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Good Will Hunting
Matt Damon
WILL! CHUCKIE And so they go around to the front ...Rate it:

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The Godfather
Mario Puzo
like a fool, and those bastards, they smiled at me. Then I said to my wife, for Justice, we must go to The Godfather. By now, THE VIEW is full, ...Rate it:

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The Godfather Part II
Mario Puzo
the Hollywood style, and carrying her shoes in his hands. FREDO Honey! Wait a minute; let's go for a drive. DEANNA I just had a drive; bes...Rate it:

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Steve Kloves
HERMIONE Honestly. Get dressed, and don't go back to sleep. Co...Rate it:

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Woman in Gold
Alexi Kaye Campbell
MARIA Thank you for coming, Barbara, to have you here means a lot. BARBARA Our families go back a long way. How are you coping? MARIA ...Rate it:

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Gone with the Wind
Sidney Howard
going to be a war. SCARLETT If either of you boys says "war" just once again, I'll go in the house and slam the door. BRENT But ...Rate it:

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Dragon Slayer
Matthew Robbins
a word. The visitors stare glumly at the refreshment, but are too timorous to go near it. CONJURING ROOM ...Rate it:

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Nicholas Pileggi
known all my life. Hey, Tommy, don't go get too big. ...Rate it:

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Sergio Leone
Tell him I want to live in peace, understand? That it's no use to go on tormenting me! I know noth...Rate it:

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A Few Good Men
Aaron Sorkin
another member of his squad, PFC Louden Downey, they go into Santiago's ...Rate it:

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Agnes of God
John Pielmeier
you can't tell the difference... except bad babies cry a lot... and they make their fathers go away... and their mothers get very ill... die ...Rate it:

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Chris Terrio
LIJEK (interrupting) We are in the only building with an exit direct to the street. We need to GO -- The SOUNDS OF MARINES barking at one ano...Rate it:

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As Good as It Gets
Mark Andrus
Melvin lets the elevator door close and advances on the mutt who has ignores him. MELVIN Wanna go for a ride? Okay, sweetie? The dog lifts hi...Rate it:

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Hui-Ling Wang
by an endless sorrow. I couldn't bear it. I broke off my meditation. I couldn't go on. There was something... pulling me back. YU Wh...Rate it:

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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Lona Williams
just a compact. Sorry. GLADYS You'd think they'd build the parking lot of America to go with the Mall of America! Gladys pulls int...Rate it:

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Enter the Dragon
Michael Allin
to bust up his operation. Braithwaite: We know everything, we can prove nothing. We want you to go in there as our agent. Get us our evidence....Rate it:

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Noah Hawley
job? YOUNG MAN I work at the library. LESTER NYGAARD Well, what if you’re in a car crash and you go out the windshield? Or say you’re on a ladder ...Rate it:

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Dean Devlin
SONAR displays an enormous MASS heading quickly toward the ship. The Skipper's eyes go wide. He hits a KLAXON alarm, awaking the entire ship....Rate it:

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Patrick Massett
10. STANTON (CONT’D) Is there anything else? Wells gathers up his papers. WELLS Yeah. Go fuck yourself. He grabs his bag and walk...Rate it:

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Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn
Dunne. I really like you. 11 INT. THE BAR - DAY 11 The Master Mind sits untouched as GO sets up LIFE. GO So is Amy going to do one of ...Rate it:

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Gone in Sixty Seconds
Scott Rosenberg
Firebird ... And slotting in behind Memphis, in a Z-28, is DONNY ASTRICKY, mid-30s ... On they go ... The fore and aft car providing escort... E...Rate it:

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Good Burger
Dan Schneider
I take your order? Well, it's about time. Can I get two Good Burgers? Oh, sorry, dude, I have to go get 'em. Customers aren't allowed in back....Rate it:

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Sebastian Gutierrez
a bar of soap and towel byIrene. MIRANDA I don't -- I think I'm alright. IRENE You go in last because you'respecial. (off Mi...Rate it:

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How to Train Your Dragon
Will Davies
cover the stall. Molten steel, razor sharp blades, lots of time to himself...what could possibly go wrong? Stoick sinks onto the bench beside ...Rate it:

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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Robert Riskin
(to Mrs. Meredith) Sure, they don't want to go to the hotel. ...Rate it:

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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
Waldo Salt
Two months to the end of his term-- and Foley has to go and die on us-- ...Rate it:

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One Good Turn
H. M. Walker
don't know what to do All day through I'm pining just for you I did wrong when I let you go away And now I grieve about you night and d...Rate it:

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Peggy Sue Got Married
Arlene Sarner
calls from the top of the stairs. SCOTT Come on Dad! CHARLIE Be right there. I'll go through the rest of this stuff next weekend. SCOTT By...Rate it:

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The Goonies
Chris Columbus
it's the lock. (Desperate to open the car door) The lock, Francis. Francis: Let go of the handle. Jake: I don't have the handle. Open ...Rate it:

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The Sandman (Vertigo)
Neil Gaiman
BURGESS Oh, Rachel ... You are a wild one ... She smiles, shows her teeth -- her eyes go wide. She is seeing something beautiful, r...Rate it:

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Wrath of the Gods
Joel Skidmore
is a different cinematic scene. Wrath of the Gods is non-linear, meaning you are free to go through rooms and solve puzzles in any ord...Rate it:

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