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I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
Robert E. Burns
Hey, pipe down, you mugs. Sorry to break up the game, boys... but the old man's having bunk inspection in an hour. Give me my bones! This man'...Rate it:

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A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth
Takashi Hasegawa
WHERE'S THE ROMANTICISM? Elephant? That's the mouse's name? Not a mouse. A Djungarian hamster. Elephant. Are you insulting me? Let's go. Hey ...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
13 Ghosts
Robb White
The La Brea tar pits became traps for all kinds of animals. They would either wonder out on the tar or be driven into it by their enemies. The ...Rate it:

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A Gang Story
Olivier Marchal
We all dream of the same things... A nice quiet life... A happy family, a house... Friends you can count on... I was lucky: I got all that. An...Rate it:

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City of Ghosts
Matt Dillon
Hurricane Gabriel... continues to pound the eastern seaboard. It has now been upgraded to a category 4 hurricane. Forecasters are predicting.....Rate it:

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Der Gang in die Nacht
Harriet Bloch
Walking Into The Night "Helene, I have a lot of work to do again. " February 25. Eigil is now a professor. More and more he is attaining a po...Rate it:

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Gang of Ghosts
Rajesh Chawla
What happens to this city? Either there is ash or smoke. Why doesn't anyone say anything? Why do they tolerate this smoke quietly? It's the li...Rate it:

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Stan Winston
MICHAEL JACKSON's GHOS WELCOME TO NORMAL VALLEY SOMEPLACE ELSE Why don't we just leave him alone? He hasn't hurt anybody. Can we just go? Your...Rate it:

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Nick Broomfield
The weather's terrible. Ghosts won't come out when it's like this. That's good for us, though. At least they can't beat us up if they're not her...Rate it:

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Ghosts of Darkness
David Ryan Keith
(eerie orchestral music) - Do you remember what I told you the other night? Close your eyes, count to five, and take a deep breath. It's all i...Rate it:

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Ghosts Of Girlfriend Past
Jon Lucas
Good morning, Connor. Versace is on 1. Okay. - Clear out. - Good, good, good. Oh, I like this. Okay, ladies, do not look at me or the camera....Rate it:

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Ghosts of Machu Picchu
1 High in the Peruvian Andes, there's an ancient city called Machu Picchu. lt is a ruin that defies explanation. Who were the mysterious people...Rate it:

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Ghosts of Mars
Larry Sulkis
1 For weeks, rumors have spread across Mars... from outposts to settlements... from town to town. Something that had been buried for centurie...Rate it:

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Ghosts of Mississippi
Lewis Colick
It is better to settle these matters in the courts... ... than on the streets. And new laws are needed at every level. But law alone cannot ma...Rate it:

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Ghosts of the Abyss
PAXTON: I believe things can happen of such an intensity that they do resonate through time, create, like, an echo. The story of the "Titanic"...Rate it:

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Goya's Ghosts
MiloŇ° Forman
GOYA'S GHOSTS HOLY OFFICE OF THE INQUISITION And these are actually for sale in the bookshops? And in the streets as well, Father. - And in T...Rate it:

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Gridiron Gang
Jeff Maguire
GRIDIRON GANG (2006) Most 16, 17-year-old kids, they make a bad choice, something gets broken, they screw up in class, hurt somebody's feeling...Rate it:

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Oh My Ghosts!
Poj Arnon
Ausamanee Teeshara How did you do that? They said the ghosts here are scary Where? Have you seen it? Hey, they said that everyone here saw it ...Rate it:

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The Apple Dumpling Gang
Don Tait
1 what do you think, theodore? he looks like a real live one.come on! all right! get him with the rope! huh? rope him! well, throw it! mayb...Rate it:

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The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
Don Tait
Wagon comin'! Sound fire alarm! Open the gates! [Men Shouting] Fire alarm! Fire alarm! [Man] On the double! Move it! [Man] Move it, soldier...Rate it:

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The Gang's All Here
Walter Bullock
Got any coffee on you? Oh, yes? Now I can retire. Well, there's your | good-neighbor policy. Come on, honey. | That's good neighborin'. There w...Rate it:

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The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia
David Coggeshall
Choir: get on board, little children - get on board, little children... - ( heavy panting ) there's room for many on board oh, the gospe...Rate it:

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The Sasquatch Gang
Tim Skousen
Getting down to the concession stand. Speaking of the concession stand, who likes beer? We've got a special on blue ribbon down there. Now, ...Rate it:

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Thir13en Ghosts
Neal Marshall Stevens
Is it bad tonight? Bad. That`s one way to describe it. Insane seems a IittIe more appropriate. It feeIs Iike he`s breathing down my neck. It is...Rate it:

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