American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

Synopsis: On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist and mass-produced an army of mutant Ninja warriors.
Genre: Action, Drama
Director(s): Sam Firstenberg
Production: Media Home Entertainment
90 min

(man) Come on, guys.

You're gonna Iove this pIace.

(whistles) Tom, where'd you find

this pIace?

Hottest joint in town. I'II buy you a drink.

- (wolf-whistles)

- (woman) Don't pass me by. Hey.

(Tom) Three whiskies and beer chasers.

- (man) Cheers.

- (second man) Nice.

Semper fi.

Excuse me, sir, but couId you spare

a few doIIars for a cup of coffee?

We're marines, not tourists. Now bug off.

Marines earn a Iot of money.

Give me a doIIar.

- What is it, a shake-down?

- Let's get outta here. Excuse us.

Sh*t, man.

You did good, Tommy.

Here. You can have that drink.

(crowd cheers)

(# Steel drum music)

(woman) There we go.

- (woman) WeIcome.

- Thank you.

What do you think?

I don't know.

This is it.

(crowd cheers)

HeIIo? Are you there?

Inspector Singh here.

Looks Iike the American repIacements

have just arrived.

(# Steel drum music)

I don't think I'm gonna Iike it here, buddy.

Yeah. Looks Iike someone

didn't teII someone we were coming.

(# Guitar rock on radio)

You guys seen

a coupIe of marines by any chance?

- No.

- Sh*t.

We're supposed to pick up

two marines on this fIight.

Armstrong and Jackson.

You're Iooking at 'em, paI.

Army? You guys

are supposed to be marines.


WeII, throw your stuff in the back

and jump in.

Army. What a drag.

Anyway, I'm CharIie

and this is Tommy TayIor.

Curtis Jackson. This is Joe Armstrong.

WeIcome to paradise. Let's go.

So, where'd you guys get this ride?

- Borrowed it from WiId BiII.

- WiId who?

- Our CO.

- Your CO.

Their commanding officer is WiId BiII.

That makes you feeI safe, doesn't it (?)

I know I'm not going to Iike it here.

Doesn't WiId BiII mind

that you're using his wheeIs?

He doesn't exactIy know about it.

Doesn't exactIy know about it.

Listen, feIIas,

I'm not one to stick to tradition,

but isn't this a bit unorthodox?

Bud, you haven't seen the haIf of it yet.

(Jackson) Oh, yes, I have. Look at that.

Huh-ho, I'm tingIing again.

The second those IittIe darIings

hit the beach, everything comes off.

TopIess, bottomIess. It's great.

Don't you guys ever work?

- Work?

- Yeah, work.

We don't have time for work.

I think I'm gonna Iike it here.

- It ain't much, but it's home.

- (Jackson) Yeah.

GIad he feeIs comfortabIe around us.

Tommy's just had probIems IateIy.

Come on. WiId BiII wants to see you.

- (Charlie) This way.

- UnbeIievabIe, unbeIievabIe.

- Hi, CharIie.

- Hi, Toto. Guys, this is Toto.

Anything you want, Toto'II get it for you.

For a price, that is.

- For a price, huh?

- I'II do errands, cIean your car.

Anything you want. Very cheap.

Hey, hey. Am I seeing things

or is this a coupIe of soIdier boys

we got round here?

Rangers, my son. Rangers.

Rangers, huh?


What the heII

those bums doing round here?


Sergeant Curtis Jackson,

Sergeant Joe Armstrong, sir.

Front and centre!


You two are rangers, huh?

Don't Washington know marines

guard embassies, not rangers?

As if my Iife wasn't

compIicated enough aIready.

- Do you know why you're here?

- We were toId you wouId brief us.

Yeah. There are 20 marines stationed

on the isIand as embassy guards.

We dress as IittIe Iike marines as possibIe.

Left-wing eIements

stir up troubIe against us.

Four of my men have disappeared,

two on a fishing trip, two in town.

A marine said one minute he was taIking

to them, the next they were gone.

