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Ladies They Talk About
Brown Holmes
Police, police! Hurry, please! There's a man running wild here with a butcher knife stabbing people. Wert Side. La Paloma Street. Hurry, please...Rate it:

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The Ladies Man
Tim Meadows
1 [ Man Over Radio] Along the Kennedy Expressway, a truck overturned in the slow lane. Along the Stevenson Expressway, the traffic moving alo...Rate it:

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Gallant Ladies
Jacques Emmanuel
HD Presentation The digitization and restoration of this film remain faithful to the body and spirit of the original work. They have been made ...Rate it:

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Hello Ladies: The Movie
Stephen Merchant
Hello, ladies. Hi, my name's Stuart. - My good friend Wade right here. - Hi. - Hi, I'm Ashleigh. - Hi. - This is Mel. - How's it going? - Ho...Rate it:

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Ladies First
1 Girls belong at home, not on the sports field. Sports are meant only for boys. Girls should cook, look after their home and raise children, ...Rate it:

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Ladies In Love
Melville Baker
1 I you how do you do I know that y'all so we're the new tenants I miss you sweetness meet back in please one before you leave thank you so ...Rate it:

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Ladies of Leisure
David Belasco
Look out! There's another bottle coming. Look Out! Look at that! Come on, let's throw another one. Look out below! Here goes. Don't do that. ...Rate it:

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Ladies of the Chorus
Harry Sauber
# We're the ladies of the chorus # # Here to sing and dance for you # # Our flirty, flirty eyes Will wink in your direction # # We will throw y...Rate it:

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Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl
Devika Bhagat
Wow Dimple! What wow? Can't see any cIeavage! There has to be some to see some. Look after your lemons, you might just lose them. Look Preeti'...Rate it:

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Panny z Wilka (The Young Ladies of Wilko)
Death... upset Jurek's orderly life. He left before finding out... that all we decide and consciously do... means absolutely nothing. And tha...Rate it:

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Satree lek 2 (The Iron Ladies 2: Before and After)
We'll have to wait and see if the Iron Ladies can still retain their throne... Out of form! Iron Ladies crash. Nong has crossed over to the Ti...Rate it:

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Talk to Her
Pedro Almodóvar
TALK TO HER The stage is full of wooden chairs and tables. Two women come out with robes. Their eyes are closed. Like two sleepwalkers. You g...Rate it:

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The Talk of the Town
Irwin Shaw
1 I'm convinced that this fire was deliberately set. But by who, Mr. Holmes? By who? - Dilg escaped? - Escaped? - Miss Shelley... - One mov...Rate it:

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We Need To Talk About Kevin
Lynne Ramsay
KEVIN IS NEEDED TO TALK ABOU If the ball about ... they must learn to dance like a princess, right? 1, 2, 3 ... - 1, 2, 3 ... - Yes! to wear...Rate it:

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If These Walls Could Talk 2
Jane Anderson
1 You're afraid of hearing it, but I'm more afraid than you. I won't listen to you. No! You've got to know. I've got to tell you. I can't kee...Rate it:

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Never Talk to Strangers
Lewis A. Green
I think sex is overrated, Dr. Taylor. Don't you? No, I guess not. You'd be out of a job, wouldn't you? I love that little scar on your mouth. ...Rate it:

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People Will Talk
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Elwell? - I am Rodney Elwell. Do you wish to see me? - Pickett. - I beg your pardon? - Sarah Pickett. Quite so. Your name. In any case, I'm l...Rate it:

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Pillow Talk
Stanley Shapiro
Brad darling. I love you. - I know. I just had to call you. I'll never forget last night. Especially your new song. Our song, Eileen. I wrot...Rate it:

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Smooth Talk
Tom Cole
Oh, my God. Look at the time! The tape deck! I've gotta carry the tape deck. Hey, wait up! We're never gonna get there! We'll get there, you ...Rate it:

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Something to Talk About
Callie Khouri
Something To Talk About -Oh, my God! -Don't do that! -Make a noise. -You'll give me a heart attack. What's on the docket for today? Daddy's c...Rate it:

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Sweet Talk
Peter Lefcourt
God! Oh, my God. No restaurant! Hey! You buy, you take away! Man, she meaner than your mama. Man, nobody meaner than my mama. You got somethi...Rate it:

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Talk Dirty to Me
Dean Rogers
TALK DIRTY TO ME Jack, look gliders! Look at - Seeking women. - It's Fantastic. - There is a woman flying it. - Do not think Shit - What I ...Rate it:

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Talk Radio
Eric Bogosian
There's a tornado watch|for a portion of West Texas. Brian Chadwick is with the county|sheriff's office in Sweetwater. We're trying to get the wo...Rate it:

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Talk To Me
Michael Genet
Wake up, God damn it! I know it's hard. Your eyes is burning, slowly opening. You slowly realizing that this wasn't no dream. No, this is you...Rate it:

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They Live
John Carpenter
THEY LIVE JOB OPPORTUNITIES - Last place of employment? - Denver, Colorado. I worked there for ten years... but then things just dried up. Th...Rate it:

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Heathers (When They Were Kids)
Young Heather Chandler: Heather I wear red and you wear green Young Heather Duke: Oh Sorry Young Heather Chandler: Go get changed Young Macnara: He...Rate it:

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First They Killed My Father
Angelina Jolie
EXT. PHNOM PENH APARTMENT BALCONY - DAY April 1975 We are inside a POV. Walking towards a balcony. We pass a TV where news about the Vietn...Rate it:

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First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
1 BASED ON A TRUE STORY A DAUGHTER OF CAMBODIA REMEMBERS Under the pretext that there is a war necessity, they come into Cambodia. The Nixon ...Rate it:

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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
Tucker Max
Attention all units, attack in progress at 742 Summit Drive. 742 Summit Drive. Screaming heard from inside the residence. Respond, code 3. We'l...Rate it:

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Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall
Dean Hargrove

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Sometimes They Come Back
Stephen King
The mind holds onto painful memories for a reason... trying to keep us from making the same mistakes over and over. Some say if you go back to ...Rate it:

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Sometimes They Come Back... Again
Guy Riedel

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The Harder They Fall
Philip Yordan
Coming, Danny. We're late, George. - Eddie's not here. - You tell him 7:00? - I told him. - I'm not sure he's right for us. - We need a top w...Rate it:

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The Night They Raided Minsky's
Arnold Schulman
- Oh, sir? - Professor Spats. Is this the section of Manhattan that is spoke of as the East Side? The Lower East Side. Is this then the Nation...Rate it:

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The Night They Saved Christmas
Jim Moloney
1 I would've bet the ranch on that well. That field is down there somewhere, I'm sure of it. I think so too. We're running out of time. We g...Rate it:

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Brendan Hood
INT. BEDROOM - DAY Tiny golden wheels and gears turning lazily upon metal rods. Mechanical pieces. Small and intricate. Glittering in the sunlight....Rate it:

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Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
[whispering] "Something behind me. I start for a second, I blench, or staggeringly halt and burn, I do not know my age. In the morning it is d...Rate it:

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They Call Me Jeeg Robot
1 Turn there! There he is! There he is! No more bombs! No more violence! He's gone down there. "A demonstration took place in Rome today" "a...Rate it:

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They Call Me Mister Tibbs!
Alan Trustman
Will you get away from me?! Get away from me! Get the hell away from me. I can't even fake it any more! Well, what are you waiting for? I had ...Rate it:

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They Came to Cordura
Ivan Moffat
How far is Col. Rogers | from this ranch? About 30 miles southwest. Does somebody claim Pancho Villa | might actually be there? All we know is t...Rate it:

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They Came Together
Michael Showalter
So we have aisle seats, we have a couple of drinks, and we get to the airport. Neither of us speaks a word of Italian, by the way. So this guy...Rate it:

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They Died with Their Boots On
Wally Kline
We're new cadets, sir. You're not cadets, and I'm not "sir." Pull in your chin! Stand at attention when you speak to a noncommissioned officer!...Rate it:

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They Drive by Night
Jerry Wald
- How's it going, Joe? - Okay. Fill her up. - What are you hauling? - Apples. - How's your brother, Paul? - Asleep. Every time you come here,...Rate it:

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They Found Hell
Neil Elman
1 Mysterious craters been found in Russia. News of this latest crater was first reported late last night by local residents having been awoke...Rate it:

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They Have Changed Their Face
Giulio Berruti
THEY'VE CHANGED FACES Auto Avio Motors. the Soviet representatives concerning the modifications to the 1004 model. Valle, this is Arche. Come...Rate it:

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They Live by Night
Charles Schnee
I knew that tire had to go. You talk too much. - Please, mister, please. - Uh-uh. Yeah. - Now what? - Now to get to that brother of yours. -...Rate it:

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They Look Like People
Perry Blackshear
THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE Pix Can we not do your office? Can we meet somewhere in the park... In the park? You too, sir. You are a mountain. Yo...Rate it:

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They Made Me a Criminal
Sig Herzig

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They Wait
Trevor Markwart
THEY WAI Shanghai present day Oh! I'm sorry. Did I scare you? - No. I think " Lights out " means technically you have to have the lights out, ...Rate it:

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They Were Expendable
Frank Wead
All boats from Brick. Make them look good. It's the first time they've seen PT boats. All boats from Brick. All boats from Brick. Nice going. ...Rate it:

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They Won't Believe Me
Jonathan Latimer
I guess you folks all realize this is mighty important matter we're deciding here. Whether or not a man has committed murder. The state's done...Rate it:

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They're Watching
Micah Wright
1 ALEX: Just go, go! Shit! (GASPING) ALEX: Oh, shit. Oh shit. (PANTING) ALEX: Come on, come on, Sarah, come on. (PANTING) This way, this ...Rate it:

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They've Got Knut
Daniel Nocke
THEY'VE GOT KNU Tyrol, 1983 What l hoped for from our time up here is that l... That we... l'll wait till you're finished. -No, no, go ahead. ...Rate it:

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