren't you mistaken? He's just an old guy He just seems that way You two should come work at our hostess bar You can drink and dance And make money With bodies like yours, you can easily pay back $70,000 You I'll kill you myself someday That's my wish I'll sell you off to an island, bitches Keep an eye on Yoon Don't even think about borrowing money somewhere else What should I do then? If I go drinking and dancing at the hostess bar I can easily pay back $70,000 How about it? Eun-jung Eun-jung! After a long day outside, you come home to your mother's homemade bean paste soup Do you remember? What's wrong with you? This is what we call soul food Don't be late I'll give you a riddle What do you call a stolen yam? A hot potato Right! You two over there You're a couple of bad potatoes We're making braised chicken I was gonna buy scissors Hello A job? You OK? I'm OK I'm OK What's next? Thank you. You didn't go home? I'm fine You don't look so good Don't get too close to me You'll get hurt Hurt? Hurt what? How? Like this? Where are you from? Seoul Why did you come to Busan? It's my mom's hometown I wanted to open a restaurant Why? When did you move here? Why so curious? That's nice and sweet I was thinking This cooking stuff... You're pretty good at it You wanna work together? Doing what? A restaurant With your skills, we'll go bankrupt in no time That's why we should work together Hello? Hello? What's with the reception? Your phone's old Like yourself This is all wrong This isn't a cell phone It's a computer This is a restaurant finder app Click this button Listen! That temper of yours What? See this app If I just bump my cell with yours like this! My number is saved on your cell This is good Everything's high tech these days Back in the days, it took a lot of effort to get girls' phone numbers With your archaic methods? I used to be the hottest thing Whatever Next is... This is a must have app for a single Eun-jung! I got info on a deal Between Haeundae and Hwaryong Eun-jung's location Hurry! Don't worry Hwaryong gang couldn't have seen us What's this? Drugs? I thought it was money That's not the problem If Haeundae gang finds out We're dead What? What the hell? Eun-jung! It's Haeundae gang Stop right there You bitches! Where's my stuff, bitches? Let us down! F*ck! You screwed us first with our debt Shove it off Shit We're headed toward the cliff Hello Stop following Yoon and kill him Kill him? Should we jump? You sure? If we do it ourselves,they might be able to trace us So I'm gonna hire a hand National Rifle Competition If you kill Yoon with a gun leaving no trace I'll let you two off If not, you two are dead Yo! If you don't, you're dead I'll help you out This will help me too I won't do it Let's leave Run away from here? They will catch us again Then, he will kill us for sure What's up? It's late I'm done with cooking school Why? I'm sick of it Young people these days They can't commit to anything I don't think you should go either Go back to Seoul Hey partner! How about a farewell party? Self-service I'll buy Let's go somewhere nice Are you rich? Rich? You need money? How much can you give me? How much do you need? You still suck I'll make you the best dish ever I want these mussels Lots Go sit! Granny! We need more turban shells! Granny! Man, it's good Do you need anything else? Hot! Try some It's too salty I like it salty Hey There are three important words that end in letter " t'' First is how you measure gemstones Carat Damn F*ck it Second is what you need to live Salt What's the last one? Eun-jung 5 Missed Calls You take care of yourself Are you not gonna see me again? Partner? What's the last one? Knew you'd come back You OK? Hey Hospital Hey Kyung-min It's me It's me I think boss Man-gil's accident wasn't just an accident Look into it again Sir Did you open the knife I gave you? A knife? 40 NA 5936 I was saving it for later Why? In there, I put boss Man-gil's will A will? Why? I wanted you to read it alone and make your decision If you don't come back, that's OK with me Boss Man-gil must be bored up there alone I have to send him the bastard who killed him Here's a license plate number I'll take care of it Boss. Sorry I'm late I'll go to Seoul Yoon! He looks good He really did go to cooking school He insisted on cooking It suits him well I learned a little bit of cooking So I wanted to invite you all Heard you got a new car? A Land Rover? It suits your powerful image I wanted to live young again It's hard to park though It's important that you live young How's your scrap metal business in China? I left it to the youngest so it must be doing well You're not old enough to retire I heard that you're into motorcycles these days Not motorcycles Cycling Cycling Bicycles I got your info wrong Heard you're running for an office? A bum like me can't run for an office A lawyer like Beck might That suits you very well