Synopsis: A young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, cooperates with her captors in a desperate ploy to survive.
Genre: Crime, Drama
Director(s): Megan Griffiths
Production: Phase 4 Films
  9 wins & 4 nominations.
Rotten Tomatoes:
98 min

Come on, little girl. Be quiet now. Breathe. Good girl. Items not long now. A DAY EARLIER Hej. I'll be right there. I have an ID card for you. From bowling alley. She exchanged it for a pair of bowling shoes, or forgot. - But now it's yours. - I'm not Indian out. It's called Native American. Leah came into his mother's work ID. - Just look cheap. - Then I'll borrow some of your clothes. I am with. - See you later. - Okay. Hey. Give me a cigarette. Do not tell your mother. I have something for you. We wanted to give you on your closing day. I have to do a delivery. And Hyun Jae ... stop smoking. To turn the code in, enter, and then the code again. Figure it through the weekend. I take it to the bank on Monday. - I can do it tonight ... - You should not be here alone at night. - I'll be fine. Abbie drive me home. - Hyun Jae, why are you mad at me? Sorry. Well so. But you have to be home at. 22nd And you must help me clean the whole house over the weekend. It makes me always. Smile not. - What would it be? - Two whiskey shots. Not the worst. Fem dollars. He fem Bowl. - It was great. - From your friend the fireman there. He wants you. Look at me! He greeted us at these. We go over there and you talk to him. - Not a chicken to Randy party. - I will not go over. I mean it. Come. Follow with me. Hey. My name is Abbie, it is Jae. Thanks for the shots. Do you dress always fine on when you need to put out fires? - I have just come from a funeral. - Sh*t, sorry. - It does not matter. - I'll get cigarettes. Immediately back. St dig. - Do not worry. I say nothing. - What? - That you're too young to be here. - Why are you so sure? Not many 21-year-old goes with bracket. I think it looks cute. Will you excuse me, dear? Thanks for the lift. Abbie disappear sometimes. Is it about the time you have to be home? - Will you home, or should we hang out? - I already have problems, please ... - ... I have to get the best out of it. - So be it. I just need to call. Is it okay? Only takes a minute. Do not save face. It's too pretty. Come her. I'll be back. Sample I heard you came in ind skemaet today. Superb. I'm a little late. Fourth or fifth post, by the sixth. You're still throwing the mound? I hear you, not so well on mobile. But we'll see soon. Yes. I love you. Okay, kid. Hey. - Hope I'm not disturbing lords. - Are you from the sheriff office? - Bob Gault. - Ellis. Mr. Alawa, it is his property. So your vehicle. Wanted to see if I could help out. - Can I take a look? - It's fine. - Has anyone seen it besides you? - No, sir. - And you live alone? - Yes, sir. I ask just it from me. So you think she has a tag on? We can get an address be sad if she is under house arrest. - Have you reported this? - No, sir. I was just ... No! No! No! No! I do not know where I am. I have to call home, tell where I am. No, no. - Add quiet now. - No! Ivan, hold her fast. I do not know where I am. I have to call my mom and dad. So it's up, the ladies! Come on, a row. h se that! Svetlana, came her. Take one. All. Do it. Come on. How. Are not they cute? You got a sweet one. And Vlg. You all get one of these creatures. See it as a responsible exercise. Believe me, this world is hard. Anything can happen that innocent life you hold in your hands. Out there, 85 km wilderness in all directions. And I do not find your kittens in a prrieulvsflde - - As I did with your girlfriend Maria today. Continue. Some of you may have had pets before. If not then I can tell that it is one of life's great pleasures. There's nothing like an animal's unconditional love. If you adhere to will always keep you warm at night. But if you are wasting the chance ... I'm sure it does not. Okay, ladies, take the cats out to sh*t in the yard. - And clean up after the little pigs ... - Vaughan, for God's sake. - Who picked her up? - Mario. She is shown from Tucson. - Her thing? - Yes. Lad me see. Your father filled out this report on a missing person in. .. Gifts ... and Dyreudstopning in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The parents got their Green Cards in February 1986. And you were all U.S. citizens in September 1993. Hyun Jae. Would not have thought you were