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Mummy Dearest: A Horror Tradition Unearthed
David J. Skal
Welcome to the gorgeously restored Vista Theatre in Los Angeles, which has re-created the mystical Egyptian dcor that was so popular in movie ...Rate it:

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Matthew Leutwyler
RiPPED BY ~Fl3mA~ SEPTiCEMiA TEAM DUG UP Then ...te interesas por tus perros. They are of my neighbours. Which good neighbour you are Take ...Rate it:

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Mommie Dearest
Frank Yablans
1 [Alarm buzzing] [Knock on door] Yes? We're ready for you, Miss Crawford. Let's go. And on our left, just up the hill, the palatial home of...Rate it:

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Mommy Dead and Dearest
[Waukesha County Sheriff's Office] [June 15, 2015 10:40PM Waukesha, WI] - Man: Hey, Gypsy, this is Stan. - Stanley Hancock: Hi, Gypsy. - I'll ...Rate it:

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The Mummy
Stephen Sommers
The UNIVERSAL PICTURES globe spins. Then comes to a stop on the African continent. A golden papyrus MAP of ANCIENT EGYPT rises up. WE PUSH IN on it...Rate it:

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Alfred Gough
Long ago, a mythical battle between Good and Evil... played out in ancient China. The country was torn by civil war... with many Kingdoms stru...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
John Grant
It has been said... that a man's best friend is his mummy. In Egypt today, this theory is to be in great dispute. For two bold adventurers... ...Rate it:

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Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
Christopher Wicking
The nightmare again? Do not worry, do not worry. Do not worry. This vai putting out. Dad? Vai leave? In a little. Tod has not yet come. Do...Rate it:

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Day of the Mummy
Garry Charles
Dr. Behar. Dr. Behar. We're running out of light, so if we're going to do this we should probably do it now. Ready when you are. We are now s...Rate it:

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Spotlight on Location: The Mummy Returns
Brian DiMuccio
Five thousand years ago... a fierce warrior known as the Scorpion King... led a great army on a campaign... to conquer the known world. After ...Rate it:

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The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
Michael Carreras
What time is it now, John? It is exactly ten minutes since the last time you asked, darling. I'm sorry, but it's not like father to be so late ...Rate it:

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The Mummy
Jimmy Sangster
Wait! - Just look at this. - What is it? We found it 10 foot from the entrance. Looks like a badge. It is. And it proves we're on the right t...Rate it:

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The Mummy Resurrected
The Mummy resurrected - Maggie. - Hello. I need you inside, Geri did a version... HieroglHfica the "Pictionaria". Can you believe it? Did he...Rate it:

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The Mummy's Curse
Bernard Schubert
Hey, you with the naughty eye When you pass us by we just have to cry Hey, you, yoo-hoo When we see your smile and the sweet profile We drea...Rate it:

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The Mummy's Ghost
Griffin Jay
Before our god, Amon-Ra, you are Yousef Bey, son of Abdul Melek? I am, O Father. I have answered your summons. You are prepared to undertake...Rate it:

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The Mummy's Hand
Griffin Jay
For who shall defile the temples of the ancient gods, a cruel and violent death shall be his fate. And never shall his soul find rest, unto et...Rate it:

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A Christmas Horror Story
James Kee
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe Santa is here, but once a year All girls and boys, dream of new toys Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep Jin...Rate it:

(3.75 / 4 votes)
Tara Subkoff
That was incredible. How did you get to be so extraordinary? Aah, oh, yeah! I wanna hear all about.. I can think of better things to do than ...Rate it:

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A Night of Horror Volume 1
Bossi Baker
1 (screaming) (ominous laugh) (rock music) (groans) (ominous music) (door creaks) (door slams shut) (ominous humming) (knocks on door) He...Rate it:

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All American Horror: Gateways to Hell
Male Speaker: The Devil's Stairs is a rock formation beside a highway in Ashe County, North Carolina. The rocks are among the oldest in North ...Rate it:

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Bigfoot Horror Camp
Wallace Olderfield
1 (jungle sounds) (fun jungle music begins) (dramatic electronic music) What was that? That wasn't you? No, I don't growl, asshole. Go check...Rate it:

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Four Horror Tales - Dark Forest
Jung-min Kim
If you don't break your ropes while you're alive, Do you think ghosts will do it after? Lee Jong-hyuk, So li-hyun Kim Young-joon, Choi Seong-m...Rate it:

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Horny House of Horror
Jun Tsugita
FASHION HEALTH PARLOURS Today is a special day. That tickles! Oh, that tickles! It's a "Lucky direction roll". This is a "Lucky direction roll...Rate it:

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Horror Express
Arnaud d'Usseau
(Saxton) The following report to the Royal Geological Society by the undersigned, Alexander Saxton, is a true and faithful account of events th...Rate it:

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Horror Heaven
1 Good evening, my dear friends. Let us undertake a cinematic journey... through the world of fantasy. To this end, I have dug up a few major ...Rate it:

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Horror House on Highway Five
Richard Casey
1 (rock music) - What's this card? - [Gary] "La Justice". "La Justice". - Tough one, huh? - Ah, yeah. "La Jus" - [Marbuse] Justice. Justice...Rate it:

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Horror Story
Mohan Azaad
''Late at night we drift alone.'' ''lt's all that we have ever Known.'' ''Still l hear you calling me.'' Hi. - How about your trip to Mars? Ver...Rate it:

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My Amityville Horror
Eric Walter
there are stories about this that haven't been told me for be is my prayer that everyone in this room never goes by you know someone that that...Rate it:

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On Location: The Amityville Horror
Catch them. Kill them. What's wrong, Ronnie? I love you, Jodie. Suffolk County police. May I help you? Everybody's dead. What do you mean, ...Rate it:

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The Amityville Horror
Sandor Stern
Jesus Christ! It gets worse all the time! Your job doesn't get any better. All shot in their beds, execution style. Only the mother shot in ...Rate it:

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The Dunwich Horror
Curtis Hanson
[Heartbeat] [Heartbeat stops] [Woman moans] [Moans louder] [Screams] OH, GOD! IT WAS A BRILLIANT LECTURE, DOCTOR. YEAH. THE BEST OF THE YE...Rate it:

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The Horror of Frankenstein
Jeremy Burnham
1 Frankenstein. Yes, sir? - Have you finished the problem? - Yes, sir. - A-ha! - Something wrong, sir? Certainly there's something wrong. A...Rate it:

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The Last Horror Movie
James Handel
A breakout at a maximum security... correctional facility in Illinois... is this hour's top news story. Convicted serial killer Harold Tratt...Rate it:

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jim Sharman
Michael Rennie was ill The day the earth stood still But he told us where we stand And Flash Gordon was there In silver underwear Claude Rains...Rate it:

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Jim Sharman
1 Michael Rennie was ill The day the earth stood still But he told us where we stand And Flash Gordon was there In silver underwear Claude Ra...Rate it:

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The Vault of Horror
Milton Subotsky
Subbasement? - I pushed ground. - So did I. Well, why didn't it open? Looks like some sort of a club. Never knew there was one in the buildin...Rate it:

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Why Horror?
Rob Lindsay
1 Horror is absolutely necessary. Fear is part of our DNA. We are born with an instinctive sense of fear. We have to avoid what scares us but ...Rate it:

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