Get pumped  Season #Winter Episode #100000000000000000000000

Synopsis: Hi
Genre: Horror

Hi how Anna, Elsa

It's time to go to bed!

Oh no, he got struck by an evil spell

Quick Elsa, make a prince,

a mighty one

Oh no, the prince is stuck too

Who cares about

danger when there is love

Uh, Anna, blurgh...

Kissing won't save the forest

Who else fairies, cry out!

Is sounds a giraffe maybe? Nevermind

Give way to Fairy Queen

Who breaks the spell and saves everyone

And they all get married!

-What are you playing?

-Enchanted forest

The prince and the princess whoosh)

That's like no Enchanted Forest I've ever seen

You've seen the Enchanted Forest?

- Wait, what?

I have, once

And you never told us this before?

Well, I can tell you now

Okay, tell us now

Are you sure about this?

It's time they know

Let's make a big snowman later)

- If they can settle and listen

Far away

As North as we can go

Stood a very old and very Enchanted Forest

But it's magic wasn't that of

goblins spells and horse fairies

It is protected by the most powerful spirit of all

Those're Air, Fire


And Earth

But it was also a home to the

mysterious Northuldra people

Are Northuldra magical, like me?

No Elsa, they were not magical

They just took advantage of the forest gifts

Their ways were so different from ours

But still

They promised us friendship

In honor of that

Your grandfather, King Runeard

Build them a mighty Dam to

strengthen their waters

It was a gift of peace

- That's a big gift of peace

And I was so honored to get to go to the

forest to celebrate it

-Stand tall, Agnarr.

I'm was not all prepared for what the day would bring

We let down our guard

We were charmed

And felt so


But something went wrong

They were attacking us

It was a brutal battle

Your grandfather ... -Father!

was lost

The fighting enraged the spirits

They turned their magic against us all

There was this... voice

And someone saved me

Untold, the spirit then vanished

And a powerful mist covered the forest

Locking everyone out

And that night, I came home

King of Arendelle

Wow, Papa, that was epic

Whoever saved you

I love them

- I wish I knew who it was

What happened to the spirit?

What is in the forest now?

- I don't know

The mist still stands

No one can get in

And no one has since come out

- So we're safe?

Yes, but the forest could wake again

And we must be prepared on what

ever danger it might bring

And on that note, how about we say

Good Night to your father?

Oh, but I still have so many questions

Save them for another night Anna

Ah, you know I don't have that kind of patience

Why did the Northuldra attack us anyways?

Who attacks people who gave them gifts?

Only Ahtohallan knows.

- Ahtoho-, what?

When I was little

My mother would sing a song about

special river, called Ahtohallan

That was said to hold the answers

about the past

Now what we are part of

Wow, will you sing it for us? Please?

Okay, cuddle close

Scooch in

Where the northwind meets the sea

There is a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river all is found

In her waters, deep and true

Lie the answers and path for you

Dive down deep into her sound

But not too far or you'll be drowned

Yes, she will sing to those who hear

And in her song, all magic flows

But can you be brave what you most fear?

Can you face what the river knows?

Where the northwind meets the sea

There's a mother full of memory

Come my darling, homewardbound

When all is lost, then all is found

Your Majesty, -Oh!

They're ready

Hehe, excuse me

I'm coming

Do you hear that?

- What?


Enjoying your new Permafrost, Olaf?

I'm just living the dream Anna

Oh, how I wish this could last forever

- Mmmmm

And yet change mocks us with your beauty

- What's that?

- Forgive me, maturity is making me poetic

Tell me, you are older enough to all-knowing.

Do you ever worry about the notion that

Nothing is permanent

Ahh, no

Really, Wow, I can't wait til I'm age

like you, so I don't have to

worry about important things

That's not what I mean

I dont worry

because ... well I have you

Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and

The gate is open wide and...

And I'm not alone anymore ~


Yes, the wind blows a little bit cooler

And we're all getting older

And the clouds are moving on with

every Autumn breeze

Peter Pumpkin just become fertilizer

And my leaf's a little sadder and wiser

That's why I rely on certain certainties

Yes, some things never change

Like the feel of your hand in mine

Some things stay the same

Like how we get along just fine

Like an old stone wall

that'll never fall

Some things are always true

Some things never change

Like how I am holding on tight to you

The leaves are already falling

Sven, it feels like the future is calling

Are you telling me tonight you're

gonna get down on one knee?

