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Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip
Jeremy Clarkson
It's a normal Tuesday in Britain. There's a hint of drizzle in the air and traffic is at a standstill. We know that driving is meant to be more...Rate it:

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Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 2
CLARKSON: Last year, Richard Hammond and I set off from Venice on what should have been the perfect road trip. (LAUGHING) We always had the r...Rate it:

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Top Gear
Hello! Thank you, everybody, thank you, and welcome to what is a Top Gear Special, a two-part adventure around the heart of Africa. We were eac...Rate it:

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College Road Trip
Emi Mochizuki
JAMES: Okay. Life lesson. A lot of people think the moment a parent lets go of their child is at the wedding. Not me. Think he's crying becaus...Rate it:

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Road Trip
Todd Phillips
(Man) Welcome to the University of Ithaca. This is it, right here. I'm gonna give you a good tour today. Show you as much as you need to know. ...Rate it:

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Gallows Road: The Path to Gallows Road
- Emma and the kids weren't too happy about me moving them closer to town, but it was best for the business. - Let me help you out here. - Th...Rate it:

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Girls Trip
Erica Rivinoja
1 Yo, yo, yo, yo... Every group of friends has that one song that, no matter where you are or what you're doing, it pulls you out of your sea...Rate it:

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A Little Trip to Heaven
Baltasar Kormákur
1 After 20 years of payment, Mr. Fender, this can't be! Considering the circumstances, I think the death benefit is more than generous. But ...Rate it:

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Boat Trip
Mort Nathan
I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? Baby... Baby... Baby, your breath smells like dog food. Just a...Rate it:

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The Guilt Trip
Dan Fogelman
New message. Are you there? Are you up? Oh, my God! It's too early there for me to be calling. 7:52, 6:52, 5:52... I forgot. Three hours earl...Rate it:

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The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir
1 This is how it goes. I bought this house in 1972. I'd just signed my first solo record contract. So I decided, "Okay, I'm gonna build ...Rate it:

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The Trip to Bountiful
Horton Foote
Heir of salvation, purchase of God born of his spirit and washed in his blood this is my story, da da da, this is my song praising my savior,...Rate it:

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The Trip to Bountiful
Horton Foote
Don't try to be quiet, sonny. I'm awake. Yes, ma'am. - Couldn't you sleep? - No, ma'am. - Why couldn't you sleep? - I just couldn't. - Couldn...Rate it:

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The Trip to Italy
Michael Winterbottom
Hello? - Steve? - Yeah. Who's this? - It's Rob. - Oh, hey. Hey. How are you? - Good. How-how are you? - Yeah, good. How is the show goin...Rate it:

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The Trip to Spain
1 A foggy clay In London town Had me low And had me down I viewed the morning Mm, with alarm The British Museum Had lost its charm How lon...Rate it:

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Top Gun
Jack Epps Jr.
NOTE: Aerial dialogue in CAPS is UHF radio; plane to plane, plane to carrier. Aerial dialogue in small case is ICS; an inter-cockpit s...Rate it:

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Big Top Scooby-Doo!
Doug Langdale
(BEEPING) (GUARD SNORING) Like to thank the Academy... ...and all its members... (ALARMS RINGING) ...and thank the little people! Halt! (GRO...Rate it:

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Curly Top
Patterson McNutt
(girls) Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul do take. God bless ...Rate it:

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Over The Top
Stirling Silliphant
( ''In This Country'' by Eddie Money) Regiment... dismissed! (cheering) - (boy) We did it! - You made it. - You got a fine boy there. - Thank...Rate it:

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Room At The Top
Neil Paterson

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The Island at the Top of the World
John Whedon
- Good evening. - I'm Professor Ivarsson. Yes, Sir Anthony has been expecting you. It's in your hands, Milo. - Stand fast. They'll come to ter...Rate it:

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Top Coat Cash
David Tittone
1 - Ladies and gentleman it is now time for the main event of the evening. Your current, reigning, defending bfc champion, Johnny Thompson. ...Rate it:

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Top Dog
Dougie Brimson
Fear is an amazing weapon. With fear on your side, you can get people to do anything. Say anything or believe anything. That's power. Real powe...Rate it:

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Top Five
Chris Rock
1 I'm telling you, everything means something. No, everything does not mean something, okay? Sometimes a movie is just a movie. Sometimes a s...Rate it:

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Top Hat
Dwight Taylor
I beg your pardon. Good evening. - Good evening. - Good evening, Mr. Hardwick. - Has Mr. Jerry Travers come in yet? - Yes, sir. He's been wai...Rate it:

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Top Secret
Jim Abrahams
Security has been tightened. All borders have been placed on full alert. Exit visas have been suspended for the entire week. In addition, we ha...Rate it:

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Top Secret!
Jim Abrahams
Security has been tightened throughout the country. All borders have been placed on full alert. Exit visas have been suspended for the entire ...Rate it:

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View From The Top
Eric Wald
DONNA: Every story starts somewhere. And mine begins in a small town called Silver Springs, Nevada. My mother was an ex-show girl. Emphasis on...Rate it:

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Woman on Top
Vera Blasi
lived a girl named Isabella. with extraordinary beauty, Motion sickness. Her parents tried everything. Conventional medicine, organized religio...Rate it:

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characters: Mrs. jones Mr. jones kaity Elizabeth isabelle Beatrice Britney jojo bailey hailey (bailey & hailey are twins) Andrew aiden c...Rate it:

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Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging
Gurinder Chadha
For the zillionth time, Dad, I'm an adult. You don't have to stalk me. Georgia, I said I'm dropping you off. Now, just take off that shell and...Rate it:

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Pitch Perfect
Kay Cannon
OVER BLACK: We hear the sound of a pitch pipe. VOICE One, two, three, four -- As the Universal logo appears on screen, we hear Universa...Rate it:

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A Perfect Murder
Patrick Smith Kelly
Subtitle Corrected and Added By MohammaD [SHoCk] There you are. And how was your day? Any progress in saving the world? l'm working on it. So ...Rate it:

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Pitch Perfect 3
Kay Cannon
It's getting late to give you up I took a sip from my devil cup And slowly it's taking over me Too high, can't come down It's in the air an...Rate it:

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A Perfect Child of Satan
Lucifer Valentine
1 (silence) (triumphant music) (energetic music) (crowd chattering) - Excuse me do you speak any English? Do you speak English, anyone? Eng...Rate it:

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Pitch Perfect 2
Kay Cannon
Welcome back, a cappella enthusiasts. My name is John Smith, and sitting here to my left is Gail Abernathy-McCadden-Feinberger. This one's go...Rate it:

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A Perfect Chord
Nathan Blair

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A Perfect Day
Fernando León de Aranoa
1 Stop, stop. Stop! Come on, sneaky. Hang in there. You can make it. Are you okay? Fat fuck. He didn't go hungry in the war. It might be his...Rate it:

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A Perfect Ending
Nicole Conn
If. thank you very much. What do you say? I want you to fuck me... Harder. God, I beg you! A simple thank you is more than acceptable. I do ...Rate it:

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A Perfect Getaway
David Twohy
Guys! Guys! We're doing a video for Cliff and Cydney. What do you want to say? First the big studio sale. Now the big wedding. MVP year for o...Rate it:

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A Perfect World
John Lee Hancock
[BlRD SQUAWKING] [HELICOPTER WHlRRING] [CHILDREN LAUGHING] [PEOPLE CHATTERING] Come on! Betty Ann, you stay! Hurry, hurry! NAOMI: If I was g...Rate it:

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A Perfect World: The Making of 'The Stepford Wives'
Jeff Pickett
Ladies and gentlemen, l would now like to introduce a legend in our industry. She's the most successful president in the history of our network...Rate it:

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Another Perfect Stranger
Jefferson Moore
10 years ago... Sarah, the bus just pulled up, you have got about 3 seconds! I'm right here. Here you go, Peanut. Weak bread, no mustard and ...Rate it:

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How to Draw a Perfect Circle
Marco Martins
HOW TO DRAW A PERFECT CIRCLE Written by A film by What about when grandma finds out your selling things from the house? What did you say? Wha...Rate it:

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Inside the Perfect Predator
This is the inside story of four extraordinary predators. The peregrine falcon... the Nile crocodile... the cheetah... and the great white sha...Rate it:

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Little Miss Perfect
Marlee Roberts
1 - I believe in control, the only force mighty enough to bring order in the chaos that is my world. - Congrats! - Oh, thanks. - "Oh thanks....Rate it:

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Lying to Be Perfect
Nancey Silvers
We are all Cinderella. No matter what our size. Within each one of us there is a unique beauty and grace. Finding that beauty, however, isn't ...Rate it:

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Aaron Latham
- Can I help you? - Well, I called for her last night. Her husband died last night. His picture was in the paper once, but you misspelled his n...Rate it:

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Perfect Creature
Glenn Standring
For 300 years the great plagues infested the earth. Diseases created from the experiments of the alchemists. Thinking they had discovered god'...Rate it:

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Perfect Hideout
Andreas Brune
bESCONDITE PERFECTO./b - Good morning. - Good morning. I want to have it, please. I said that no. to you. It is mine now. Good, it hopes. I...Rate it:

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Perfect Life
Hilde Eynikel
(Saw whirring) What the fuck? What the fuck happened over here? Shit! Sorry, Mr. Parsons. What are you doing, dude? You haven't paid your bi...Rate it:

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Perfect Number
Gong-ju Lee
Perfect Number It stopped raining It's a bit cold today, Yoon-Ah What are we going to do with this? Oh, no Hope it's not dead "No, it's not. ...Rate it:

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Perfect Sense
Kim Fupz Aakeson
There is darkness... ...and there is light. There are men and women. There's food. There are restaurants. Disease. There's work. Traffic. T...Rate it:

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Perfect Sisters
Fab Filippo
Ever since I can remember... it was always my sister and me against the big, bad world. I am telling you guys... you are so gonna dig our new c...Rate it:

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Perfect Stranger
Todd Komarnicki
-Here you go, miss. -Thank you. Step through, please. Open your laptop, please. I guess people take their computers with them everywhere nowad...Rate it:

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Perfect Strangers
Filippo Bologna
Tell you what... Read the dosage on the package. Yes, they go by size. Get a tablet and hide it in her kibble. I think half should be enough, ...Rate it:

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Perfect Wedding
Lawrence Cheng
- Hi -Hi You like Dan Brown too? I wish I could sleep with him. OK What is it? For you to sleep with him. It's a limited edition! You're so ...Rate it:

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Perfect: Android Rising
Chris R. Notarile
Civil War brings the nation to case Fuck the Republic Unite - Shared As long! Who the hell is that, man? No idea, That came out of nowhere, ...Rate it:

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Picture Perfect
Arleen Sorkin
I... I really don't need to wear one. What? Yeah. I tested negative, and, um... I've got this unbelievable control. Ahem. Excuse me. Excuse...Rate it:

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Pixel Perfect
Alan Sacks

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Present Perfect
Nattawut Poonpiriya
Pam! You gain weight? Why don't you just slam it on my face? Why are you here so early? Early? The sun's getting down! You think you're in the...Rate it:

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The Perfect Assistant
Christine Conradt
Excuse me? David Wescott. My wife, Carol Wescott, are now brought here. Excuse me, please ... - Yes, ma'am, we are sorry we are busy. - No posj...Rate it:

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The Perfect Christmas Present
Blaine Chiappetta
On December 12th AT PRECISELY 1:13 p.m., snow falls on Chicago. A single snowflake is birthed from a cumulonimbus cloud 10,000 feet above Linc...Rate it:

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The Perfect Family
Claire V. Riley
What are they doing? Jess, I think we're done. Terry, look! Look, they're gonna shoot. They're gonna kill us. Aah! Cover's blown. Lewis, you ...Rate it:

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The Perfect Game
W. William Winokur
Fans here at Sportsman's are glued to their seats as the Cardinals and Dodgers are even at two apiece. Sal Maglie takes the sign from Campanel...Rate it:

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The Perfect Guy
Tyger Williams
Don't forget about tonight, sleepyhead. See you later. Do we have to go? Yes, we do. Mmm. I love you, babe. Why don't you come on back to bed...Rate it:

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The Perfect Host
Nick Tomnay
THE PERFECT HOST (2010) Open the cash register. Shut up, open the fucking box. Shut up. Hey you. Come here. Your wallet. Throw it to the floor...Rate it:

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The Perfect Man
Gina Wendkos
Holly, you've gotta open up. I'm not so sure about this. Come on open the door, tough guy. Okay. You look awesome. Turn. I cannot believe th...Rate it:

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The Perfect Match
Brandon Broussard
1 Excuse me, hi. You dropped your keys. They were back there on the ground? Yeah, right over there. I'm a klutz. I'm so sorry. Thank you so m...Rate it:

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The Perfect Score
Mark Schwahn
SAT. Suck Ass Test. That's what that stands for. This is the SAT I examination. For the first section, you have 30 minutes. Last year, 2 mill...Rate it:

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The Perfect Storm
William D. Wittliff
Bobby. Bobby. No! All right, we lined up? Get that line. Put the stern line on quick. Bobby! Hey, baby! Missed you. Hey, big man, how you ...Rate it:

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The Perfect Stranger
David Gregory
Sarah, the bus just pulled up and you've got about 3 seconds. I'm almost ready. What could possibly take and 8 year old so long to get ready fo...Rate it:

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The Perfect Teacher
Christine Conradt
PERFECT TEACHER Careful. Do not cut yourself! What are you doing with your phone? What is Carrie number? I'll tell her not to come. Why? You ...Rate it:

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The Perfect Wave
Roger Hawkins
Ian. If you close your eyes, you will never wake up. So come back to me And now your love is gone Guess that it was plain to see It's a littl...Rate it:

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The Perfect Weapon
Alex Brenner
1 Five, four, three, two, one. Take off. War. My father taught me what that word meant today. He says its what we will have without the Sta...Rate it:

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip
Ross Bagdasarian
ALVIN: Are we rolling? Okay, we're rolling. Dave's birthday message, take 1. Happy Birthday, Dave! We know how hard you've been working on As...Rate it:

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Glory Road
Christopher Cleveland
Times are changing. I'm Ed Sullivan, and this is Broadway. I have a dream. I am the greatest! By the content of their character. Hey, you guy...Rate it:

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Mad Max: Fury Road
George Miller
1 My name is Max. My world is fire and blood. Why are you hurting these people? It's the oil, stupid. - Oil wars. - We are killing for guzzol...Rate it:

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Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie
Yuka Miyata
We will not be able to go anywhere There is no route from here. This journey was hopeless. We can only go this far. Let's give up. There is a ...Rate it:

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The Road Within
Florian David Fitz
Praise be to the God, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comforts, who comforts us through all o...Rate it:

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A Fork in the Road
Jim Kouf
Is on your sik. Will Carson. He's been transport from county jail. Yeah, a car blow a tired, and drive to a ditch. I don't know Carson hurt or...Rate it:

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Across the Road
Valérie Guignabodet
FACING Morning, my love. Damn that thing! Already... It's early! C'mon. Give me 5 minutes. No! I have to be on time this morning. Right, I f...Rate it:

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Arlington Road
Ehren Kruger
Come on. Do it, chicken. Do it. Go on. Do it. Go on. Hurry up. Are you chicken, or what? Look out! Kid? Hey, kid. What happened? Help! So...Rate it:

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Black Tar Road
Amber Dawn Lee
- Everyone has a story. I'm Heather, and this is mine. - The lot is pretty much where the truckers kinda tend to hang out, you know, it's a pl...Rate it:

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Blood Road
Mark Anders
(MUSIC PLAYING) RUSCH: There's a place I've been avoiding for a long time. It's been in my thoughts for more than 40 years. What happened ther...Rate it:

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Chris Rea: The Road to Hell & Back
Aloha, foolish mortals. You have come upon the Gates of Hell. Prepare to meet your fiery fate in an orderly fashion. Three lines, please. Boo...Rate it:

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David Brent: Life on the Road
Ricky Gervais
1 Hello, I'm David Brent. You probably know me as the star of the BBC Two documentary The Office, back in 2000 and... No, that was then, this ...Rate it:

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Elton John: The Road to El Dorado
[Flamenco-Style Guitarlntro] [Pop, Up-Tempo] Ourglorious city Wasbuiltby the divinities Bygods whosawfit Tobestow Thegiftofaparadise Peacefu...Rate it:

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Flamingo Road
Robert Wilder
There's a Flamingo Road in every town. It is the street of social success, the avenue of achievement, the golden goal for all who struggle and...Rate it:

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Hay Road
Rodrigo Areias
Hello. Good morning. What brings you here? I have an urgent letter for you. Thanks. Make yourself at home. And stay as long as you like. Are...Rate it:

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High Road
Matt Walsh
So, just so you know, I get high a lot. Like a lot a lot. Any three things can be a triangle. Any three things. You, me, the car. Any thre...Rate it:

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Hyena Road
Paul Gross
Kandahar Province, southern Afghanistan, the birthplace of the Taliban. It's 54,000 square kilometres of brutal insurgency, conflicting agenda...Rate it:

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Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
Mark DiSalle
00:00:23,390 -- 00:00:26,291 j& I'm moving ahead j& 2 00:00:26,326 -- 00:00:29,261 j& Constantly driven j& 3 00:00:29,295 -- 00:00:31,388 j&...Rate it:

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London Road
Alecky Blythe
Come here. We can talk better there. I don't mind giving interviews and things like that. That doesn't bother me at all. Erm... there's quite a...Rate it:

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
My life fades... ...the vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember... a time of chaos... ...ruined dreams... this wasted land. But...Rate it:

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Munger Road
Nicholas Smith
- Man: Joe. - (Country music playing) - Joe? - What? Are you all right? Yeah, I think I just might have had too much coffee. I'll be back. ...Rate it:

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Mystery Road
Ivan Sen
Yeah? Alright. OK. Jay. Hey, Robbo. What's the story? We got a truckie pull up to check his trailers. Heard a wild dog growlin' from here ...Rate it:

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On the Milky Road
Emir Kusturica
Presents: A translation of Ranchodas. Edited by Fernando355. Based on three true stories ... And in many fantasies. What kind of monster is th...Rate it:

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On The Road
Jack Kerouac
(singing)Well, I left New York 1949. (To)go across the country (wi)thout a dad-blame dime. Montana in the cold, cold fall. Found my father in th...Rate it:

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Plunder Road
Steven Ritch
7 minutes late. Heavy on the foot, Frankie. We didn't figure on any rain. 6 packages of gum. That ought to be enough. Why doesn't this stinkin...Rate it:

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Red Road
Andrea Arnold
Good night. Going somewhere nice? It's Friday night. You know me, Angus. Party animal. - See you Sunday. - See you later. Knock, knock. How...Rate it:

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Reservation Road
John Burnham Schwartz
Come on! Let's go. Hey, Josh! Hey, Josh! Hey! Wasn't he great? Let's go Red Sox, let's go! Come on. Let's go! Let's go! Come on, Mom, it'...Rate it:

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Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire
Sean Paul Murphy
III The end of time has come at last. Long ago in the Holy Scriptures it was written that the fate of the world would not be swift and pain...Rate it:

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Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End
Sean Paul Murphy
Apocalypse. Some people fear the as a time of destruction. While others see it as a step towards grace. For centuries they try us to warn ...Rate it:

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Revolutionary Road
Justin Haythe
Subtitle edited by Kitotsky So, what do you do? Im studying to be an actress. You? Im a longshoreman. No, I mean really. I mean... I mean re...Rate it:

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Vitae Nas
1 - Tell me that you're down for me All the way down for me Oh you say money got you round for me Oh you say money got you down for me Down...Rate it:

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Road Games
Abner Pastoll
Brilliant. Come on. Come on! Hey. Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Are you English? Yeah. You speak English? But of course. Oh. Are you alrig...Rate it:

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Road House
R. Lance Hill
(man) # She's run out of money # # She's run out of love # # One more chance, she said # # lf you love me, baby, pay the rent # # Don't throw s...Rate it:

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Road House
Edward Chodorov
Hi. Hello. Hmm. Better luck with your shoes off? Ha. You waiting to see me? - Okay. Who are you? - I'm Pete. Pete Morgan, the manager. Good...Rate it:

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Road House 2: Last Call
Miles Chapman
Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I'm not selling. Tell your boss. Did you get all that? Last call! Black Pelican. Yeah. Boss! You got a phon...Rate it:

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Road to Bali
Frank Butler
The Commonwealth of Austrailia. Land of many frontiers. Lone stepping stone across the vast Pacific, to the mysterious brooding islands of the ...Rate it:

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Road to Fame
Bruce Nash
Karen, check it out! Mara Enamorada. That divine soap opera. How long's it been on? Five years. Look at Eva Gallardo. - She looks dreadful. - ...Rate it:

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Road to Morocco
Frank Butler
''Flash! The freighter, Star of Capetown, ''was sunk today off the north coast of Africa... ''by a mysterious explosion. ''All hands accounted...Rate it:

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Road to Nowhere
Steven Gaydos
Velma was always my window... into the story. # Come and lay down by my side # # Till the early mornin' light # # All I'm takin' # # Is your ...Rate it:

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Road to Paloma
Jonathan Hirschbein
1 Don't you know it's hard Taking up that road... Where is my mind on the road? Shit. Shit. It happened on a summer day She went away Didn't...Rate it:

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Road To Perdition
David Self
There are many stories about Michael Sullivan. Some say he was a decent man. Some say there was no good in him at all. But I once spent six we...Rate it:

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Road to Rio
Edmund Beloin
Where are we heading for? Wide open spaces where men are men. And the women? No women! That's how we got into this thing. Yike! Head south, ...Rate it:

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Road to Singapore
Don Hartman
Hi, Babe. Hello, Bill. Come on down. Hurry up. Give me my money. I've got a wife waiting'. Thanks. Hello, Bill. Hi, Babe. How you been? You l...Rate it:

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Road to Utopia
Norman Panama
For those of you who don't go to the movies, let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Benchley. Well, no matter. For one reason or another,...Rate it:

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Road to Zanzibar
Frank Butler
Are you wearing old dreams Breaking out at the seams They should be new And have I got the bargain You lucky people you Here's a hollyhock sce...Rate it:

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Road, Movie
Dev Benegal
Vishnu, Smell this. This is your future. A drop of Atma Hair potion... Your hair springs into motion, Everything else is an illusion. Vishnu, ...Rate it:

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Show 'Em the Road
Gelsomina! Mother says to come home right away. There's a man here. He came on a big motorcycle. He says Rosa is dead. Gelsomina, you remembe...Rate it:

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Snowy Road
Bo-Ra Yoo
1 (Snowy Road) (Kim Hyanggi, Kim Saeron) (Kim Youngock, Cho Soohyang) Young Ae! Young Ae! Young Ae! Young Ae! Ah, I peed (Ministry of Patr...Rate it:

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The Black Rider: Revelation Road
When he opened the third seal I heard the third living creature saying. Come And I looked, and behold, one black horse; And he that sat on him...Rate it:

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The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner Movie
Michael Maltese
- Beep beep! - No, you don't. Be it pleasures and palaces. Though I may roam... Be it ever so humble... There's no place like home... Be it e...Rate it:

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The Inland Road
Jackie van Beek
Are you all right? I'm okay. How about you? I've been better. The tire burst, I lost control. Where's Matt? I think he's just gone to get so...Rate it:

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The Open Road
Michael Meredith
Last season, a lot of people thought he was playing even better than his dad did when he first came into the minors, but lately, you know, Gar...Rate it:

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The Road Home
Shi Bao
My father died suddenly. I only found out last night. The mayor informed me by phone. I couldn't believe it. My hometown is Sanhetun, a villag...Rate it:

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The Road Movie
1 You're a fucking bitch. Fuck, I hardly stopped it. What was that? Look what's going on. Goddammit! God saved us. Fuck. - Look what's going...Rate it:

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The Road of Life
Eduardo Landeta
Let's help him! Leave him to die, him! Why was he waiting, putting us at risk? "ASSAULT ON AN AUTO PARTS DEALER BY JUVENILE DELINQUENTS" THE WAY...Rate it:

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The Road Taken
Maeng-yu Lee
Produced by Young Film co-produced by ShinCine production sponsors B+Pictures, noonfilm, KOFIC I don't agree with your ideals But if someone d...Rate it:

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The Road to Glory
Joel Sayre
What's the bad news this time? If this outfit likes to fight this ought to be good news. Did I say anything about liking to fight? Special ord...Rate it:

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The Road to Guantanamo
The only thing I know for certain is that these are bad people. We look forward to working with the Blair Governnment to deal with the issue My...Rate it:

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The Road to Wellville
Alan Parker
Sir, how often should one exonerate one's bowels? One should never, ever interrupt one's desire to defecate. I have inquired at the Bronx and ...Rate it:

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The Silk Road
The Silk Road In the West stood a continent built on lofty ideals and grand ambition. In the East, towered an empire of unimaginable size and s...Rate it:

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Thunder Road
James Atlee Phillips
Each year, the millions of gallons | of illegal whisky manufactured | in the south-eastern United States represents millions of dollars in taxes ...Rate it:

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Toad Road
Jason Banker
I met a guy once, who told me about a place that contained the seven gates that lead to Hell. I thought that it was the most beautiful thing ...Rate it:

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Tobacco Road
Nunnally Johnson
This is Tobacco Road today, but a hundred years ago... ... when the first Lesters came to Georgia, it was different. It run 15 miles down the r...Rate it:

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Two for the Road
Frederic Raphael
They don't look very happy. Why should they? They just got married. I hope you enjoy your trip, Mr. Wallace. Thank you. And your wife. Thank...Rate it:

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Warrior Road
Brad Jayne

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Waterloo Road
Val Valentine
(Whistle blows) # Barrel organ plays (Street vendors shout) - Morning, Doctor. - Morning, Jake. - Nice, healthy weather. - Afraid so. (Think...Rate it:

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Wild Boys of the Road
Earl Baldwin
Yes, boys, come in. - Hey! Ha-ha-ha. Whoa, gal, settle back on your shafts. Hey, well, what are you doing? Coming up for air. I never saw suc...Rate it:

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Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead
Kiah Roache-Turner
1 Ready? Let's do this! Come on, you fuckin' zombies! Yep! I'm out! Same! Come on! Come on! I've got a story to tell. Yesterday I went pi...Rate it:

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Zatoichi on the Road
Minoru Inuzuka
A DAIEI CO. LTD. PRODUCTION Game! What are you doing? - You switched the dice! - What? I can tell by the sound. You can fool my eyes but not...Rate it:

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