You still race these days? I've gone pro now I raced like crazy just a while ago Hope there's no accident Accidents are what's fun There're three important words that in letter " t'' Do you what they are? First is " salt''you use for seasoning Second is " carat''for measuring gemstones Third is... Shit It's fucking too salty Too salty? The wine you gave me is sweet You have no fucking manners, patience, or loyalty ls it you? Did you kill boss Man-gil? Who do you think you are? Stop it What're you doing? Stop him! One-eye! You all stop Yoon Doo-heon If your name isn't in the will as the successor, sorry but you're not one of us So for now, Hangang's boss is Beck A will A successor The last important word is "present''As in now What're you doing right now? This will isn't important What's important is to find boss Man-gil's killer Right now! Hello? To the back door? Get M24 from Six hands tomorrow night You can't come in - Stop - Eun-jung! Constable Lee! Don't touch Who are you? I'm a friend A friend? Where's the driver? We didn't find the person We're still looking around Poor thing She's probably dead I haven't heard from boss Since yesterday Something's fishy I think someone's after us Haeundae Lee Chang-tae Did you kill Eun-jung? You don't have the guts to shoot me You should've killed Yoon She failed so Yoon got to her What? Yoon did what? Hospital, now No Let's go No F*ck The era of guns has begun I'm OK Clean up here Wipe your fingerprints Hand me the gun He's here to pick up M24 Stop That's enough We have a situation Need a cleanup You and I had different paths But we've always been friends Doo-heon If you don't come back, I'm gonna be the next boss I'll find boss Man-gil's killer No matter what! That's why you called me here? There's been a rumor our Chil-kak group doing political money laundering Of course, boss Man-gil found out That's why he's dead I'm about to catch him Just wait I'll call you when I'm sure Let's go Hey I'll have one more drink Go home Are you sure? OK Sir Ki-chul's dead Ki-chul's dead? I think he was hit by the same guy who attacked you I'll take you to a secret location in Yeouido You missed one And you didn't clean up after the other What do we do here? Make people disappear We don't advertise we've killed someone We make them disappear without a trace That's why we use guns Clean-up is crucial That's how I've kept my business all these years Drink after finishing a job Not while you're on the job Two mistakes, Two chances You're lucky but, you keep making mistakes You should've shot me Boss Man-gil, me, and Ki-chul This doesn't look like an inside job The car that hit you It's Haeundae's unregistered car Haeundae gang... There must be someone behind them I'll go back and investigate OK New Text Message When you go to Busan, look for that kid I can't get a hold of her Are you dating a minor? She's a classmate Don't you know what that is? She's a friend Fucker It's a Chateau Margaux Margaux means of a lady It's good to meet you I wanted to thank you for taking care of my teacher's funeral He was an old friend You were a rifle athlete Had an unofficial Asian record You want to kill Yoon? For M&A and political funds Beck started drug business with Haeundae gang You're the last one to see Ki-chul So you're a suspect for his murder If you can, don't leave this place Don't leave? This is a prison Kyung-min Don't get too close to advisor Choi Heard you're dealing drugs to pay for political funds They just use bums like us You might be happy running a restaurant But I'm not This masterpiece has one flaw It leaves a trace Then don't leave a trace There're bullets that disappear If we put a cap on a bullet with absorbable substance like ice or salt it melts as soon as it hits the body Like sugar in coffee A perfect crime Apartments are occupied on weekends Offices go empty D-Day is Sunday Yoon You will die Take outs? Why did you learn cooking? Yoon Yoon 1 Missed Cali Who do we have here? Hey classmate Why didn't you answer my calls? Granny! $20, self-service! Knock yourself out There's a tribe in the Philippines famous for longevity The tribe eats bats, and bats are very salty Because bats hang upside down and pee So the pee is absorbed into the body over time The broth is almost gone It should be plenty salty You wanna play a game? A game? It's called a lying game Whoever lies the best, wins Whoever lies best, wins? The truth is I was adopted to America My foster father is Al Capone The famous mob boss My brother is Al Pacino We were all working together until I came to Korea and headed my own gang But I've retired recently Now I go to cooking school That's good I'm... You know how we met at the cooking school? I approached you on purpose for surveillance I'm a special agent from National Intelligence Service I fooled you good And now I'm gonna kill you I lose This game blows Yoon Doo-heon Did