American with the name. Garden of Eden. Distinguished name for a trailer park. Eden is a Hebrew word. It means joy. Synes spend the det? Fits name on you? What do you mean, Vaughan? - Yep. - The judgment in the case. Look, you get a day or two to get over the shock. Then you have to adapt to what we are doing here. My rules are simple. Bathing twice a day. Morning and evening. And after sex. Medical check daily. This is a clean place. The cleaner you are, the better for you. And for all. I need hardly explain the consequences for your family if you create problems? For I have your address. I have everything. - What do I do with it? - Peeing on it. What a deal? The cat has torn thee. Klip klerne. Also your. Figures with Svetlana. Your bruises will disappear soon. Do you know how I got over my fear of needles? I think that someone cut my arm off with a chainsaw. Then the needle is nothing. Dig. Dig. And you. Take it and go with Avni. The rest of you have paperwork. F***ing cats! They make me crazy. Death certificates, ID cards. Put them together. The nurse takes them when you are ready. Curly-Q, og du Eden. Eden! Take this. You come with me. Take it, damn it. Go! - Do you know where we're going? - Quiet! No talking or whispering! Come her. Go, or I will cut off your clitoris with a cigar cutter. Do not be an ass, Vaughan. She is new. Okay, honey. Standing there alone. Sit on your knees now. I take your hand. It does not hurt. Allows you just handcuffed. We will only doctor suffered. I want to go home. Will not be here anymore. Hands. You have to smile. You can not opfre you like a robot all the time. I'm tired of spending my time on dumb and psychotic. Look at me! You need to smile to the customer. Otherwise I will cut off your legs and f*** stump. Smile. Fint. Stig ud. And. Come ind. - So, is she good to lick? - Yes, sir. Is everything all right? Oh god! To hell and hell! - What happens? - Help me! - What happens? - I'm a cop. Do not worry. - I'm calling the police. - She is a dangerous abuse. I should not get involved. You can get hurt. Sorry. Help me! It does not help to scream. They are cowards. I need f***ing a cigarette. Let her be until tomorrow morning. See if she is still alive. Is your job description unclear, Vaughan? - I got her course. - But you did not get her Mexican? Do you have an idea what I need to do if you do not catch them? I knew it. That's why the shepherd loses his sheep. If I wanted a junkie to manage my affairs there are many on the street. You are here because I Troeds that you were ambitis. - It's me, Bob. - You have to see it very clearly. I'm tired of having to ask. Get all the damn cat out of the way. Sell them, let them drown in the river. Should I ask nicely? Will you do it for the hell? Now. A YEAR LATER I did not think she liked the cat. Why was she allowed to keep it? - El ruisenor sings for his master. - What does it mean? Nightingale. Hun was veninde with Bella. Two years ago tried Bella to get a patron to smuggle them out. The guy told it to Vaughan. Vaughan slog Bella death. Svetlana so hele. She was Vaughans small ruisenor for it. His nightingale. She says when we do sh*t in it and she can choose their jobs. It was nok such hun got my ring. - How long has she been here? - Long enough to have an iron p*ssy. I'm glad you're here. Well, not here ... - I know what you mean. - How long have you been here? Three years. They move us around. Last year they sent me to Dubai. - How old are you? - What year is it now? - 15 How old are you? - 19 - Sh*t. When they see you are so old? - Do not know. Why? - What do they do? - I do not know. The color is too light. Come with me. - Let me just finish ... - Now! Number seven. What's your name? Bill. You have nice eyes, Bill. You are beautiful. - You say that to all. - No, I like you, Bill. - What's your name? - Eden. - Where are you from, Eden? - China. - Yes? Where? - Only China. Okay, Bill. What do you want? Should I take control? Or do you do it? Where's your little friend? Give me my ring! Give it to me! Give me my ring! What the hell is this? Ind. with you! Cross in the cab! How long have you saved heel in p*ssy? Fin. Is it silver? I sh*t on what you were doing with that filthy whore Svetlana. But you must be punished for smuggling. bn Munda. Open the mouth of hell. Into it! Swallow it! Gab. May I see. It is excellent. You know you should not be old enough to be dropped out of