Yeah, but I'm really bad at

planning these things out

Like candlelight and pulling of rings out

Maybe you should leave all

the romantic stuff to me

Yeah, some things never change

Like the love I feel for her

Some things stay the same

Like how reindeers are easier.

But if I committ and go for it.

I'll know what to say and do


Some things never change

Sven, the pressure is all on you..

The winds are restless~

Could that be why I'm hearing this call?

Is something coming?

I'm not sure I want things

to change at all

These days are precious~

Can't let them slip away

I can't freeze this moment

But I still can go out and seize this day

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

The wind blows a little bit colder

And you all look a little bit older

It's time to count our blessings

beneath an autumn sky

We'll always live in a kingdom of plenty

That stands for the good and the many

And I promise you the flag of Arendelle will always fly

Our flag will always fly!

Our flag will always fly!

Our flag will always fly!

Some things never change

Turn around and time has flown

Some things stay the same

Though the future remains unknown

May our good luck last,

may our past be past

Time's moving fast, it's true

Some things never change

And I'm holding on tight to you

Holding on tight to you

Holding on tight to you

I'm holding on tight to you~

Lion. Grizzly bear


Unreedemable monster!

-Biggest mistake in your life!

who didn't even kissed you



Okay, Olaf, you're up

- Okay

So much easier now that I can read

Lightning round

Boys against girls.

Okay, I'm ready(x2), Go!

Unicorn. Ice cream. Castle.

Oaken. Tea pot. Mouse.

Ooh~, Elsa!

I don't think Olaf should get to rearrange

It doesn't matter this is gonna be a cinch

Two sisters with one mind.

- Thank you.

- Okay, here we go

You got this Elsa, anytime

Just do it with

your body. Nothing. Air

Trees, people, treeple

Oh that's not a word...

shuttle void, teeth?

Oh, doing the dishes

Polar Bear. Hey. Sorry

You gotta give me something

Uhm, Alarmed?, Distracted?

Worried? Panic?

Disturbed, oh, come on. You

definitely looks disturbed, oh

We won. -Rematch?

Oh, you know what, I think i'll turn in.

- Are you OK?

Just.. just tired

Good night

Yeah, I'm tired too, and Sven promised

to read me a bedtime story

Didn't you Sven

- Did I ?

Oh you do the best voices like

when you pretend to be Kristoff and

You're like "I'll just talk to the rock"

But my childhood was disrupted.

- How about you guys start without me?

Does Elsa seem weird to you?

She ... seem like Elsa.

That last word, were they seems

to throw her, what was it?

I do not know, um,

I don't know, but ... - Ah


Oh come on, she couldn't act that ice?

I better go check on her.

Thanks honey, love you

I love you, too

It's fine

Come in

Yup, something's wrong

- With you? -No, with you

You're wearing mother's scarf

You do that when something's wrong

Huh, did we hurt your feelings?

I'm sorry, if we did. You know, there

are few people that are actually good at

family games, that's just a fact

No that's not it

Then what is it

There this...

I just don't want to mess things up

What this? You're doing great

Oh Elsa, When are you going to see

yourself the way I see you?

What would I do without you?

You'll always have me

I know what you need. Come on

Come here. -What? -It's Mama's words, cuddle close

- Scooch in (??)

- Mhmm

Where the northwind meets the sea

There's a river full of memory

-I know what you are doing

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river all is found

I can hear you

But I won't

Some look for trouble, while others don't

There are a thousand reasons I

should go about my day

And ignore your whispers

which i wish would go away (Ohh)


You're not a voice

You're just a ringing in my ear

And if I heared you, which i don't

I'm spoken for I fear

Everyone I've ever loved

is here within these walls

I'm sorry, secret sirens, but

I blocking out your call

I've had my adventure, I don't

need something new

I'm afraid of what im risking

if I follow you...

Into the unkown!

