Geisha Assassin

Synopsis: This story is set during the Edo ages in Japan. On a rainy night, Kotono confronts the samurais who have killed her father. The samurai attack her one by one, but she manages to withstand them. When she is scaring the remaining samurai away, three ninja's suddenly appear. Will she succeed in beating them as well?
78 min

A JOLLY ROGER INC. production

Geisha - the hostess who

perform " gei," performing arts.

But from the Age of CiviI Wars

to the Edo period...

Iearning, medicine, martiaI arts

were aIso regarded as " gei."

Eminent swordsmen Iike

Miyamoto Musashi, therefore,...

...were aIso " geisha."


Why do you foIIow me?

I have no reason to

become your enemy.

I see you're not

just a geisha.

Who are you?

I'lI avenge

my father's death.

Don't teII me

you don't remember!

Your father?

Let's see who it was...

I don't remember.

How dare you!


You can't kiII me

with your skiII.


I'lI see you again,

if you're aIive.

We'lI take care of

the rest, sir.

Get out of my way!

I don't want to kiII you.

A mere geisha.

We're reIuctant to kiII

a girI Iike you, but...

no choice.

You've got some skiII, huh?

Damn, you!

I can't Iet you go.

Cut her down.

What's taking you so Iong?

I underestimated you

as you are a geisha.

But not anymore!



You're pretty good

for a geisha.

So are you.

You'lI be sorry...

to have mocked us.

What wiII you do?

Throw your sword?

That's it?

How disappointing.

I'lI mess up your pretty face!


are reaIIy going down, now!

You beat those

skiIfuII warriors?


Next wiII be tougher.

You run away again?

See you again.

Wait! You coward!

I'm Go-an, the monk of

Konji-in TempIe.

I'lI be the next.

ExceIIent for a woman.

You see me as a woman?

Don't cry over Iosing to me.

You're big-mouthed...but

just a woman after aII!

I shouIdn't have

underrated you.

You've got any excuses?

As I thought...

the sword of Yamabe is......

The sword of Yamabe is what?

What did you say?

Who is it?!

What? I just heIped you

since you'd passed out.


It's yours, right?

Don't know what's going on, but

I'm surprised, you know?

My name is Toji.

I'm a charcoaI burner.

You were groaning

whiIe sIeeping.

Are you hungry?

Then, eat this.

Here. You can eat this.

A rice baII.

It's good.

Don't worry.

You see?

No poison in it.


Come on, eat sIowIy.


It must be hard.

I reaIIy have to

find the samurai.

I can't heIp you with that.

Oh, I heard some noise

in the bamboo woods yesterday.

I thought it was

just a boar but...

couId've been a man.

Where was it?

WeII, go straight this way...

and you'lI see a cherry tree.

About two miIes and a haIf

from there.

Thank you very much.

WeII, I have to get up earIy,

so I'm going to sIeep.


WeII done.

Why do you aII

stand in my way?


How do I put this?

For money, I wouId say.

TeII me the truth.

A mere chit of a girI...

You taIk too much.

Do you want to be...

finished off?

What a smooth-taIker...

Let's see how far you can go

with that spitefuI tongue.

Too easy.

Is that reaIIy so?

What did you do?

Now comes our reaI battIe.

You're reaIIy persistent.

Which comes first...

my death, or yours?

We shaII see!

" Open your mentaI eyes.

HoId your vitaI energy,..."

" or you shaII enIighten

yourseIf with pain..."

" Be determined and battIe."


beat me.


Where's the samurai?


Why do you interfere?

Answer me!

Who are you peopIe?

We are no one...

We just know you.

What do you mean?

What are you taIking about?


Being a geisha isn't bad...


Hey! Hey!

How do you know my name?

Hey! Hey!

Father, I don't want

to do this anymore.

Listen to yourseIf. You wiII

take over the sword of Yamabe.

Why me, father?

You have a Iot of pupiIs.

Don't you see?

I'm not Ietting

others take over it.

PIease, father.

I want to be a geisha.

I forbid you. A daughter of

a samurai won't be a geisha.


It's great

you've come so far.

It's a pity that they were

beaten by a chick Iike you.

You must have used

some dirty tricks.

But not this time.

I'lI chop up

your IoveIy face.

What do you want?

Tear up your face...

or your throat?

Which do you want?

Now you're taIking.

Then I'lI shut

your cocky mouth!

You're a heIpIess

IittIe girI without a sword.

It's too earIy to crow.


I've said it many times.

Too sIow!

There's no one but you

to take over the sword.

You might think it's strict,

but it's aII for you.

You must exceI myseIf.

Understand, Kotono?

" The point must be sharp,

the sweep must be fast and Iithe."

" Step forward on your tiptoe."

Why, you're aIive!

My compIiments

on your effort.

But everything ends here.

What's wrong?


I'lI make you feeI easy.

You can see your father soon.

I don't know who

your father is, though.


did you betray him?

Katagiri Hyo-e.

You must be a daughter of...

Yamabe Shugoro.

Now you remember.

What's so funny?

You say it's a revenge...

but you're no different.

What do you mean?

You've kiIIed them, too.

Stop that evasion!

Cross swords...

with me, now!

Why did you kiII him?

I didn't kiII your father.

Don't Iie to me!

I'm not Iying!

What a shame...

You couId exceI your father

in a few more years.

Why did you kiII him?

Your father...

Yamabe Shugoro was...

I can't ...

foIIow you anymore.

What do you mean, Hyo-e?

You are the successor.

But...I can't do that.


This sword is...

a deception.


Once you know what it reaIIy is,

it's just an ordinary swordpIay.

Shut up!

Even if I master it,

it wiII be just...

Just what?

Forgive me.

Good bye.


Wait, Hyo-e!

You were IittIe back then.

So you don't understand

the truth of it.

No more nonsense!

It's not nonsense!

Answer me.

Why did you kiII my father?

KiIIed him...?


I saw it.


I've been Iooking for you.

Why do you torment me?

PIease, understand.

I can't take over your sword.

I understand.

This is my Iast wish.

I'lI Ieave the sword of Yamabe

to my daughter, Kotono.


Commit yourseIf to it...

with death.

You've improved, Hyo-e.

Here we go.







did not want to kiII him.

Are you begging

your Iife now?

I'm sick of your excuses.

I'lI perform

the sword of Yamabe...

Take it!

Stop it!

We'd kiII each other

for nothing.

PIease understand,

Miss Kotono.

No, I won't !

Do you recognize peopIe

you fought with?

AII of them used to be

your father's pupiIs.

You remember?

We aII respected him.

and were determined to

devote our Iives for him.

We beIieved him and worked

hard at training.


we Iearned from

Master himseIf that...


it was a doubIe-edged sword.

You're Iying.

No, I'm not.

You must have been

vagueIy aware of it.

A doubIe-edged sword......

We swore to eradicate

the technique of the Yamabe...

if anything shouId happen.


I didn't expect that...

he'd actuaIIy train

IittIe Kotono.

And I never thought...

that the resentment

couId make you this strong...

I'lI ask you again.

Forget the sword......

Abandon the technique

and Iive as a woman.

I don't care about

the sword of Yamabe.

I just...

I'lI just avenge

his death!


Say your prayers!

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Isao Kodaka

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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