I ever mention my name? Why did you kill Eun-jung? - Who? - Don't look back! The girl who hit you with a car A friend? Answer me Why did you kill her? Killed? I don't kill girls You really didn't? Can I trust you? Trust? What do you want to believe? I'm sure she approached you With not so pure intentions You didn't or you couldn't shoot him? Who wants Yoon dead? Like you, there're many people who want someone dead That's why my business is going well Surely, Yoon will die Sebin: Can you come out? I'm in front of your place Dr. Park It's me, I'm in a hurry No, I'm not hit I'm passed that A friend fainted and has a fever Can't go to the hospital right now Very feverish Look at that sweat Very sweaty too Change clothes to relieve fever Change clothes? One-eye Those girls and Haeundae gang It's complicated I'll know more when I find this Haeundae gang who knows both girls OK, what about Haeundae boss and underboss? They're dead They were shot A gun Yes Are you Yong-soo? You up? You OK? You shouldn't move around Rest That... The doc said to undress... Change clothes I closed my eyes Porridge is burning I have to tell you something What? You don't have to Eat first Get better You like me, don't you? I think you like me You followed me like a puppy from Busan to Seoul How did you find me? You're my classmate Classmate? Take a look at your condition You've improved You must be really hungry I'm fine, really! If you take this IV for 3 days, you should be fine for 3 years It's called a 3-3 method Make a fist They did it like this... I was in the hospital for a long time You were a nurse? Thought you were a special agent You saw everything I said I closed my eyes What can I get you? Something sweet Something sweet? Caramel macchiato? Caramel latte? Caramel mocha? Something girls like Like the black one she's drinking You need whip cream with cafe mocha Anything sweet! Cafe mocha with whip cream One? Two? Let's mind the attitude You should drink sweet stuff when you are sick That's nice and sweet You must be sick still I don't sound like that I said it's nice and sweet But really, how did you find me? I don't think it was a coincidence last time either When we went to buy your cell... What? I installed an app called WeWhere We What? WeWhere This app allows us to locate each other Really? Yes. Very interesting Then, I could find you too What's your door lock combination? Why? You planning on staying here? In case something happens to you Like being sick I don't get sick I know you have nobody to care after you This is a lot of stuff I was having fun shopping You could've bought one pack With your condition, you'll need to stay a while I bought you some clothes You think this is my style? ls that maternity clothes? I like it though You always wear a leather jacket With a pair of pantyhose Do you not own a skirt? They're not pantyhose It's pretty I look good in anything I've never seen salt that costs over $100 This is a world-famous premium natural mineral salt Rich in germanium Have some I should go to bed now I'm fine, it's hot The prosecution is investigating Congressman Park National Tax Service is also onto something There's a rumor our group is mentioned Plus Ki-chul's murder I can't trust Yoon anymore Yoon practically created this group Something's fishy Yoon needs to be cleaned up Go away A pollack soup What else? Something else? Noodle soup? Noodle soup? It's nice and sunny Why? I hate the sunlight Don't come near the kitchen Metro line 1 and 7 Built in 2005 Floor area 118m2 Look at this Come here Check this out There's a great view of the beach I will bulldoze everything and build a huge restaurant In your dreams It's not a dream You can be a chef there I'll be the manager If you stand in the front, no one will come When I open my restaurant, I'll only hire hot guys Then I'll be your assistant We're in business now Then you quit whatever that you're doing Apartment fill up on weekends Office go empty Hit him on Sunday Oct. 3 Sunday Targeting Think you're James Bond? Who's this weird looking guy? Hey you Let's go somewhere Right now? Let's go on a date A date? Yeah, a date Let's go stay out the whole night You want to? Thought your make-up was a bruise What do you wanna see? That looks yummy Hey! Move Decorate your own photo Choose four backgrounds I wanna travel It's an individual photo I'll do it first Do it like the model I'm the devil? France France is famous for food You should study cooking abroad Learn to make some pasta You only make Korean dishes People hate if a pretty girl like me studies abroad Who cares? I'll invest in you, the chef You go, you suck at cooking No one can help you here You got money to pay for both of us? I got plenty more Let's take one with a white back Show your ears My ears? Move hair Your ears are the best part of your face Good This sucks Did the photo turn out okay? It didn't come out