school. Enough talk. Now we go. In you again. I know why you got a little money the other night. You took just as much for Russians and for us, but white girls cost more. - What the hell are you talking about? - They take advantage of you. - Who? - All. They laugh behind your back. The bouncer at the Petting Zoo call you "mentally unstable", or something. - You're full of sh*t. - Why would I lie about it? I can help you keep track of things. Have done it in my parents' shop since I was nine. I can help you. You will help me? You will be involved in this sh*t? Why? I just turned 19, so I'm done, a broken product. - I'll f***ing on ... - I'm ready, you know. - It's up to you. - Determines that? Yes! I decide. It is with a job. If nothing should be changed so that puts an end to it now. Press. Stop! It is enough! Cross! In you again. You make me crazy. Get in there now. - Are you Josh? - He's not here yet. - What? - He's not here yet. Well ... he has something to me. He comes with more money. I can give you half and a little coke until he comes. - Kom nu. - Ney. The fire is relax about five minutes. - Okay. - Mine Damer. - Can I get some? - F*** you. Eden, you with me? You two stay there or I shower you with vodka and set fire to. - Are you Josh? Where the hell is my money? - Do not worry, I would not run with them. - Count them. - With Brants it all seven. - 1000, because you delayed us. - The other guy said 700 - It's 1000. - 1000. - Is she a hooker or treasurer? - Regards you? I do not cheat, they said 700, that's what we have. F*** you! How much does he owe? - Give me $ 300, now, dammit. - Do it, boys. Give them to her. We are white. Tak. Gathered them op! Pis og lort! You should take some. You deserve it. Need I go on toilette? Dig. Achtung, a**holes! Today is a good day. Dig. Svetlana, you should be out today. You run with Ivan in cart. Out of the ranks. Does follow me. You have to clean here. And do it well. There are alarms on all windows and doors, I swear Eden - - If you're doing tricks again I will shoot you with all the weapons I have. Detergents. Get started. Okay, Eden takes over headphones. The switch places. What? - The kinesermr will not replace me! - Do not know what you're talking about. - Change me out. - I did not say. - She answers phones, you run. - I can not run. - Ivan teaches you that. - F*** Ivan. F*** you! Sh*t, man. I'm sending you back to Dubai. There can be ass f***ed. See, now you're suddenly sensible. - Can I have a cigarette? - Do you act like a child? Nitchevo. I will not. Yes, take a cigaret. Let the damn cat be here. Okay. Only regulars have this number. They may code. Do not mention anything about people. We have a cheat note here. 5 x 5 are Latino. 5 x 9 Indian or Pakistani. If they ask for one special as you mix. Learn it by heart for tonight. - And the price? - Board never price. They know it already. They ask, it's probably the FBI. Just hang up. You'll just note address, date and time. Tear it off. Give it to me. Are you with me? And. - I test you. What is 5 x 9? - Indian or Pakistani. You are really good. I've just gone for a few hours. Kets can you please doctor cat. Release them out, but set handcuffs at first. How are you? How was your flight? - How you doing, Dave? - Good enough. - My dog died. - I'm f***ing sorry. She was 15. But as SOD. You may well remember. Yes, hun was skn. I just got this, Persian white mixed with red. The plants are young but strong, I halved the usual dose. Frem the arm. Come with your arm! - Are you okay? Hold here. - She must not keep them. Concentrate. Hang on. How long till she goes out? With the mix, an hour? Perfect. I'll teach you to drive. Are you ready? Here we go. That way. Thank you, Dave. See you tomorrow. Continue down the road. The nurse gets all needles from a drug store in Reno. Do not step on the accelerator and brake at the same time. It does not work. We get leg irons from the parole board. Bob knows all there. Our Pakistani partners gives us passports and driving licenses. Can you stop the car? I have drligt. We get opium from Mexico. We are alone. Morphine. Before it could not get anyone to do anything. You you on stueetagen in. .. ... The most well-run enterprise. We work in all areas. Bob is not even at the top. It is much larger than Bob. The girls have it better here. Their parents junkie sh*t on them. They let them get diseases and all kinds of sh*t. It's