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Mighty Joe Young
Mark Rosenthal
Jill! Jill! Jill, what did I tell you? - But Joe started it. - Well, it's not good for them to interact with us. Besides, that wasn't Joe, tha...Rate it:

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Mighty Joe Young
Ruth Rose
Look, Genevieve. Two men coming. Let me see. Oh, will you sell it? Don't you understand? Wait. I'll get my father to buy it. You sit down. T...Rate it:

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Mighty Aphrodite
Woody Allen
Woe unto man. Brave Achilles, slain in trial by blood... for prize, the bride of Menelaus. And father of Antigone, ruler of Thebes, self-ren...Rate it:

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Arne Olsen
Whoo-hoo! - Come on, we're outta here! - Easy, Rocky. All right, guys, we're 15 seconds from the drop zone. All right, pinheads, the Stealth ...Rate it:

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Stan Lee's Mighty 7
Hi, I'm Stan Lee. But hey, don't hold that against me. Many people follow me because of the legendary super heroes I've created. Others because...Rate it:

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The Mighty Ducks
Steven Brill
[ Announcer ] ...The Minnesota Pee Wee Championship is up for grabs. Both teams playing like there's no tomorrow. Duluth, in the Hawks' zone, l...Rate it:

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The High and the Mighty
Ernest K. Gann
Hey, fella. Ain't you Dan Roman? Yeah. I heard you whistling and I said to myself, only one guy does that just so. I'd know that ugly face o...Rate it:

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A Mighty Heart
John Orloff
The day after 9/11, Danny and I flew to Pakistan. He was the South Asia Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal and I was working for French ...Rate it:

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A Mighty Wind
Christopher Guest
In the news tonight... ...the music world mourns the death of folk music icon Irving Steinbloom... instrumental figure in guiding folk mu...Rate it:

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D2: The Mighty Ducks
Steven Brill
- Bring it in, Gordon. - Okay, Dad. All right! Way to shoot, there. You look good, son. Thanks. Listen, i want you to remember this pond. No...Rate it:

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D3: The Mighty Ducks
Steven Brill
[ Faint Cheering ] [ Announcer ] Please welcome to the podium... the head coach and leader of the Mighty Ducks, - Gordon Bombay. - [ Crowd Ap...Rate it:

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The Mighty Macs
Tim Chambers
WCAU AM Newstime in the city of Brotherly Love is three PM. ln the news this hour, President Nixon's re-election campaign was interrupted today...Rate it:

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The Mighty Quinn
Hampton Fancher
Guess who's coming to dinner Natty Dreadlocks Guess who's coming to dinner Natty Dreadlocks I'm just coming in from the woods Natty Dreadlocks...Rate it:

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Tokyo Mighty Guy
1 A Nikkatsu Corporation Production TOKYO MIGHTY GUY In glamorous Paris Screenplay by Tsuyoshi lshigooka At the Champs-Elyses I let out curse...Rate it:

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A Guy Named Joe
Dalton Trumbo
Off we go Into the wild blue yonder Riding high... It's Pete sandidge's Squadron. I'll bet you he's the best Flyer in the whole world. He's ...Rate it:

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Meet Joe Black
Bo Goldman
EXT. ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. - 4:00 AM A patch of water. PULL BACK TO REVEAL more water. BACK FARTHER TO REVEAL an expanse of river, up the ba...Rate it:

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A Good Life: The Joe Grushecky Story
We're gonna do what we do. We're gonna attack as aggressively as possible. We don't take what defenses give us. We take what we want. I don'...Rate it:

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Rhett Reese
(MAN SPEAKING KOREAN) JAYE: Hustle up, guys. You've got to get that defector and get the hell out of there. No delays. Hey, Mouse, are you read...Rate it:

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G.i. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra
Stuart Beattie
James McCullen, you Scottish pig, you've been found guilty of treason for the sale of military arms to the enemies of our Lord, King Louis thir...Rate it:

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Gary Hawkins
Hey, old man, you look at me. I got something to say to you. Every time we land someplace new, you say it's gonna be different, but it ain't...Rate it:

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Joe Dakota
Norman Jolley
1 (soft piano chords) (lilting orchestral music) ("Flower of San Antone" by David and Joseph) (stranger whistling ballad "Flower of San Anton...Rate it:

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Joe Dirt
David Spade
Turn it up. Dang. That's what I'm talking about. L.A.! Radio station ID. Coming to work. Joe Dirt. Don't try and church it up, son. Don't you...Rate it:

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Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser
David Spade
Grand Canyon ain't nothin'. Being a grandfather, or a father, now that's harder than being the Grand Canyon. It's just a hole, sitting there, d...Rate it:

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Joe Kidd
Elmore Leonard
Got some nice breakfast for you boys. Hey, Joe! Wake up and eat something. You're gonna appear before the judge. He's stinking drunk. Why yo...Rate it:

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Joe Rogan: Triggered
Joe Rogan
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Joe Rogan. What the fuck is going on, San Francisco? Thanks for coming. I appreciate it! God damn! Put your pho...Rate it:

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Joe Somebody
John Scott Shepherd
Hey! Hi! How are you? Welcome to "Bring Your Daughter To Work Day" here at STARKe Pharmaceutical. Very nice. Very nice. Home movies and, uh, ...Rate it:

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Joe Versus the Volcano
John Patrick Shanley
GREY SCREEN The TITLE appears in white letters - JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO MUSIC. Borodin's "Polovtsian Dances," Chicago Symphony Orche...Rate it:

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Joe's Apartment
John Payson
City by the mighty dirty river City by the greasy rolling sea I crawl so small And it stands so tall And it all belongs To me Welcome to Joe'...Rate it:

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Killer Joe
Tracy Letts
Dottie! Dottie, God damn it, wake up! Shut up, T-Bone! God damn it, Dottie, let me in! T-Bone, shut up! Dottie! Wake up! Dottie! Open the g...Rate it:

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Navajo Joe
Piero Regnoli
All right, get them! Damned Indian. He's still on ourt rail. Stupid, you're simply wasting your fire. Go ahead, Jim. You know what to do. Go...Rate it:

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Not for Joe: Sunday 11 a.m.
Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring [Proverbs 27:1] Static time machine? In order to create an artificial bl...Rate it:

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Omega Rising: Remembering Joe D'Amato
Eugenio Ercolani
1 I'm a copier, a cheater. Ruggero Deodatos film had just come out and had gone really well... called Eaten Alive... No... Yes... it was calle...Rate it:

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Telstar: The Joe Meek Story
Nick Moran
Joe! I need for you to come inside now! Comin'! No, now! Your father's having one of his turns. - HE SHOUTS: - In a minute! - FROM GRAMOPHONE...Rate it:

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Yonkers Joe
Robert Celestino
Ladies and gentlemen, this next race is a claiming race for $6,500 for three-year-olds and up. The pacers are approaching the starting line, ...Rate it:

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A Brilliant Young Mind
James Graham
1 I find any communication of a non-mathematical nature very difficult. Because I don't talk much, people think I don't have anything to say, ...Rate it:

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The Young Messiah
Betsy Giffen Nowrasteh
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) SALOME: For a camel, you make a triangle like this. That's the hump. It's so easy. See? Then some lines for legs here. T...Rate it:

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Young Guns II
John Fusco

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While We're Young
Noah Baumbach
ii. SOLNESS: The funny thing is that I've become so disturbed by younger people! HILDE: What? Younger people? SOLNESS: Yes, they upset ...Rate it:

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Young Frankenstein
Gene Wilder
FADE IN 1EXT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE1 A BOLT OF LIGHTNING! A CRACK OF THUNDER! On a distant, rainy hill, the old Frankenstein castle, as we knew a...Rate it:

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As Young as You Feel
Paddy Chayefsky
[Applause] #[Instrumental Prelude] Get a load of the boss, will you? - What a patron of the arts. - Shh! #[Continues] #[Piccolo Solo] #[Picc...Rate it:

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Brigham Young
Lamar Trotti
(Man)Allright, men, time to go wolfhuntin'. How's it look? ( Both Chattering ) - (Fiddle ) - (Man Singing, Indistinct ) This is the song the...Rate it:

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Cheung booi (My Young Auntie AKA Fangs of the Tigress)
Brother, you've seen many doctors... why are you still sick? You're getting worse. I think you should... Don't worry. I know how to take care ...Rate it:

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Dying Young
Richard Friedenberg
# Let's get the rhythm of the hand, ding, dong. # Let's get the rhythm of the high jump. We got the rhythm of the high jump. # Let's get the rh...Rate it:

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Forever Young
J.J. Abrams
Coming through angels, 19! Take it easy, Viper One.|Don 't push it. Throttling back. 18,5. RPM's 2500. Airspeed. . . . Airspeed needle stuck. ...Rate it:

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Go West Young Man
Mae West
Have you ever seen the stars On a typical tropical night Have you ever seen the stars That would dance while guitars Would invite Romance in t...Rate it:

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Hot Young Bloods
LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS A DAMSO FILM PRODUCTION What the? Oh no! It's Young-sook! Shit. He's at it again. Shit. What? It's you? Small ...Rate it:

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Kim So-Yeon
1 Hey! Hey,student! Where should I head to get to Jangseungbaegi Station? I'm trying to get there but things are so confusing in Seoul. Can'...Rate it:

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Only the Young
Everything that goes into your life never comes out. - Just like me. - It's like a bad stain. Yeah. And no Tide can get rid of it. I got invo...Rate it:

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Panny z Wilka (The Young Ladies of Wilko)
Death... upset Jurek's orderly life. He left before finding out... that all we decide and consciously do... means absolutely nothing. And tha...Rate it:

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Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man
Constantin Popescu
- You bringing Micky in? - Yeah, he's gonna come. He should be here as well. You think he'll answer questions? They said it was gonna be both ...Rate it:

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She's Too Young
Richard Kletter
- Hey, girlfriend. Let me look at you. - I've gotta go. Dawn, come here. Perfect. - Thanks, Mom. - Home by 10. - Mom, it's 11 for all the oth...Rate it:

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Sissi: The Young Empress
Ernst Marischka
SISSI, EMPRESS - Well, Baron...|- Your Majesty? Are you happy with|the end of the wedding? Sure. The work have been accumulated... and I have ...Rate it:

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The Young Americans
Danny Cannon
- What's this? - Hey! Off the car! Kids! I said get off the car! No. Mr. Harris? Detective Carver. - Brian Carver. - How do you do? - This...Rate it:

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The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
The West Our ranch was located several miles north of Divide, lost in the Pioneer Mountains. The closest thing to traffic was when Union Pacif...Rate it:

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The Young Black Stallion
Jeanne Rosenberg
Is there trouble, Kadir? It's Mansoor. He's always trouble. But we paid his bribe. We'll be all right... I hope. Neera! I was just looking. -...Rate it:

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The Young in Heart
Paul Osborn
Many a hot Indian night my dear old Lancers and I have whiled away at poker. I've been a bit out of touch with the game lately, however, which ...Rate it:

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The Young Karl Marx
Pascal Bonitzer
In early 1843, Europe, ruled by absolute monarchs, wracked by crises, famine and recession, is on the verge of change. In England, the industri...Rate it:

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The Young Lions
Edward Anhalt
(woman) Whoo! (woman laughs) That's marvellous. Now, tomorrow, you give me lessons and I give you your money back. Oh, I feel so good. (violin...Rate it:

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The Young Offenders
Peter Foott
1 Imagine if we had a million euros. What would you like to do? Think of something. Pick anything at all. What would you like to do? You've ...Rate it:

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The Young Savages
Edward Anhalt
- Bravo, Roberto, bravo. - Louisa! What did the guy look like? How do you expect us to help you if you don't know what the guy looks like? - H...Rate it:

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The Young Victoria
Julian Fellowes
Guards! Royal salute! Present arms! Some people are born more fortunate than others. Such was the case with me. But as a child, I was convince...Rate it:

