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Judas Kiss
Carlos Pedraza
Lost and in between The way you thought it was And thought it seemed And everyone has changed Soon you'll realize that You're the one Who's c...Rate it:

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Shane Black
On the count of three. One, two, three! Try the ring toss. Three for a quarter. Look how easy it is. There you go, a winner! And now, for my s...Rate it:

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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Ernie Altbacker
1 Speed it up, will you? You drive like my granny. We're moving with the flow of traffic. When do I get to drive? My car, so, never. Ooh, I'...Rate it:

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The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice
Champagne? Sorry. Bubbles...went up my nose. Actually, that's not technically champagne. That's Cava. It's a Spanish sparkling wine and uses ...Rate it:

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Kiss and Cry
Willem Wennekers
1 It may not look like it, But I'm totally shitting my pants right now. Mainly 'cause of this guy, Shin. If I don't land this jump, he's goi...Rate it:

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A Christmas Kiss
Joany Kane
I'm floating. I'm in my mother's belly. How do you feel? I feel alone. I want you to go back even further in time. What do you see? Light......Rate it:

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A Kiss Before Dying
Lawrence Roman
Crying isn't going to help. I just can't help it. Aw, Dory... I've known about it for days. I didn't want to say anything until I was sure, bu...Rate it:

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French Kiss
Adam Brooks
Welcome to Air Canada nonstop service, Toronto to Paris. Our flying time today is an estimated Please check that your seat belt is fastened ...Rate it:

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Frozen Kiss
Rachel Calendar
Ryan, Jeanette's on the phone. I'm not home. She's crying, Ryan. When isn't she crying? Well, can you just... talk to her? Otherwise she's go...Rate it:

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In Search of a Midnight Kiss
Alex Holdridge
(# "Paradise with You" by Hot Club of Downtown) (man) The midnight kiss. It's not just another kiss. It's all the hope of romance of the year ...Rate it:

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Kiss and Kill
Suzanne Cabot
1 What a way to end the week. I swear to God, if I had to spend one more day pushing stuff around my desk pretending to look busy, I would've...Rate it:

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Kiss and Make-Up
Harlan Thompson
Good morning, Dr. Lamar. MAURICE: Good morning, Pierre. - Good morning, Doctor. - Good morning, Doctor. MAURICE: Good morning. - Good morning,...Rate it:

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Kiss Me Deadly
A.I. Bezzerides
(panting) (car drives by) Please stop! Please... (tries to start engine) (jazz on radio) You almost wrecked my car. Well? Get in. (radio) ...Rate it:

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Kiss Me Goodbye
Charlie Peters
- Kay... Where are you? - I'm in here. Honestly Kay, if I live to be a hundred... ...I will never get used to these 365 degree turns of yours....Rate it:

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Kiss Me Kate
Dorothy Kingsley
Would you get the door, Paul? - Hi, Paul. - Mr. Cole Porter, sir. - Thanks for coming. - Hello, Fred. You're right on time. Everything's set....Rate it:

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Kiss Me, Stupid
Billy Wilder
'S wonderful 'S marvelous You should care For me 'S awful nice 'S paradise 'S what I love To see You make My life so glamorous You can't ...Rate it:

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Kiss of a Killer
Margaret Yorke
I home him pass me them for Lawrence out think appear purple up cover-ups that the troops will never be pieces dodge true will out ever...Rate it:

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Kiss of Death
Ben Hecht
Christmas Eve in New York. A happy time for some people... the lucky ones. Last-minute shopping, presents for the kids... hurry home to light ...Rate it:

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Kiss of Death
Richard Price
When'd you buy these? They're beautiful. Bed sheets. - So where are the drapes? On your bed? - Gotta try to find the second life in things. - H...Rate it:

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Kiss of the Damned
Xan Cassavetes
I could fall asleep... With the warmth of you near me. The sound of your heart sings. Sings what? Together... Together. [ phone ringing ] To...Rate it:

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Kiss Of The Dragon
Luc Besson
Subtitle Presents by Lynn Studio - First time to France? - Yes. Purpose of your visit? - Business or pleasure? - Pleasure. Do you like this m...Rate it:

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Kiss of the Spider Woman
Manuel Puig
She's, um... Well, she's... something a little strange. That's what you notice, that she's not a woman like all the others. She seems all wra...Rate it:

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Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
Leonardo Bercovici
1 Time gentlemen. Drink up. Drink up, please. Time. Come on there, Harry boy. It's time. That's the trouble with this world today. Everyone i...Rate it:

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Kiss the Bride
Tyler Lieberman
? Know that's what good a second penis? I can not help oh. You do not need wedding cake. I do not understand that this bad with us. ? You and ...Rate it:

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Kiss the Girls
David Klass
You want to know|all about me, don't you? Well, let's see, now. The first time I was in love|was June, 1975, in Boca Raton. Her name was Coty Pi...Rate it:

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Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Harry Brown
Hear ye, hear ye! Department One, Superior Court is now in session Judge George Spaulding presiding. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury it is ...Rate it:

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Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List
Amy Andelson
1 Woman: Some friendships are so important, You'd do anything to make them last. That's why Ely and I created the no-kiss list. What exactly...Rate it:

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October Kiss
MacKenzie Austin
1 Good, everybody. Hold plank. Good. Belly towards your spine, and now we're going to lower down and come up into what I like to call... Sna...Rate it:

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Paradise Kiss
Kenji Bando
It was past the bakery that always smelled so good.. ...around the corner at an exciting accessories shop... ...and down, down, down... ...a d...Rate it:

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Prelude to a Kiss
Craig Lucas
#If you hear # # A song in blue # # Like a flower crying # # For the dew # # That was my heart # # Serenading you # # My prelude to # # A ki...Rate it:

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Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery
Kevin Shinick
1 Good, man. Give me another one. How long do we have to keep doing this? My voice is getting hoarse. Look, somebody's gotta fix this camera. ...Rate it:

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Shanghai Kiss
David Ren
- MAN: you're late. - I know, I'm sorry. - I-- there was a lot of traffic... slate, please. - traffic. - slate. - uh, Liam Liu. - profile. ...Rate it:

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Shut Up and Kiss Me
Ronnie Kerr
1 Have you ever used a video dating service before, hon? No. Just be natural. Talk about yourself, what you like because don't worry about i...Rate it:

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Strangers May Kiss
Ursula Parrott
Thank mr. Stewart for the Use of his plane, will you? Tell him we'll borrow it Again next weekend. Thank you, sir. Oh, dear. I'm afraid we can...Rate it:

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The Kiss
Stephen Volk
Gently now. Easy up. Come on, the other one. Easy, easy, easy. I want them to end up alive on the other side, you understand? They're worth a...Rate it:

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The Last Kiss
Paul Haggis
What are you thinking about? I was just thinking how convenient it is for me that it's considered hip to drive a $20,000 hybrid. Dork. And how...Rate it:

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The Long Kiss Goodnight
Shane Black
Mrs. Claus is hot! My name is Samantha Caine. At least, l think it is. You might not believe it, but l was born only eight years ago... on a b...Rate it:

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The Naked Kiss
Samuel Fuller
I'm drunk, Kelly. Please. What are you trying to do? I'm drunk, Kelly. Please. I'm drunk. I'm drunk. I'm drunk. $800! You parasite! I'm takin...Rate it:

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Vampire's Kiss
Joseph Minion
I got up, took a shower, made myself coffee. I kept telling myself, "I'll wake her up after I do this or this little step..." No, that's not tr...Rate it:

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You May Not Kiss the Brid
- You two looks amazing! - Like a perfect couple. C'mon you guys! This is the wedding day. Smile! This is not working. Mr. Pig! Mr. Piggy! C'm...Rate it:

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You May Not Kiss the Bride
Rob Hedden
HD uploader "vrhovc" - You two looks amazing! - Like a perfect couple. C'mon you guys! This is the wedding day. Smile! This is not working. M...Rate it:

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