sad. Svetlana's mother sold her to her grandfather when she was nine - - Because mom's new boyfriend would not have a brat in the house. It is diseased. So it goes too far. What the hell is wrong with you? Should probably would not have given you amphetamine after morphine syringe. Do you take checks? Should I take control? I'm not one of those bastards. Not one of the pricks. So away from me and run. What is it for a 19-year-old, who can not drive a car? Think of America's roads veins. The pumps nutrients and oxygen and keep the cells alive. A living organism. But we forget that the blood also leads waste products away from the cells. What happens then? Where are they? These waste products adapt to their environment, depending on what they are. And like all viruses are sabotaging the end system. That's how I can best explain the illegal trade. To view an average courier out. Rar old mand. Who would suspect a nice old lady? The nice old lady dumped more dirt in Vegas than Chernobyl the 1986th It took us five years to get busted her. So ... one who went out of high school. Housewives. Biker. Upper-class girls. All kinds. So, who are you looking for? The answer is everyone. Good. Have a good trip home, ladies and gentlemen. Nice to talk to you. - Good to get away from the office. - Sheriff Gault! - Ron Greer. From Stove Canyon. - Lake Havasu? Fish Competition? No, I called your office. Would make contact now we're both here. Yes da. What ringede about? A double murder in river valleys last year. Deputy Sheriff Ellis and Albert Alawa. - God. How's the track? - Why would I talk to you. - You were in the area at the time. - Are you sure? Well, we have tested a GPS system. Most often does not produce anything. But the spores mobile activity sometimes. So we tried. Your mobile number showed up. Not in a precise place. 1.5 km from Raven Creek. - On hearing distance from the crime scene. - Damn me. I hope so not. Maybe it's a bad time, I can come by your office? Do not know what to say other than it is here, do not remember that I was there. And I do not remember having encountered two bodies. It is usual well to remember? Yes, I would imagine. I'll call if I were to think of anything, Mr. ... Greer. Thanks for your time. It was an excellent speech. - Dusty Oasis, can I help? - I have two 7 x 10 - Okay. And address, please? - 129 Desert Sun Drive, Room 412th Desert Sun Drive, Room 412th And when it fits best? - At 22 tonight. - Fine. Thank you. How much? - Excuse me? - What does it cost? - Undskyld, 600. - Okay, tack. What do we have? - We have one of aften. - Yes. We must get up early. I send Ivan. We'll fix it with Ivan, and then you're in bed. We must piss up early. - I thought of sending smoke signals. - Fine boat, Bob. You're not so naive and innocent anymore? - What's the deal behind? - The nurse prohibit burning. It smells out of the way. To be drowned or buried, and I do not dig. - Is our friend Svetlana with that? - Yes. Here she is. Hope there are walleye in the lake today. I say no to the Internet stuff. This industry should not be dressed up with technology. You just do it easier for a freak to trace the source. - What the hell is wrong with you? - What? Try to relax. Jeez, you make me nervous. So ... how's the investigation? - I heard about it. Is it ... - You think I want to talk about it? Vaughan is socially retarded, his foster parents were Mennonites. Religious fanatics. - Do you know what a Bible marker is? - Bob ... Be marked sections with them. There is little sayings on them. Vaughan was only the markers to play with. And he did not learn to read until he was 16 Was it 16? It can go either way with such a godly upbringing. But Vaughan's primary instincts are not in the sacred direction. I believe that if you are born in sin ... so you live in sin. But the army trains him. The army is like a alfons. Tager anyone with a pulse ... Okay, Bob. It is enough. I give up. Can never get the boy to express his feelings. As to teach the blind colors. I'm trying to help you, kid. Believe me, it gets better for you when I finish with this. Oops! I fik one! See how it runs. Not worth the effort to clean it. Shut up! It was an order from the top. You can relax. - Where are you going? - The toilet. - You go when I say it. - Come on, Ivan. You go when I say it. By place. Excursion. - Chef, hey! What then? - You look good. Have you trained? Not required. Have dog. - How