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Baby Blues
Lars Jacobson
The following is based on actual events Rock-a-bye, baby on the treetop When the wind blows the cradle will rock, When the bough breaks the crad...Rate it:

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Miami Vice
Michael Mann
FADE IN: EXT. OCEAN - CLOSE UP: WATER - MORNING LIGHT We are at the delicate interface between ocean and air...liquid and gas...the eve...Rate it:

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Mo' Better Blues
Spike Lee
25.000 U-N-l-V-E-R-S-A-L. Universal. Y'all been large for years.|Yo, Spike, start the movie, G. Flavor Flav, you've done it again. He's gotta c...Rate it:

(4.88 / 8 votes)
Baby Blues
Raymond Bak-Ming Wong
Everyone is seeking for happiness. Just when you find it Lightning strikes and the nightmare begins "365 days earlier" Hey, Amy! Tell Mrs. Zho...Rate it:

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Basmati Blues
Dan Baron
1 [steam hissing] [rumbling] [woman vocalizing] Somewhere There's another sun S Somewhere There's another moon a' Somewhere In this cloud ...Rate it:

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Biloxi Blues
Neil Simon
Somewhere there's music How faint the tune Somewhere there's heaven How high the moon There is no moon above When love is far away, too Till...Rate it:

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Blues Brothers 2000
Dan Aykroyd
- Good morning, Warden. - Tom. Is that Elwood Blues? Yes, sir. Released yesterday. Did you tell him about Jake? No, sir. I thought you told hi...Rate it:

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Blues Harp
Toshihiko Matsuo
Do I owe you something for the Iast month? It's okay. Bring that stuff in, pIease. Chuji! Yes? Why don't you go to schooI? It's summer vacat...Rate it:

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Darkside Blues
William Flanagan
Kill me! Kill me quickly! If you tell me where the survivors fled to, I'll think about it. Not a chance! I'm so pleased you said that. Ten br...Rate it:

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Dorian Blues
Tennyson Bardwell
He died ten years ago, and I still find... ...its good to talk about it sometimes. I find it's good to talk about everything. My therapist say...Rate it:

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Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Gus Van Sant
INT. CAVE NIGHT There is a huge ancient hourglass made of animal skins, and acorns plop through the waist of the ho...Rate it:

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Even Lovers Get The Blues
Laurent Micheli
1 Good evening. It's like Siberia out here... Stick the heating on! What are you doing? I'm eating you. It's getting late... That's great! ...Rate it:

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G.I. Blues
Edmund Beloin
- Keep 'em comin'! - This ammo's getting heavier. - I'm gonna hand in my resignation. - It's a steady job, isn't it? Room and board, fresh air,...Rate it:

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Gangnam Blues
Ha Yoo
1 In 1970s, city of Seoul began plans to develop Gangnam into the new Seoul. This film dramatizes events that took place in Gangnam. All chara...Rate it:

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Maternity Blues
Fabrizio Cattani
Mrs Micheli! Mrs Micheli! Clara, say something! Just one question! This way. Yes. Is she already here? Okay. I'll be right there. Put that ...Rate it:

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Zaida Bergroth
A FILM BY ZAIDA BERGROTH Good evening, Hartola! I'm Angela. We are the Amazing Angels. It's unbelievable she'd try to bullshit us like that. ...Rate it:

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Miami Blues
George Armitage
Oh, thank you very much. Uh, may I trouble you | for a pillow? Sure. Great. Thank you. Excuse me. I guess we're going | to be a while. Ha ha ...Rate it:

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Miami Connection
Joseph Diamand
Grab him! There's one. Over there! There he is! Ugh! Where's the money? Where's the money? All of you forgot the most important thing. The m...Rate it:

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Miami Rhapsody
David Frankel
Honestly, I was Never comfortable with men. -Did you have problems with Dr. Rosenthal? -No, no. It was just that he died. He took his son over,...Rate it:

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Moon Over Miami
Vincent Lawrence
Mornin', friend We recommend blue plate number two Our food is the best in the whole southwest What can I do for you I'll take hotcakes and a...Rate it:

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Natale a Miami
Neri Parenti
Giorgio's true, I was happy, but time passes ... begin misunderstandings, flaws emerge surface, and things change ... You must understand, not ...Rate it:

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Pete Kelly's Blues
Richard L. Breen
1 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Women don't get you The whiskey must He was a good man. Sure enough he was. He's gone but not forgotten. - Am...Rate it:

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Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach
Neal Israel
There's somebody down there. Is he gone yet? Is he gone? -Sir, he's gone. | -Okay, let's go. Anybody home? Idiot. Close the door. -You know w...Rate it:

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Reno 911!: Miami
Robert Ben Garant
[Police Radio Chatter] [Police Radio Chatter] [Man] Get the truck in.! [Chattering] [Man] Damn it.! I said pull your men back. I don't want ...Rate it:

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