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Haunted Forest
Mauro Borrelli
Let's have a look at the map. So, according to police reports, the missing tourist was camping near the river here. Right. What do we know abo...Rate it:

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Beyond the Forest
Lenore J. Coffee
This is the main street of the town of Loyalton in Wisconsin. It looks like Sunday, doesn't it? Everything empty, the street deserted... But i...Rate it:

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Four Horror Tales - Dark Forest
Jung-min Kim
If you don't break your ropes while you're alive, Do you think ghosts will do it after? Lee Jong-hyuk, So li-hyun Kim Young-joon, Choi Seong-m...Rate it:

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Into the Forest
Patricia Rozema
1 How are you? Yeah, I'm okay, how are you? You're making fun of my accent. I'm not! We interrupt tonight's programming to report a massive ...Rate it:

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Little Forest
Seong-gu Hwang
1 "Mi-sung-Li is a rural village famous for rice and apples." "To buy anything, I have to go into town." "It takes close to an hour to go and...Rate it:

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National Geographic: Panama Wild - Rain Forest of Life
It appears out of the dawn of time... ...a creation of the sun, caldron of life. This is the tropical forest nature at her most extravagant. S...Rate it:

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National Geographic: Rain Forest
Millions of years ago, before man, before the ice ages, when the world was warm and humid, forests like these covered much of the earth. And i...Rate it:

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The Buried Forest
Kôhei Oguri
ABuried Forest Production Committee Presents A Kohei OGURI Film THE BURlED FORES (Umoregi) "Won't you dance with me?" That's what I asked you,...Rate it:

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The Emerald Forest
Rospo Pallenberg
Killed him! One dart! No. He's old and slow, like me. Beware, it's a very hungry jaguar that hunts fish. Allow for the water bending the arr...Rate it:

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The Forest
Nick Antosca
1 (panting) Oh, God, help me! Somebody help! Help me! (gasps) (woman speaking Japanese on PA) (chattering in Japanese) WOMAN (on PA): Attenti...Rate it:

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The Petrified Forest
Charles Kenyon
How about some water? There it is. There's the can. Help yourself. The sign's right. Your last chance. You better fill up. Okay, fill her up. ...Rate it:

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Through the Forest
Jean-Paul Civeyrac
THROUGH THE FORES Your flowers are so beautiful. They smell nice. l look awful. Mornings shouldn't exist. You wake up and you see horrors. Wh...Rate it:

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When A Man Falls In The Forest
Oh. Oh, yeah. You and I went to the same... You and I went to... Hello. We--we went-- Hey, can you just kind of shut her down, shut her down...Rate it:

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Haunted 3D
Amin Hajee
'If feeIs just Iike yesterday..' 'I had just returned from America after compIeting my education.' 'Papa was unweII hence to handIe some urgent...Rate it:

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A Haunted House 2
Marlon Wayans
1 Help me get her in the car, Ray! Okay, but this bitch heavy as hell, Cuz! Nigga, get yo' hands off her ass! Let me finger gangbang her at l...Rate it:

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House on Haunted Hill
Robb White
The ghosts you is moving tonight. They are Restless, hungry. Can I show up? I Am Watson Pritchard. In one minute I will show them the bewitch...Rate it:

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A Haunted House
Marlon Wayans
Why isn't this stupid thing workin'? See, that's that bullshit. I'm taking this shit right back to Best Buy. Or not. Stupid lens cap. Wow! ...Rate it:

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America's Most Haunted
Joe Anderson
1 "America's Most Haunted 2013" ^ (Run time : 01:24:29) Aye. I thought I was doing upstairs. You better be. I don't want to be here all night....Rate it:

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Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum
Beom-sik Jeong
1 No identification with actuall persons, companies, and organizations is intended or should be inferred. Finally, the 4th floor. I'm freaking ...Rate it:

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Liwaa Yazji
Uh, Nick Di Santo. I'm here to see my mom. Visiting. Take the stairs to the second floor, and someone will meet you there. Second? Can't we ...Rate it:

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James Herbert
SUSSEX, ENGLAND, 1905. Enough. Enough said. Well, that's enough. Juliet. Mother. David... David... After the loss my twin sister. My mothe...Rate it:

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Haunted Castle
Kurt Frey
Two days ago, I received a letter from a lawyer in Europe. It regretted to inform me my mother had died in a helicopter crash. She was returnin...Rate it:

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Haunted Echoes
Rachel Calendar
[Dog barking] Guy, the dog's barking. Hm? The dog's barking. Honey, he'll be quiet in a minute. [Dog barking continues] Trotsky. Trotsky, c...Rate it:

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Haunted Gold
Adele Buffington
He'll be back soon Sit down. You're acting like a bunch of half-baked kids He'll show up pretty soon. Get going, Isobel. We're surrounded, bos...Rate it:

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Haunted Honeymoon
Gene Wilder
Help! It's not what you think. Well, it's partly what you think, but, er... Oh, it's so complicated. Oh, God, help me! Please! You can't be t...Rate it:

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Haunted Mansion
Jun Lana
1 It's okay go ahead, I have my car with me. Are you sure? I'll stay with Glen first Someone's picking him up in a while. Take care! Okay, se...Rate it:

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Haunted Universities
Okay. That's more like it. Hey. Hey. Hey. She's a shy type. Shy type ass. She's afraid of you. Hey, look. She's calling her hubby. Hey, you bi...Rate it:

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House on Haunted Hill
Dick Beebe
FADE IN: BLACK SCREEN And in the darkness, a TICKING sound is heard. Soft and steady -- soothing -- and then a BANG! ...Rate it:

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Monster High: Haunted
Keith Wagner
1 We are monsters, we are proud We are monsters, say it loud Don't stop rocking your right to fright We are Monster High We are monsters, we a...Rate it:

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My Ex 2: Haunted Lover
Adirek Wattaleela
Aguy in this film is such a prick. Well, yeah...The real life is even worse. Bowie appears only two scenes in this film? Yeah. Geez! She mouthe...Rate it:

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Return to House on Haunted Hill
Robb White
Ariel, this is Sara. How many voice mails do I have to leave before you call back? Damn it, I need to talk to you. Please, call me ba... Ethan...Rate it:

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The Haunted Lantern
Be brave! How horrid! What's a woman doing alone in a place like this? Your heart belongs to someone. Don't talk. And you care deeply for him...Rate it:

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The Haunted Mansion
David Berenbaum
Aah! It's love, isn't it? Sometimes you walk into a house and you take one look around,|and you know. And you say, "This is for me. " Oh, I th...Rate it:

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The Haunted Palace
Charles Beaumont
Ezra, come and sit down. Nothing's going to happen on a night like this. Drink up, man. No. That's what he wants. Can you not see that? - But...Rate it:

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The Haunted School
Koon-Nam Lui
Falling in love is not allowed in school Tonight at 11pm A No. 3 alarm fire broke out at the Narranmoda Memorial School One of the 2 casualties...Rate it:

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The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
Mike Bell
How do you do? Mr. Rob Zombie feels it would be a little unkind to present this picture without just a word of friendly warning. We are about ...Rate it:

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The Pretender: Island of the Haunted
Steven Long Mitchell
Behold the scrolls. They're not here. Talk to me, Daddy. This is not the way it's supposed to be. Catatonia is a schizophrenic disorder... m...Rate it:

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