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Silent Running
Deric Washburn
How are you today, hmm? Feeling good? Aww. I bet you'd like something to eat, wouldn't ya? Hmm? Here, I got something in my pocket here. Som...Rate it:

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A Running Jump
Mike Leigh
And imagine you're putting on a very tight pair of jeans, squeeze yourself in, rotating your thighs and suck up your butt cheeks. We want to en...Rate it:

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Dead Man Running
Alex De Rakoff
I'll call you. Thigo sir! How was your flight? Bring me all the records. To see how much must dig the hole. Hey, buddy. What I said about sm...Rate it:

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Night of the Running Man
Lee Wells
Watch out, sucker. Can not you see that the light on red? For the airport. I almost did. - How do you fly? Half past nine. We easily get that...Rate it:

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Running Man
Dong-oh Jo
I'll be there real soon, baby I love you, too Don't spit in the car, please Can you drive any faster, dumb ass? What if my baby goes to anothe...Rate it:

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Running on Empty Dreams
Nitara Lee Osbourne
Soon as we get settled in, we'll get you to a doctor. Hopefully, it won't cost too much So, this is it. Starting over? Are you scared? No, j...Rate it:

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Running Scared
Wayne Kramer
Come on! Come on, kid! The fuck? Look at me. Fuck! Come on, Oleg, stay with me. Come on. Come on! Come on, kid. We're going to make it. We'r...Rate it:

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Running Wild
Christina Moore
1 Hey, let's go to Aspen. - To ski? - - No, to shop. Oh, god, can it just be the two of us? Oh, please, I am so tired of Melanie. That dres...Rate it:

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Running Wild
Ji-hoon Han
Showbox / Mediaplex, Inc. Presents A Popcorn Film Production Kwon Sang-woo Yoo Ji-tae Son Byung-ho Executive Producer Kim Woo-taek Jeong Tae-...Rate it:

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Running with Demons
Tony Armer
Todd Crandell: My name is Todd Crandell. I was a drug addict and alcoholic for 13 years of my life. My wife Melissa and I and our four childr...Rate it:

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Running with Scissors
Ryan Murphy
Edited By Tameem666 My name is Augusten Burroughs. Where do I begin to tell the story of how my mother left me, and then I left my mother? Ma...Rate it:

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Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show
Des Doyle
1 The showrunner of a series is responsible for the creative direction of the show, keeping scripts and episodes coming in on time, dealing ...Rate it:

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Some Came Running
James Jones
Parkman. Hey, soldier. This is Parkman. They told me to call you at Parkman. Who told you? The guys that put you on the bus. They told me Par...Rate it:

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The Running Man
Steven E. de Souza

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Two Can Play That Game
Mark Brown
He didn't think you'd fall for that line. Girl, I don't believe him. Oh, he's a dog. Mm-hm. Tail-having, anything-that-moves- humping-ass dog....Rate it:

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All Work All Play
1 Good luck. I'm not known for... Are you gonna get all teary? You gonna get... - Huh? - You gonna get teary? What do you think? Ladies and...Rate it:

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Child's Play
Don Mancini
I got the strangler! Wabash and Van Buren! Oh, shit. Oh, shit! Jack, get the van. Eddie, help me! Eddie, don't leave me! God, no! Give it u...Rate it:

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Child's Play 2
Don Mancini
I have a meeting in a few minutes... with some very jittery stockholders, Mattson. I hope you have good news for me. Yes, sir. I do, sir. Ev...Rate it:

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Child's Play 3
Don Mancini
(Winch clicking) Aaaaaargh! (Shutter clicks) This is Andy Barclay. Eight years ago, he started the scandal that nearly crippled this company, ...Rate it:

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Come Out And Play
-Hi. -Hi. It is crazy out there. Are you feeling any better? I still feel nauseous. -I found us a boat. -Really? Hey. I'm very, um, thankful...Rate it:

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Fair Play
Irena Hejdov√°
1 MAGIC BOX presents You're listening to Radio Free Europe. Looking at permeability of borders in Western Europe, the chances to travel, to re...Rate it:

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Free to Play
In August 2011 a tournament featuring the popular online strategy game Dota 2 was held in Cologne, Germany. It offered the largest prize pool t...Rate it:

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Gendarme Et Les Gnedarmettes, Le (Never Play Clever Again)
Don't you miss our old place, Cruchot? Times change, sergeant, and we have to change with them. Come in. Can I borrow your vacuum cleaner? - ...Rate it:

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Passion Play
Mitch Glazer
Hey, Billy. It's Thursday. Come back tomorrow. No, it's actually Friday, ya cheap prick. Hey! Junkie putz. You gonna kill me out here? Hey...Rate it:

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Erik Hemmendorff
This is a really nice place. Yeah. It didn't use to be this nice. Really nice. Come on, let's go downstairs. You coming? I get so psyched for...Rate it:

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Play Dirty
Melvyn Bragg
Papers please, sir. You want to see my driving license? My friend won't be needing any. Papers in order, sir. What happened to Kaminsky, McDona...Rate it:

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Play It to the Bone
Ron Shelton

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Play Misty for Me
Jo Heims
Hey, hey, you're digging the master jock for solid rock... ...Sweet Al Monte blasting, babies. Being bold and pouring coal on KRML in quaint li...Rate it:

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Play Motel
Mario Gariazzo
1 - Good morning. - Good morning. My name is "Four-Leaf Clover". A room has been booked for me. Room #3, sir. It's on the 1st floor. - And t...Rate it:

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Play the Game
Marc Fienberg
Step one: reconnaissance. First you need to identify your target. How about her? No, she's not planning on taking anything home with her ton...Rate it:

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Queen to Play
Caroline Bottaro
QUEEN TO PLAY - Hello, Hlne. - Hello. Don't forget to do rooms 12 and 19. - Haveyou seen Natalia? - No. I don't know what I'd do withoutyou,...Rate it:

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Rough Play
Ki-duk Kim
Hey, miss! Don't be like that. Come on, you're not even that pretty. Okay, fine, fine, you're pretty. Think I'm kidding? Don't you see the t...Rate it:

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State Of Play
Matthew Michael Carnahan
Oh, the night that Paddy Murphy died Is a night I'll never forget Some of the boys got loaded drunk And they ain't got sober yet As long as ...Rate it:

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