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My Lucky Stars 2: Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
Barry Wong
ln 1945 the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. ln 1964 America became involved in the Vietnam War. ln 1976 America launc...Rate it:

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O Lucky Man!
David Sherwin
If you have a friend On whom you think you can rely You are a lucky man If you found the reason To live on and not to die You are a lucky man ...Rate it:

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Call Me Lucky
Thank you very much. Thank you and congratulations for being part of this huge crowd today. They tell us ifs not another Vietnam and then the...Rate it:

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Get Lucky
T.J. Ramini
1 They call him Lucky. Is he? Depends who you ask. Tragic circumstances with his parents' murder. He skipped the county. So this guy just wa...Rate it:

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Mike Leigh
The Road To Reality. Don't wanna be going there. Hiya. An oasis of calm in here, mad out there. Gorgeous day for it, though, innit? Never been...Rate it:

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Logan Lucky
Rebecca Blunt
Now, the story goes that John Denver, he was playin' at this little ol' place called the cellar door in Washington, DC-- around christmastime...Rate it:

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Bari Kang
Hey man, you did good lucky. There you go. Okay guys, let's do your thing. Let's go. Check the glove compartment. Boss. Lucky Bhai, sorry for...Rate it:

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Lucky Bastard
Everett Lewis
[somber piano music] [birds chirping] [somber piano music] Hey. Daniel. I'm leaving. Okay, I'll drive you to the airport. No, no, no, I cal...Rate it:

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Lucky Charms
Lucky the Leprechaun
Lucky the Leprechaun: Lucky Charms! Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes. Clovers and Blue Moons. Hourglasses, Rainbows. And Tasty Red Balloons. Hoo hoo h...Rate it:

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Lucky Duck
Michael G. Stern
Everyday's a new day possibility once you leave the belt way don't know where you'll be future's bright and shiny even when there's ups and d...Rate it:

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Lucky Girl
Dan Garcia order to strategically evaluate "g" we will replace an "r" with the appropriate distance and mass. So the acceleration of gravity "g" is ...Rate it:

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Lucky Jo
Pierre Lesou
1 Gabriel, you got baby skin. - "Fugit irreparabile tempus", guys. - Come on, "Dominus vobiscum". Hands up! Don't move! I said don't move, blo...Rate it:

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Lucky Luciano
Francesco Rosi
In 1946, the American Justice gave a present to the Mafia. Sent back to Italy, his home country, Salvatore Lucanfa, alias Charles "Lucky" Lucia...Rate it:

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Lucky Luke
Sonja Shillito
00:01:36,800 -- 00:01:37,994 Thanks, Ma. 2 00:01:48,440 -- 00:01:49,759 Who are they, Pa? 3 00:02:07,200 -- 00:02:08,428 Get inside, John. ...Rate it:

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Lucky Number Slevin
Jason Smilovic
He's clean. So... Why are you here? Hm? There was a time You misunderstood. I wasn't asking for the time I was just saying "There was a time....Rate it:

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Lucky Numbers
Adam Resnick
[Rock] [Woman] One, two. One, two, three, four! I've been out of the woods for six days and nights now And I'm a little hard-wired but I'm fe...Rate it:

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Lucky People Center International
I have founded a new lnternational- of uncontrollable torpedoes... We will cause mayhem. We will explode- we don't know when... Maybe with a ...Rate it:

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Lucky Star
Deepu Anthkkad
'Chennai' Sir 0 to 100 in just 5.6 seconds With a top speed of 250 kms/hr The power is 345 BHP, sir All disc breaks are set up with ABS, EBD B...Rate it:

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Lucky Stiff
Lynn Ahrens
1 Harry. Don't stop. Harder. Harder! - I'm almost there. - Yes! Here it comes. Yes! Shall I wrap them up, madam? No, they make my feet lo...Rate it:

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Lucky Them
Huck Botko
I knew Matthew Smith for 15 years before the night of his final show. Everyone remembers his talent and face. But the Matthew I knew was stran...Rate it:

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Lucky Trouble
Roman Nepomnyashchiy
Moscow, a city of those who always a winner. People come here to become billionaires, politicians, diplomats and great writers. Hello, this is ...Rate it:

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Lucky You
Eric Roth
This is New Country 95.5, country from the heart... ...sending out a big welcome to all the hopefuls... ...for the 2003 World Series of Poker. ...Rate it:

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Mr. Lucky
Milton Holmes
1 I wouldn't do that if I were you! Wouldn't you? Thanks for the advice but how do I know she ain't gonna jump? She's alright. She's not gonna ...Rate it:

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My Lucky Star
Amy Snow
Help! Help me! Someone help! It's no use yelling my dear, you're in way over your pretty head. Know why he isn't coming to save you? Because ...Rate it:

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Thank Your Lucky Stars
Norman Panama
How's your love life? Well, thank your lucky stars Yes, thank your lucky stars It's doing fine Keep your love life As sweet as candy bars And...Rate it:

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The Adventures of Lucky Pierre
Confiscated! Let me go! I'll take a picture no matter what!. My cameras! Jackie. They picked up another photographer. I never get any peace w...Rate it:

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The Lucky Man
Norman Gregory McGuire

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The Lucky One
Will Fetters
You know, the smallest thing can change your life. In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance, when you least expect it... sets you on...Rate it:

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The Lucky Ones
Neil Burger
The key is listening to the signals and hearing what they're saying. If she touches you soft, that's how she wants to be touched. You do that u...Rate it:

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The Lucky Ones by Analog Lions
LOGAN: You know, the smallest thing can change your life. In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance, when you least expect it... ...s...Rate it:

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