right I need to print one more Girls' Generation! Take off your helmet Spit out balls in your mouth You could hike with your cheekbones Love from the past Filled up my heart I trusted that love How can you trust love? The love I trusted with my heart Right now... Everybody left you One, two, three, four Our love right now Do you know what I want? I'm so fucked up I'm so fucked This fucking sucks! How can you can kill anyone in this condition? You have to be carried in here every time Need cold water Call Dr. Park again? Why did you open the blinds? OK, let's close the blinds I hate the moonlight What? Sir? What? Sir? Hey Where you going? Come in I got info on Haeundae gangs who attacked you Keep it down Their boss and underboss were also duped Where you going? I'm gonna get some air OK She's sick Sir, dating a minor is never a good idea What? Let's not get off the subject The important thing ls who is behind all this It's the phone record of Haeundae boss's unregistered cell on the night you were hit by a car Hello, hello? This will be more than enough to put Yoon responsible for the illegal political funds We must survive Yoon will die anyway But I want to see you do it Thought you wanted to be a Congressman No? I will be Stop I'll finish this. Leave What're you two up to? Leave Now, you have to kill Yoon or you will die I'll be back soon Should've changed the combination Did Beck send you? No hellos? Shit That's a big knife Good-bye When I was in charge I was happy to have you by my side But what about you? You have nobody by your side I'll ask one more time Get the girl out of there Sir, that's cold Are those kids OK? What're we doing? They look like our kids They will live Heat this together Take your time Isn't it good? It's so good You see Food speaks for itself A person who cooks me this food could never shoot me Do you love her? I knew you'd ask Human relationship is not that simple Love? If you think love is the color red, there can be purple love Or blue love Or yellow, black and white love Your call is being transferred to voice-mail Your cali... That's nice and sweet Are you taking care of yourself? In investigating Congressman Park's slush funds the prosecution has acquired a hard drive that contains info tied to Yoon Doo-heon, the former CEO of Hangang Industries However, Yoon is missing, making the investigation difficult He said he'll leave with all the accusations if we call off the hit on him As long as he takes all the blame, we have nothing to lose anyway But he'll still be alive with all the info He'll live like a dead man Madame Kang I thought you were the best. I'm disappointed My apologies Yoon will be a goner before he leaves the country Did you find out? I talked to the guy who knows the girls Eun-jung's alive but she's been sold off I think she went looking for her Chul-Soo I'll find her and send her to you If you don't leave today, you'll be in danger Wanna a new bike? Hey Why did you follow me? You'll die if you stay I told you to leave this country I don't die that easily They'll never give up I won't either Get in Really? I understand Your friend isn't working at a bar It's a bit complicated I'll go alone This is my affair You leave first I'll follow you with Eun-jung You'll die if you stay You want to die for a girl like me? Who says I'm gonna die? I'm... a thug But my mom was killed by a thug The one person I've trusted as my own stabs me in the back Death doesn't matter anymore So you came all the way here to give this to me? What am I? What am I? You don't know... how good your pollack soup taste or how pretty you are when you cook I want you to be happy Hide the drugs well inside the salt Yes boss Who're you? Hey, Se-bin It's me You OK? I'm OK Eun-jung Where are you? Hello? Hello? I can get a good shot from here Se-bin: Don't look for Eun-jung Cali me now I'll kill him You think I'd believe you? He'll die anyway He must die I want to do it Everything's so blue - Hey - Hey Do you think a person can cry enough tears to fill a salt pan? Don't know Even if they cry a lifetime, it will be tough You got a gun? No silencer? Hey I'm sorry Boss! Look at all these! Thanks You caught another one of those Great job, sir You're great You are that scared of water? Go in the water Fish comes, you catch Easy! How is it? It's good, sir It's too salty This sucks You should tell it like it is A person's life depends on it Too salty? It tastes good to me You probably can't taste the salt because you have a salt bullet in you Oh yeah? I died there F*ck, I did die And you say you did it to save me? It was a faulty bullet You had a 50-50 chance Let's open Yes? Yes? This-and-that soup for two? Take this bowl This is called This-and-That soup in Korea OK Ah I caught all these Your choice! It's fresh Make yourself! - Just boil it - OK? Grab everything

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