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Fallen Angel
Harry Kleiner
[Engine Rewing] [Engine Rewing] [Brakes Squeal, Hiss] Hey, you. Come on. I've seen that sleepin' act before. You know your ticket ran out the...Rate it:

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London Has Fallen
Creighton Rothenberger
National day of mourning in the Philipines, after 44 police commanders were killed, in the line of duty when an anti-terror operation went wrong...Rate it:

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Ehren Kruger
Earth. Birth place of the human race. A species much like our own. Capable of great compassion... and great violence. For in our quest to p...Rate it:

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Olympus Has Fallen
Creighton Rothenberger
Are you seriously trying to rope-a-dope me? That's an old man's move. I am an old man. No, you're not. But you box like one. Not bad. Come o...Rate it:

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Nicholas Kazan
I want to tell you about the time I almost died. I never thought it would happen to me. Not at this age. Beaten... ...outsmarted. How did I g...Rate it:

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Fallen Angels
Kar-Wai Wong
Are we still partners? We've been business partners for nearly three years. This is the first time we've ever sat together. We hardly ever see...Rate it:

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Fallen Angels
Thomas Moldestad
Ruth? Ruth? Are you home? Ruth? Ruth? Are you hungry? I'm preparing food, do you want some? Ruth! - No, this can't be right. - What? - Si...Rate it:

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Fallen Stars
Brian Jett
1 - Hey. - Hey. - Are you taking off? - Yeah, work. Okay. Well. This is really embarrassing. I don't remember your name. - Cooper. - Righ...Rate it:

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Giants in the Earth: The Making of 'The Fallen Ones'
Since the dawn of man, he has known pain and suffering. War has plagued him and death. Giants, too, walked the land. Man feared them. And g...Rate it:

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Derek Connolly
Isla Nublar 193 miles west of Costa Rica Relax. Anything in here would be dead by now. There she is. The Indominus Rex. - Specimen collected...Rate it:

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Once Fallen
Ash Adams
(man) Me and Beat grew up on the shores of San Pedro. It's a harbor town south of Los Angeles, populated with the families of hard working blu...Rate it:

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The Fallen
Nick Day
In the October, the German army and they remaining Italian allies are struggled the last defense of North Italy The Gothic Line On the other ...Rate it:

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The Fallen Idol
Graham Greene
Good day, sir. In his office there, miss. Uh, Baines, is, uh - | is the ambassador's car at the door? - It's waiting, sir. | - His Excellency ha...Rate it:

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Zombies Have Fallen
Sam Fountayne
1 My name is John Northwood. And this is a story of a girl, and her gift, a gift that shook the world. Police have reported the disappearance ...Rate it:

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Date with an Angel
Tom McLoughlin
1 lions gate entertainment. Man: Yes. His time has come. Now remember what you've been taught. Bring him home with love. Have a safe journey,...Rate it:

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Angel Eyes
Gerald Di Pego
FADE IN: EXT. CITY STREETS (LOS ANGELES) -NIGHT CREDIT SEQUENCE. As OPENING CREDITS play, we study the city’s nighttime pulse, ribbons of...Rate it:

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An Angel for Satan
Luigi Emmanuele
An Angel for Satan from a novel by Luigi Emmanuele - Welcome, Sir. - Thank you. Here. Give that to me. No. No. Why? That's fine. I hope you...Rate it:

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Elizabeth Taylor
(church bell ringing) - Huh! (tinkling) - Miss Angelica! (tinkling) Come along! Quickly now. Now remember, Miss Angelica, finish your studi...Rate it:

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Samson Raphaelson
- Bonjour, madame. - Bonjour. I want a small suite, please. Must be quiet. I have a very charming one facing the courtyard. Will Madame please...Rate it:

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Neil Jordan
1 You've got an audience. Give her the soldier's song. What's your name? It's a saxophone. Now, come on lads, it's not the bloody Hall Orches...Rate it:

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Muazzam Beg
Hey idiot. Hey enough.. ..smarty come on show your face.. ..what did l say show me your face.. .. you are the same person who was jailed for ...Rate it:

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Jim McKay
Go ahead, take off your coat. I'm gonna put some water on for tea. You want a cup? No, thanks. What do you think? We'll put the futon down l...Rate it:

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Angel and the Badman
James Edward Grant
He couldnt go on nor could you... are injured man. Let us take you into the house. I gotta go on. to the Telegraph station. We will ta...Rate it:

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Angel Blade
David Heavener
Ah! No! No! Mama is going to be mad... Please let me go home... No! Please let me go! No! Stop! The Call of the Goddess Bad dreams... again......Rate it:

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Angel Face
Frank S. Nugent
- What is it, George? - Gas. - Suicide? - No, sir, an accident. - Mrs. Tremayne was... - All right, where is she? Upstairs. We probably won'...Rate it:

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Angel Heart
Alan Parker
How are you? Hello! Yes, this is Harold Angel. Yes, initial R, like in the phone book. Excuse me? Winesap. Herman Winesap, Winesap & Mackint...Rate it:

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Angel in Exile
Charles Larson
Attention... Stand up! No. 10259... 10259... Report to the warden's office. If you try to pick up where you left off... It doesn't work... ...Rate it:

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Angel Of Death
Ed Brubaker
Prescott. No, no, Arthur. Don't worry about it. I'm still up. Yeah. What are we talking about? No problem. I'm looking at him now. It'll be t...Rate it:

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Luc Besson
My name is Andre. Andre Moussa. 28 years old. Single. U.S. citizen. Paris is a wonderful city, although I don't really have the time to enjoy it...Rate it:

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Angry Angel
Will Gluck
1 - Please make sure your seatbelt is fastened. We ask that you keep your seatbelt fastened while seated in case we encounter some unexpecte...Rate it:

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Black Angel
Roy Chanslor
[Woman] Flo. Where's my white scarf? Right here. Why don't you keep my things where I can find them? [Doorbell Buzzes] See who that is. Yes...Rate it:

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Busou Shinki Moon Angel
Koutaro Nakayama
The angel who lost her bearings deep in dreams descended on the world in a flurry of light I swore with the blue sky as my witness that I would p...Rate it:

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Charley and the Angel
Will Stanton
I said, "Look, lady, the seats haven't gotten smaller... ...your ass has gotten bigger. " I'm sorry, sir. This cabin is restricted to first cla...Rate it:

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Dark Angel
Jonathan Tydor
$70,000 for this car and they put in a piece of shit for a CD player! Agh! Son of a bitch! Great! Goddammit! Merry fuckin' Christmas! I come i...Rate it:

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Flight of Black Angel
John Brancato

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I'm No Angel
Mae West
Right this way, folks! Gather round. That's right. You gotta hear me. All right. You will see a show of amazing... stupendous and cataclysmic p...Rate it:

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Letters to Angel
Madis Kõiv
If One is not, nothing is. Plato I'm starting to calm down. I can write and think freely again Think and pass my thoughts on to you - so you ca...Rate it:

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My Guardian Angel
Jane Alexandra Foster
[indistinct whispering] [whispering stops] What are you doing just standing there, staring? God, she gives me the creeps. Here, make yourself ...Rate it:

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Red Account: My Bloody Angel
1 My husband Masao is beautiful, He almost looks like a god. Unfortunately he was possessed by the devil. That's why we asked Mr. Kawakami to ...Rate it:

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The Blue Angel
Heinrich Mann
Mister Professor! Breakfast! These cigars... everything smells. The old man is coming! Sit down! Angst! Come here! Rub that out! - But, Mis...Rate it:

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The Dark Angel
Lillian Hellman
Good morning, granny. Good morning, Kitty. Ha ha ha! Here you are, Darling. But it's saturday, Granny. Oh, so it is. And you'll be late. M...Rate it:

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The Face of an Angel
Paul Viragh
Beatrice looked at me, her eyes were full of sparks of love of such divinity. That, vanquished, my virtue ran away and I was as if lost, my eye...Rate it:

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The Littlest Angel
Sean Catherine Derek
Ah, heaven, God's wondrous creation, His perfect domain. Could there ever be a place more... well, heavenly? Nothing in creation compares to...Rate it:

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The Lost Angel
Nicholas Celozzi
Freeze! Now! Do you hear me, freak? You burn that towel and you'd wish you were dead! Drop the freaking match! They may try and separate us, ...Rate it:

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The White Angel
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1 TITLES - The sound of a woman walking on a deserted street 2 EXT NIGHT STREET - FADE UP - We see a woman's feet wearing red stiletto shoes. ...Rate it:

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The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
Jon Croker
1 What's his name? - Bear. - Are you looking after him? Make sure he doesn't get scared. I don't know how you do it. Night after night of thi...Rate it:

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V2: Dead Angel
Marko Leino
SOLAR FILMS PRESENTS C'mon Arska. Or do I have to help you? I haven't the guts. Bloody hell. Kppr boys stay together. Forever. Until death. ...Rate it:

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Witchcraft 14: Angel of Death
Keith Parker
1 Here's to renewing old acquaintances. And here's to new beginnings. Oh, yeah. Damn you, Jenny Brooks! Damn you to hell! What the fuck? Jen...Rate it:

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