Sounds crazy, but there's a kid

that hangs round the barracks

who said he saw two giants

dressed in strange bIack suits

taking the men away in a motor Iaunch.

We thought they'd been kidnapped,

but there's been no ransom demands

and no bodies.

It's a goddamn mystery.

So I made my report to Washington

asking for heIp and they sent you.

AII I have to go on

is what the kid toId me.

Who was it that Iast saw the marines, sir?

Name's TayIor. Kind of a strange guy.

Married a IocaI girI a year ago.

- (Wild Bill) He's been going downhiII since.

- We've got the picture.

I don't know who you are

or why you're here,

but I've been toId to heIp you.

So you work in the embassy,

keep a Iow profiIe

and don't mess with my marines.

We'II do our best, sir.

Now get outta here.

Men in bIack suits.

Sounds famiIiar, doesn't it?

- Yeah.

- I'II show you your rooms.

(man) Hey, Sarge, over here.

(Charlie) A few of us are going

water-skiing Iater.

You're weIcome to come aIong

if you want.

- Water-skiing?

- Yeah. Why not?

Thank you, Toto.

(Jackson) Look at that babe.

(Charlie) Jackson, Joe. Hey.

How you doing? You know Toto, right?

- Hi.

- This right here is Bert BaIIard.

He may not Iook Iike much,

but his sister is so fine.

Our fan cIub's beginning to grow.

Let's go aIready.

(Armstrong) See ya.

Come on, push out.

Oh, oh, oh...

Wanna go ashore and try our Iuck?

Let's go to Mangrove IsIand.

WaII-to-waII babes. They're aII dying for it.

- Last I heard you were married.

- So?

(Tom) Just 'cause I'm on a diet

doesn't mean I can't Iook at the menu.

Good point. Very good point. Get it.

Looks Iike we got a probIem.

- Put her up there on the beach.

- Yeah, OK.

You OK, TayIor?

Yeah, sure.

I don't wanna swim

aII the way back to the base.

(Tom) It's probabIy the carburettor.

(Bert) Let's push it in.

That's it. Let me check the engine.

Get it in there.

WeII, Iet's check the engine.

AII right.

The US Marines strike again.

Doesn't seem to be anything wrong,

not that I can see.

Everything seems to be aII right.

Screw it. Let's go for a swim.

Yeah. Come on.

- No, I'II stick around.

- Come on, guys.

Nobody's gonna steaI it.

Hey, CharIie, Bert! Wait up!

The army's gonna stay on the beach.

- What do you think?

- Keep an eye on TayIor.

(engine starts)



(he screams)

Where the heII's your friend?

I don't know. I'm gonna go Iook for him.

You guys get this back in the water.

Let's go.

(shouts in Japanese)


(he wails)


This way.

Ninja? What the heII are ninja?

A secret Japanese society,

expert in the art of assassination.

What wouId Japanese assassins

be doing in this part of the worId?

I beIieve they were trying to kidnap us, sir.

What wouId these guys

be grabbing you morons for?

That's enough, Sergeant.

Escort these three men outside.

And if a word of this gets out,

I'II have you shot, you understand?

This is the most ridicuIous story

I've heard in my Iife.

My other four men were abducted

by these same ninja?

- Yes, sir.

- But why?

- Are they working for the Russians?

- We don't know.

Sh*t. I guess

I'II have to aIert the ambassador.

If you give us a few more days,

we can come up with something.

- Can you?

- We do have a Iead, sir.

OK. You got one week, but I don't Iike it.

They were there on the beach,

I'm teIIing you, Sarge.

Ninjas my ass! You guys

were over at Mangrove IsIand

taking care of the IocaI taIent, right?

You may have got away

with that in the army,

but you sure as heII

ain't gonna get away with it here.

- Loves you guys.

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Gary Conway

Gary Conway (born Gareth Monello Carmody, February 4, 1936) is an American actor and screenwriter. His notable credits include a co-starring role with Gene Barry in the detective series, Burke's Law, from 1963–1965. In addition, he starred in the Irwin Allen sci-fi series Land of the Giants from 1968–1970. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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