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Wax, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees
David Blair
In early 1914, a spiritualist cinematographer from the Supernormal Picture Society of London joined the Royal Expedition to the Antarctic. Hi...Rate it:

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Killer Bees!
Dana Stone
1 All right, Lyndon, let's see if you can answer this one Short horned cattle Three major color patterns. What are they? Red, brown, and whit...Rate it:

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Norman Television
Eric Favela
It's showtime. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Here we go. Oh, come on, baby, I promise you, she meant nothing. Liar! Trust me, you won't see a penny fro...Rate it:

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NTV: Norman Television
It's showtime. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Here we go. Oh, come on, baby, I promise you, she meant nothing. Liar! Trust me, you won't see a penny from...Rate it:

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The Secret Life of Bees
Gina Prince-Bythewood
[Footsteps Shuffling] [Objects Clattering] [Humming] [Man] Deborah? - Where you been? - I'm sorry. I'm sorry, T. - Are you cheating on me? ...Rate it:

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The Discovery
Justin Lader
Dr. Harber, before we're live, I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. The rich history...Rate it:

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The Explorers: A Century of Discovery
In Washington, D.C. the Trustees of the National Geographic Society gather to have a formal portrait taken. The picture will help commemorate ...Rate it:

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The Magical World of Winnie the Pooh, Vol. 4: A Great Day of Discovery
Sam Rogers
* "ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WISHING WELL" Rabbit, Piglet, Pooh, and Eeyore are throwing pennies into the well and making wishes. Pooh wished ...Rate it:

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Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
John Francis Larkin
For a most brutal murder, instigated by robbery a murder where of you, Stephen McBirney... stand convicted after a fair trial by jury it is t...Rate it:

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House of Wax
Crane Wilbur
Hello, Matthew, what are you doing here so late? I came to get the books. I want to study our accounts. We've been doing very well lately. Ove...Rate it:

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House Of Wax
Chad Hayes
You are being such a good boy. Would you like some more cereal sweetheart? Here you go. He's really being a monster again today. Trudy. goddamn...Rate it:

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Mystery of the Wax Museum
Don Mullaly
Well, my friend, this is an unexpected pleasure. - Come in. - Thank you. How do you do? I wouldn't disturb you, but the friend I spoke to you...Rate it:

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A Stranger Among Us
Robert J. Avrech
## Baruch atah Adonai... ## elohenu melech ha-olam... [ Hebrew singing continues ] [ Man ] Look at that line. Kids gettin' younger or we gettin...Rate it:

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1448 Love Among Us
Worawisuth Chalacheebh
Although my own terms of traditional beliefs and old-fashioned values could not completely agree with this marriage, I must never judge on your ...Rate it:

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A Virgin Among the Living Dead
Jesús Franco
1 Written and Directed by JESS FRANCO A VIRGIN AMONG E LIVING DEAD Hello, anybody home? - You're Miss Benton? - Yes. How do you know my name?...Rate it:

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A Walk Among the Tombstones
Lawrence Block
1 - You need some help, man. - Oh, God. I don't care. You want to mess up your own shit. But you're going to mess up mine, too. I need to kno...Rate it:

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Among Friends
Alyssa Lobit
- How come there isn't booze in this thing? Nice mullet, dude! I do look wonderful, don't I? Here's champagne, you guys. Champagne. Everybody, ...Rate it:

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Among Ravens
Russell Friedenberg
I read in the "Little Big Book of Birds" that ravens were once the most colorful birds. But they were vain and mean and never recognized their ...Rate it:

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Among Us
Gary King

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Least Among Saints
Martin Papazian
So, Sergeant Hayward, you've served eight years overseas... multiple tours of duty as a squad leader. Yes, sir. File shows that you were hit b...Rate it:

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National Geographic: Among the Wild Chimpanzees
For centuries there were fearsome tales of a half human monster roaming the African forests Even in modern times, knowledge of the elusive cre...Rate it:

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The Least Among You
Mark Young
College boy thought he'd have him a color TV. -Hey, y'all, look-a here. -I didn't do anything. Suit on the outside and a Negro on the inside. ...Rate it:

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Werewolf: The Beast Among Us
Michael Tabb
(WOMAN BREATHING HEAVILY) (GASPING) (WOLF HOWLING) Stay there! Listen to me, Charles. Take this. lt was your grandfather's, the great hunter...Rate it:

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