Into the unknown!!

Into the unknown!!!~

What do you want? 'Cause

you've been keeping me awake

Are you here to distract

me so I make a big mistake?

Or are you someone out there

who's a little bit like me?

Who knows deep down I'm

not where I meant to be?

Every day's a little harder

as I feel my power grows

Don't you know there's part

of me that longs to go ...

Into the unknown!

Into the unknown!!

Into the unknown!!!~

Are you out there?

Do you know me?

Can you feel me

Can you show me

Where are you going?

Don't leave me alone

How do I follow you?

Into the uknown!!!

Air, fire, water, earth

The water

The air rageous, no fire, no water

The earth is next

We have to get out

It'll be okay, evacuate to the cliffs

Oh no, I'm getting blown

- I got you

Yes, everyone's out and safe

Here, take one of this

You okay there, Olaf?

- Oh Yeah

We're calling this, controlling what

you can when things feel out of control.

Okay, I don't understand

You been hearing a voice

and you didn't think tell me?

I don't want to make you worry

We made a promise not to

shut each other out

Just tell me what's going on

I woke the magical spirit at the Enchanted Forest

Okay, that is definitely not what

what I thought you were gonna say

Wait, the Enchanted Forest?

The one father warned us about?

Yes. Why would you do that?

- Because of the voice

I know it sounds crazy

but I believe whoever is

calling me, is good

How can you say that

Look at our kingdom. -I know, it's

just that may magic can feel it.

I can feel it


Oh no, what now

The Trolls?

Kristoff, we missed you

Pabbie. -There were never a

dull moment with you two

I hope you're prepared for

what you have done, Elsa

Angry magical spirit are

not for the faint of heart

Why are they still angry? What does

all of this have to do with Arendelle

Let me see what I can see

The past is not what it seems

A round demands to rewrite it

Arendelle is not safe

The truth must be found

Without it

I see no future

No future?

When one can see no future

All one can do is the next right thing

The next right thing?

Is for me to go to the Enchanted

forest and find that voice

Kristoff can I borrow your wagon, and Sven

- I'm not comfortable with the idea of that

- You are not going alone

Anna, No, I have my powers

to protect me, you don't

Excuse me, I climb to the north mountain, survived

a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend

And I did it all without powers,

so you know, I'm coming

Me too, I'll drive

- I'll bring the snacks

I will look after your people

Please make sure they stay away from

kingdom until we return.

Anna, I'm worried for her,

we have always feared

Elsa's power is too much for this world

We must pray they are enough

I will not let anything happen to her

??? , I am, ok

Did you know that water has memory?

True fact, it's disputed by

many, but it's true.

Did you know we are six times more

likely to be struck by lightning?

Did you know Gorillas burp when they're happy?

Did you know we blinked

4 million times a day

Did you know sleeping quietly

on long journey prevents insanity?

Yeah, that's not true. -It is

-It is defenitely true. -It's the truth

Hmm, well that's unanimous

But I look it up

when we get home

They're both asleep

So ... what do you wanna do?

Sven, keep us steady, will you?

Anna. Hm. Anna, remember our

first trip like this when

I said you have to be crazy to want marry

a man you just met. - Wait, what?

Crazy? You didn't say I was

crazy, you think I'm crazy?

No, I did, you were--

not crazy, clearly

Just naive, not naive,

just ah.. just new to love

Like I was, and

When you're new, you are

bound to get it .. wrong.

So you're saying, I'm wrong for you.

What? No, no, I'm not saying you're wrong,

or crazy, I'm sayi-...

- Good idea. - I hear it.

I hear the voice. - You do?

Olaf, wake up

- Whoa

- Wow

Promise me, we do this together, okay?

I promise

It's okay

Did you know that Enchanted Forest

is a place of transformation?

I have no idea what that means

But I can't wait to see what it's

gonna do to each one of us

What is this

What was that?

No, no, no

And we're locked in

I did not see that coming

This forest is beautiful

The Dam .. It still stands

It was in GrandPabbie's visions, but why?

I don't know, but it's still in

Good shape, thank goodness.