many months? - I do not know. - Not on my dining table. - Why not? Relax. - I've lost lighter. Got a light? - The cooker. Henter it? Ceiling. Stop talking to me on the f***ing ... Roasted do you? - Yes. - Are you okay, girl? - Yes. - Come her. Sadan ja. Little girl. It'll be all right. - Is she new? - Approximately one year. I chose her. - The rooster in the hen house? - Do I borrow toilette? Yes. Down the hall to the right. Will you do me a favor? Save shampoo so the damn thing does not use it to masturbate with. Oh god! Shut up. - Did it for you? - What? What are you doing here? - They provide me and my baby. - No. We must get you out of here. You look different. - Are you here with them? - No. You are here with them! Quiet. They are on the side. Do they hear you kill me. Eden! Come here, damn it! Bob you on TV! ... Searching for Sheriff Robert Gault is interrupted. The family ... - How he looks good. - Quiet! I want to hear. Gault was the son of a test pilot. He joined the army in 1977. Dit fede pig! - I want to hear! - Take it easy. Han blev sherif i 1985. Specialists in smuggling and illegal drugs. He is remembered as a husband, father, and an asset to his community and country. Pis og PAPIR! - Pull off the road. Away from the road! - Where? Here! Run into. Turn! Continue. Stop her. Stop. Say what you saw in the house. - A room which looked like a hospital. - You know what it's for? - Sell infants. - Say that again. - Why? - Say it again! Sell infants. Do you get it bad? I mucked up the first time I saw it. Dig generating it. Come on, Vaughan. Let's run. Are you really in on it here? For you shall not go so far and then just ... betray me. - Why would I betray you? - Not why, but how. Shut the f***! What do you want me to do? Everybody out. Out of the carriage. Out! Eden, out. You must see this. In addition, before I drag you out! It you do not want. Come out and down on his knees. See the way. - Do you shoot her? - No. You must. Take it. No. Hold it against her head. She felt nothing. Smertefrit. Humant. Shoot her. If it is not her then it becomes you. Come her. Come her. Can not believe that you would actually do it. Crazy girl. Want some food? Are you hungry? Come on, we get something to eat. That's fine. Relax. I was joking. You know what that means? Into the cart. - Hallo? - Vaughan? - Where are you? You have to go back now. - We are on the way back now. We have orders to pack. Must get the girls ready for transport. Ivan, you live yet? Avni, I asked you to destroy the traitor's head. Do I need to do your work? Do it for anything in the world. Come. What happens? - We're moving. - Where to? We'll find out. We move boxes. They are dirty. There is no time to be sentimental, Eden. We wear them out of the fire. Do you remember when Ivan took only away for Christmas? I think he's got problems. The dirt has get with a microphone silk januar. Bob was lucky that we took him at that time. He ended up as an a**hole and not the brand that everyone loves and laments. Go through passports and choose one that looks like you. - Where are we going? - What? We're going to Dubai. - Are you afraid to go to Dubai? - Yes. Do not whore out there. It's you and me. What it is. We know everything about how the organization works. We can take over. - We are well Kompagnons? - Yes. Can you give me some water? I need some water. May I come in? St dig. - I will buy Priscilla. - How much do you have? It's not enough. Can I do anything but give you money? I remember you. When you first came here. - I know. Do you remember me? - No. - Can I see happen? - Why? - You can take the money. - You give me permission? Thank you. Do you know how to see that they are not fake? Ink. The smudge-resistant. Her Ser you? The Czechs did not even sh*t. It is no hundred dollar bill. Kun skide one person. You can see happen in five minutes. So you must go. Clear lommerne. So do we. Priscilla, we may vk! Trolley op! We may vk! - I can not. My baby is here. - It's not here. - Where is she? - Do not know. They took her. - You may train! El ruisenor! - Nej. Trust me. We must go now. Listen. I did not take your baby. Mario sold her. I'm sorry. I'll explain later. Now we must go. I am so sorry that I did not before. We may go. Come. Chair of me, okay? Come on. Do not look. Hello? Hello? Their own. Hyun Jae? S you? Hyun Jae? Translation: Ordiovision

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