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Sorry, Wrong Number
Lucille Fletcher
- Operator? Operator? - Your call, please. I've been ringing Murray Hill 3-5097 for the last half hour. The line is always busy. Will you ring...Rate it:

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Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Alison Klayman
Let's start. We have a lot of dogs and cats. Out of the 40 cats, one knows how to open doors. Where did this intelligence come from? All the o...Rate it:

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I Am Number Four
Alfred Gough
Whoo! You know, showboating like that just makes you look desperate. Yeah, "Look at me. I can flip my ski." Pathetic. - Yeah. - Daniel, that ...Rate it:

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Jackass Number Two
Jeff Tremaine
Holy shit! Oh, fuck! No, no, no! Oh, shit! Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to Jackass! All right, boys and girls. It's time for a puppet s...Rate it:

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Lucky Number Slevin
Jason Smilovic
He's clean. So... Why are you here? Hm? There was a time You misunderstood. I wasn't asking for the time I was just saying "There was a time....Rate it:

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Number Seventeen
2 THE NUMBER SEVENTEEN For Sale or Would be Let Help! Are you hurt? Where is that candle? Take, drink a little. - Huh? Yes, yes. Yes, sir. ...Rate it:

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Number Stations, The
Translation and interpretation: Movie FullMovieZ 7-3-4-7. 4-9-3-1. 4-3-1-9. # From the Second St.. War intelligence used secret radio station...Rate it:

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Perfect Number
Gong-ju Lee
Perfect Number It stopped raining It's a bit cold today, Yoon-Ah What are we going to do with this? Oh, no Hope it's not dead "No, it's not. ...Rate it:

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Private Number
LazRael Lison
1 Come on, buddy. You did this once. You can do it again. All right. Hey, babe! Hey, punkin patch! How you doing? Look at you in that dress...Rate it:

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Private Number
Gene Markey
Attention please! I have an announcement to make that concerns you all. Mrs. Winfield is returning from Europe today. As you all know, that me...Rate it:

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The Making of 'The Number 23'
IA week ago, the only thing I thought was Out of the ordinary was that it was my birthday. Sorry. I'm just bored. Oh. Unit 5, come in. Unit...Rate it:

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The Secret Number
Colin Levy
1 This is pointless. This is very good, Professor, thank you. That wasn't so hard, was it? So does this look wrong to you? Yeah. Because it i...Rate it:

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Uchuu Kyoudai: Number Zero
Climb! Yes, sir! (pants) Hibito We need to conduct an in-depth investigation I hear and Obey, Big Brother An older brother must always walk i...Rate it:

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What's Your Number?
Gabrielle Allan
(TAKE BACK THE WORLD PLAYING) Light as a feather Stiff as a board I'm-a elevate myself on my own accord Ain't nobody's business Who's life is...Rate it:

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She Done Him Wrong
Mae West
You saw the fight last night? I was reading about it. Says it was great. - It was rotten. - What was the matter with it? I expected a fight to ...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn At Tahoe
Eddie Nickerson
My father used to say, "Life is a road, "and every day is a mile marker. "If you don't slow down occasionally, you'll miss what each mile has to...Rate it:

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A Bad Idea Gone Wrong
Jason Headley
1 - The tropical places, you know, that's the go-to, get your white sands and your blue water, and your fuckin' guava trees and whatever, an...Rate it:

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Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child
Matthew was a very loved child. He was an 18-year-old American boy like everybody else in this country is. Normal boy. When he was born he was ...Rate it:

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In the wrong
Jackson Perry
( Amber and Zoey are in the living talking on the sofa) Zoey: you are in the wrong Amber: sorry Zoey: No Kyla: robert i think you should go ...Rate it:

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Jane Doe: The Wrong Face
Dean Hargrove

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The Right Kind of Wrong
Megan Martin
1 I've been writing a blog about how much you suck. What's it called? Why You Suck dot net. - It's a clear title. - Are you gonna read it? -...Rate it:

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The Wrong Box
Robert Louis Stevenson
Gentlemen... Gentlemen, I bid you welcome, and beg at the very outset to be allowed to express my extreme gratitude... That you have seen fit t...Rate it:

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The Wrong Guy
Dave Foley
1 [ Suspenseful music plays ] [ Elevator bells dinging ] [ Bell dings ] Morning. Big day today. Hey, fellas, today's the big day, huh? Good...Rate it:

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The Wrong Man
Maxwell Anderson
This is Alfred Hitchcock speaking. In the past, I have given you many kinds of suspense pictures. But this time, I would like you to see a diff...Rate it:

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Wallace & Gromit In The Wrong Trousers
(Snores) (Toot! Toot!) (Beep! Beep! Beep!) (Card plays "Happy Birthday") (Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!) (Click! Click! Click!) Oh... It's my turn for br...Rate it:

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Quentin Dupieux
Paul? You make us all look like Little Orphan Annie. We're gonna do it on the air. The directors turned us off. Things like that happen at th...Rate it:

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Wrong Cops
Quentin Dupieux
Sorry I'm late, man. I saw my karate instructor on the way here, and I had to chat with him for a little while to be polite; that's why- - H...Rate it:

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Wrong Is Right
Charles McCarry
1 [SATELLITE BEEPING] [] MAN: It was a time when outer space was filled with incredible machines MAN: It was a time when outer space whose...Rate it:

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Wrong Side Of Town
David DeFalco
Please please. What's this all about? Oh, I think you know what this is about, Nick. Nicky man. What up? What up? What up? Surely you knew t...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn
Alan B. McElroy
Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah! Okay, you're great. - You got the line? - Yeah. Come on up, slowpoke. Help! You okay? You know, we're 50 miles fro...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
Turi Meyer
Hello? It's dead out here, and I'm hating you about now. - What kind of agent are you? - You'll find the road. Kimberly, look, it's 4:00 a. m....Rate it:

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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
Connor James Delaney
Yeah! Go, Trey! Go! - Come on, man! - You guys are slow! - Don't get caught up in the rocks. - Oh, my God! Come on. Keep it going north-south...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn 4
Declan O'Brien
We have 182 patients. Most are horribly deformed, due to inbreeding and birth defects. Ward C is high security. Each patient in here should be...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
Declan O'Brien
1 (BIRDS CHIRPING) (BOTH PANTING) I love you, Billy. (ALL SCREAM) Oh, my God. (CRUZ SHRIEKING) (LITA & JULIAN CHUCKLING) Damn it, Billy. I ...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort
Frank H. Woodward
You almost lost me back there. - So, what is this place? - Someplace special. I found this on a family camping trip when I was a kid. Go on in...Rate it:

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