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Too Young to Die?
David Hill
Too Young to Die? - Dias de Violncia - There! He is there inside! Amanda Sue Bradley, you are arrested murder and kidnapping. Come on. - Nam...Rate it:

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Victor Young Perez
Yoni Darmon
Pull tighter. I got little hands. Don't worry. I'll win, I'm smarter. Take a dive fast, Victor. Gotta lose fast. They want to show us they'r...Rate it:

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Wasted on the Young
Ben C. Lucas
- Hey, Zack, awesome race. - Thanks. I guess you're looking good for the nationals, eh? Congratulations. Thanks. You coming to the party tonigh...Rate it:

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Young Adam
Alexander Trocchi
Oh bloody useless. Just give me that I suppose we should cover her Yes Let's call an ambulance Right So? They're not a hurry I told they she...Rate it:

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Young Adult
Diablo Cody
Young Adult subtitle by AmirT6262 Do you want that? Allright. C'mon Follow me. Kendal Strickland wasn't just the prettiest girl at Waverly Pr...Rate it:

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Young and Innocent
Christine! Don't shout, I tell you! Don't shout! I will shout if I want to! Who's going to prevent me from shouting. Listen to me! Why won't y...Rate it:

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Young at Heart
Julius J. Epstein
[Applause, Faint ] [ Applause, Cheering ] [ Rock ] [ Continues ] Owwwww! [ Whooping, Laughing ] [ Cheering Continues ] Darling, you've gotta...Rate it:

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Young Bess
Margaret Irwin
Her father, Henry VIII, called her Young Bess. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, ended on the block. Born at a time when heads fell around her like cab...Rate it:

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Young Bill Hickok
Norton S. Parker
Your ship's late, Tower. We had storms at sea. That's a very | unfriendly ocean for them. Well, this land isn't exactly on speaking terms either....Rate it:

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Young Doctors In Love
Michael Elias
- Gently now, don't hurt me. - It won't hurt. It hurt. Is this working? Good morning. I am Dr. Joseph Prang. Chief of Staff, Chief of Surgery,...Rate it:

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Young Guns
John Fusco
CHAVEZ You want to play games, pendejo? STEVE You red-assed Mexican greaser. You do ...Rate it:

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Young Ideas
Ian McLellan Hunter
Mr. Trent's office. No, I'm sorry, Mr. Trent can't speak to you. No, no, still no word. 'Mr. Trent's office. No, she hasn't been found.' 'Hel...Rate it:

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Young Man With A Horn
Carl Foreman
My name is Willie Willoughby, but they call me Smoke. I play piano in a run-of-the-mill dance band. Kind of monotonous. But there were times w...Rate it:

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Young Mr. Lincoln
Lamar Trotti
Yes, we'll rally 'round the flag, boys We'll rally once again Shouting the battle cry of freedom We will rally from the hillside We'll gather ...Rate it:

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Young Ones
Jake Paltrow
I never saw this land when it was green. My father did. He worked it before the drought came. He used to talk about it all the time. He used...Rate it:

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Young People
Edwin Blum
- Well? - Please, I must see Mr. And Mrs. Ballantine. - What for? - Well, I've got something to give them. - They're on now. I'll take it. - O...Rate it:

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Young People Fucking
DWI: Renanbg Review: Renanbg - Do not be afraid. - I'm not, fuck you ... - Do not be slack. - I'm not ... - Okay - Right - Okay? - Yes. -...Rate it:

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Young Sherlock Holmes And The Pyramid Of Fear
Come on, boy! Chestnuts! I've got some lovely hot chestnuts! (JINGLING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Here we are, Mr Bobster. Your favourite. #... ti...Rate it:

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Young Winston
Winston Churchill
Who's that bloody fool on the grey? Someone who wants to be noticed, I should imagine. He'll be noticed. He'll get his head blown off. My Earl...Rate it:

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Young Yakuza
Jean-Pierre Limosin
When I started this film, there were 86 301 Yakuzas in Japan, spread over a number of crime syndicates. Yakuza is a professional gambling word...Rate it:

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