Well if that Dam broke, it would

send tidal waves so big, it would

wash away everything on this fjord

Everything? But..

Arendelle is on this fjord

Nothing gonna to happen to Arendelle

Anna, it's gonna be fine

Come here.

You know, under different

circumstances, this would be

a... very romantic place

- Don't you think?

- Different circumstances?

You mean like with someone

else? What? No, no, I'm saying

Hm, just in case we don't

make it out of here.

You don't think we're gonna

make out of here?

No, no, I mean, no, we

will make it out of here

Well, technically the odds are kinda

complicated, but my point is..

In case we die

You think we're gonna die? No! no!

No, we will die at some point

- I swear that I will not leave her side

- Not even any reason time will we die but...

- Elsa?

-Way far in the future, we will die

Don't patronize me

Elsa, there you are

- You okay? - I'm fine. - Okay, good

Where's Olaf?

Umm, Anna?



I don't even know who's Samantha

That's normal

What was that?


This will all sense sense when I am older

Someday I will see that this makes sense

One day, when I'm old and wise

I'll think back and realize

That these were all completely normal events


I'll have all the answers when I'm older

Like why we're in this dark enchanted wood

I know in a couple years

these will seem like childish fear

And so I know this isn't bad, it's good

Growing up means adapting

Puzzling out your world and your place

When I'm more mature

I'll fell comfortably secure

Being watched by something

with a creepy, creepy face

See, that will all make sense when I'm older

So no need to be terrified or tense

I'll just dream about a time

When I'm in my aged prime

'Cause when you're older

Absolutely, everything makes sense

This is fine

Hey guys, meet the wind spirit

Coming through

Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick

I'll hold your hands, but

I can not find my arms

Hey! Stop


Let her go

Anna, be careful!

- That's my sister

Prince Agnarr

For Arandelle

Are you ok?

- I'm Fine?

They look like moments in time

What's that thing you say Olaf?

Oh, my theory about advanced technology

is both our savior and our doom?

No, not that one, the one

about ... The one about cucumbers ...

The thing about water

Water has memory

The water that makes up you and me

has passed through at least 4 humans

and or animals before us

And remembers everything

You're naughty, I think

I'll name you Gale

Get out there

Oh, hi, are you curious

You are in the better mood now?


It's father

This girl

She's saving him

She's Northuldra

What is that?

Olaf get behind me

- Why are you gonna do with that?

- I have no idea

Lower your weapons

- And you lower yours

- Arandellian Soldiers?

- Threatening my people Lieutenant?

- Invading my Dam space, Yelena?

Why does that soldier looks so familiar?

Lieutenant, get the sword!

That was magic

- Did you see that?

- Of course I saw it

Just an ice cold greeting

- They've been trapped in here this whole time?

- What do we do now?

I got this, hi I'm Olaf

Oh sorry, yeah, I just find

clothes restricting

Bet you're wondering who

we are and why we are here,

It's really quite simple

It began with two sisters

One born with magical power

One born powerless,

their love of snowman?

Anna, No! too high

Ooww, Mama, Papa, Help

Doors shutting everywhere,

Sisters torn apart

Well at least they have their parents

Oh, I am Anna, I marry a man I just met

Elsa gonna blow, snow, snow, ah run!

Magic pulses through my snowflakes

I live, ice palace for one, ice palace for one

- Get out Anna.

- My heart

- Oh my goodness

- Here's the true love's kiss

You're not worth it, get out

I'm the bad guy.

And Anna freezes to death, forever

Then she unfreeze it.. oh and

then Elsa woke up the magical spirit

And we were forced out

from our kingdom,

Now our only hope is

find the truth about the past,

but we don't have a clue

how to do that,

Excepts Elsa hearing voices,

so we got that going for us

Any question?

I think they got it

Are you really queen of Arendelle?

I am. Why would nature rewards

a person of Arendelle with magic?

Perhaps to make up for the

actions of your people

My people are innocent, we

will have never attack first

May the truth be found

- Hi, I'm sor-, uh, what's happening?

- That's it!

Lieutenant Mattias, library,

second port on the left,

You are our father's official guard

What did happened to your parents?

Our parents' ship went down

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