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VeggieTales: Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed
Phil Vischer
(episode opens up in Bumblyberg in front of the local movie theatre) Li'l Pea: That was a lousy movie. Percy Pea: You're telling me! That monster...Rate it:

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The Gods Must Be Crazy
Jamie Uys
It looks like a paradise, but it is the most treacherous desert in the world: The Kalahari. After the short rainy season... ...there are many w...Rate it:

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Eight Crazy Nights
Brooks Arthur
Well, all right. Look at all that beautiful, white stuff come down. Christmas is right around the corner... ... And Hanukkah starts tonight. Ai...Rate it:

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Like Crazy
Drake Doremus
[woman] Publications like Rolling Stone and Spare Rib were created to feed the need for alternative narratives from the established newspapers ...Rate it:

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Blonde Crazy
Kubec Glasmon
# who cares for starlit skies? # # when you're alone # # the magic moonlight dies # # at the break of dawn # # there is no sunlight # # when y...Rate it:

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Call Me Crazy: A Five Film
Deirdre O'Connor
Lucy, do you understand why you're back at the hospital? Lucy. It's okay. It's okay. Lucy. Listen to me. - You can't run away. - You can't. ...Rate it:

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Crazy Bitches
Jane Clark
1 Say my name. Oh yeah, what's your name? Vivianna. Oh yeah, Vivianna. Oh yeah! Sounds French. Oh yeah, right there. Oh, you like that? I ...Rate it:

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Crazy Eights
Dan DeLuca
Between 1954 and 1976, were closer - a variety of behavioural research. Experimenten were privately funded and hidden in separate locations in t...Rate it:

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Crazy Famous
Bob Farkas

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Crazy Heart
Scott Cooper
Jack, you bastard. Fucking bowling alley. Jesus god. Bad Blake, welcome to Pueblo. I'm proud to meet you, sir. - Hi there. I've listened to y...Rate it:

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Crazy Horse
Paroxysm Of eroticism Paroxysm Of exoticism Eternal lesson in seduction Eternal pleasure in loving desire Seduction Baby buns is what they c...Rate it:

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Crazy in Alabama
Mark Childress
In the summer of 1965, when I was 13.. ...I thought I knew everything about life and death. Our parents died when we were little. My brother, ...Rate it:

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Crazy in Love
Luanne Rice
Yes, Madam? Have you kept all the luggage? And his woolens? It must be cold there. I've kept those also. Check everything. Nothing must be le...Rate it:

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Crazy in the Noodle
Jean Redon
CRAZY IN THE NOODLE Does he do this every day? -Normally, he sounds less sad. This won't work. Too depressing. Farewell... Farewell... Mr Cou...Rate it:

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Crazy Kind of Love
Karen McCullah
Dad's leaving. I know. He's moving in with Marion Hughes. And you're just going to let him? I'm taking the car tonight. How come I've never ...Rate it:

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Crazy Love
Charles Bukowski
Ma? Why'd you marry Dad? He was one of my brother's friends; one day he just asked me That's it? That's it Nothing else happened? Really? N...Rate it:

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Crazy on the Outside
Judd Pillot
[Buzzer Sounds] [Door Slides, Clicks] ['70s Folk Rock] [Inmates Chattering] Sunshine, go away today I don't feel much like dancin' Some man...Rate it:

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Crazy, Stupid, Love
Dan Fogelman
Oh, come on Save room for my love Save room for a moment to be with me Save room for my love Save a little Save a little for me Oh, I'm so fu...Rate it:

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Phil Hay
-= =-|Created and Spell Checked by|HxHPRC Thanks for ROROR!|HxHPRC: Enjoy your hours! NICOLE:|I remember most of 17. I remember the day we met. ...Rate it:

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Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
Leigh Chapman
But i never had the time time i always thought that we were friends time but you slipped right through my hands but i never had the time. ...Rate it:

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Drive Me Crazy
Rob Thomas
(fanfare) (rock music playing) (telephone rings) - Oh, man. - (button clicks) - I am so wired. - Girl: More so than usual? Way more. I made...Rate it:

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Girl Crazy
Fred F. Finklehoffe
Where to, Mr. Churchill? Some large, bright, gay place with hundreds of beautiful girls. - Some large, bright, gay place. - With hundreds of be...Rate it:

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Gun Crazy
MacKinlay Kantor
Metropolitan Police OUT OF ORDER A friend of mine has the part, but it will take at least a week to get here. This place is in the middle of n...Rate it:

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Gun Crazy: Episode 1 - A Woman From Nowhere
Takeshi Hamazaki
Metropolitan Police OUT OF ORDER A friend of mine has the part, but it will take at least a week to get here. This place is in the middle of n...Rate it:

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Gun Crazy: Episode 2 - Beyond the Law
Takeshi Hamazaki
Rei Kikukawa Interview - March 25, 2002 What do you expect of this project? I think the best part about action movies is how cool they are, Th...Rate it:

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Love Crazy
William Ludwig
It's delightful to be married To be, be, be, be married! There's nothing half as jolly Good evening, Mr. Ireland. As a happy married life Hiya...Rate it:

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Miss You Like Crazy
Vanessa R. Valdez
There are things that only time can teach you. Like how much you love a person. Often, you realize how much you've loved another only when you'...Rate it:

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Stir Crazy
Bruce Jay Friedman
Who needs Hollywood? I hear they're really nuts out there. Give me a town like old New York With lots of trees And clean, fresh air I need a ...Rate it:

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The Crazy Stranger
Tony Gatlif

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The Gods Must Be Crazy II
Jamie Uys
Anyone else would die of thirst in a few days. In this arid desert... ... that looks like a paradise, there's no surface water. But the slender...Rate it:

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This Crazy World of Ours
Miodrag Ilic
THIS CRAZY WORLD OF OURS One day he will...? Don't you think you could do something else? He likes to imagine himself...? What does it mean fo...Rate it:

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Who's Crazy?
Thomas White
1 [combo, with violin: free jazz] [woman] When a' You're sad a' a' Don't cry a' Your a' Won't stop crying a' a' For long a' a' If you do a'...Rate it:

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Zui jia sun you chuang qing guan (The Crazy Companies 2)
It's here Hey, Kwai Do we let Dorina trap Horny? We can't let Dorina torture Horny It's really a waste What can we do? They're getting marrie...Rate it:

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