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Lust for Frankenstein
Kevin Collins
LUST FOR FRANKENSTEIN Last night I dreamt that I was back in Manderlin. The beautiful house of my family. Where I lived the happy years of m...Rate it:

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Bounty Vixens 7: Treasure of Lust
Wh-who the heck are you? Don't you know this is the local governor's mansion? Did I scare you? Who are you? What is it? You must be new here....Rate it:

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Lust for Gold
Ted Sherdeman
You are looking at Superstition Mountain. A barbaric pile of rock, 40 miles long by 20 wide. The man is Floyd Buckley. He's going into this 800...Rate it:

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Lust for Life
Norman Corwin
You are now qualified for evangelical work... under the auspices of the Belgian Committee of the Messengers of the Faith. May the Lord guide yo...Rate it:

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Lust for Love
Anton King
1 Tell a story of a life together every house an allegory like the smell of smoke, it lingers on Astor? - Hi. - Hey. You wanted to, um, t...Rate it:

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Lust of the Vampire
Piero Regnoli
ABSA Pictures Presents THE VAMPIRE Written by Produced by Directed by From Bakonia, Hungary Contents. Earth To M. Duval, Sierra Negra, Mexi...Rate it:

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Lust Stories
- Is there no one at home? - Grandma is. She's hard of hearing. Don't! That is her room. This is mine! - Good night! - Hush! I will be right b...Rate it:

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Lust, Caution
James Schamus
Next round! Now that we've moved to paradise, there's nothing to eat. [This is a play on words, a phrase used in mahjong] Speaking of moving, I ...Rate it:

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Frank Darabont
TITLES UNFOLD IN BLACKNESS as we are lulled by the distant flute-like sounds of a recorder. Overall the effect is mournful and haunting, ...Rate it:

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Young Frankenstein
Gene Wilder
FADE IN 1EXT. FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE1 A BOLT OF LIGHTNING! A CRACK OF THUNDER! On a distant, rainy hill, the old Frankenstein castle, as we knew a...Rate it:

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Peggy Webling
EXT - BARENTS SEA - NIGHT ... a storm of inconceivable force and violence. Merciless arctic winds whip the sea in a frenzy of thirty-foot swells. ...Rate it:

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Frankenstein Created Woman
Anthony Hinds
- What's that? - Come on, now! Come along! Quiet! Quiet! - Well, what are we waiting for? - The preacher, fool! Bah! He won't do much good......Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Robert Lees
Aah! Whoa! Operator, haven't you been able to get me... the express office in Florida yet? Yes, I know it takes time to call from London to ...Rate it:

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Bride of Frankenstein
William Hurlbut
How beautifully dramatic. The crudest savage exhibition of nature at her worst without... And we three, we elegant three within. I should like...Rate it:

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Dracula vs. Frankenstein
William Pugsley
1 who's that I never bother with behind me she travels like I carry your nothings way leave the basic essentials to simply get around I never...Rate it:

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Steph Lady
I busied myself to think of a story - - which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature - - and awaken thrilling horror. One to make th...Rate it:

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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
Curt Siodmak
[Wind Howling] [Cawing] [Cawing] Lawrence Stewart Talbot. who died at the youthful age of 31. R.I.P. That's it. Give me the chisel. Suppos...Rate it:

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Frankenstein Unbound
Roger Corman

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Frankenstein's Army
Miguel Tejada-Flores
- My name is Dimitri Asna, and I'm a graduate of the All-Union Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. I was entrusted by our great leader, Jo...Rate it:

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House of Frankenstein
Edward T. Lowe Jr.
Now. Will you give me my chalk? Try that again and I'll put you on solitary confinement. You would-be Frankenstein. Don't profane his name w...Rate it:

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I, Frankenstein
Stuart Beattie
(ENCHANTING MUSIC PLAYING) (PANTING) MONSTER: I was cast into being in the winter of 1795. A living corpse without a soul, - stitched, jolted....Rate it:

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She's Alive! Creating the Bride of Frankenstein
David J. Skal
It's an old clich that a sequel is never as good as the original. But director James Whale set that on its head with Bride of Frankenstein, the...Rate it:

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Son of Frankenstein
Wyllis Cooper
- Ain't you afraid? - Of old Ygor? No. - I say that I, for one, will not. - Enough! He'll be met exactly as arranged. Now, friends, on his dea...Rate it:

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The Evil of Frankenstein
Anthony Hinds
[wind howling] [owl hooting] [woman sniffling] [banging] [yells] [girl screaming] [girl sobbing] [wind howling] [screaming] (priest) My G...Rate it:

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The Frankenstein Theory
Vlady Pildysh
Where do you want me to look, here to the camera or to you? VICKY: Just look at me. Nah, just ignore camera. Okay. Let's see. Grew up in Washi...Rate it:

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The Ghost of Frankenstein
Scott Darling
There's a curse upon this village... the curse of Frankenstein. Aye. Aye, it is true. The whole countryside shuns the village. Our fields are ...Rate it:

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The Horror of Frankenstein
Jeremy Burnham
1 Frankenstein. Yes, sir? - Have you finished the problem? - Yes, sir. - A-ha! - Something wrong, sir? Certainly there's something wrong. A...Rate it:

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Victor Frankenstein
Max Landis
You know this story. The crack of lightning. A mad genius. An unholy creation. The world, of course, remembers the monster, not the man. But...Rate it:

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