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Drag Me to Hell
Sam Raimi
Come quickly. Careful. Mrs. Shaun San Dena! Mrs. Shaun San Dena? - Yes. Please, help my son. For the last three nights he's heard voices. H...Rate it:

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Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS
Mark Monroe
1 Sebastian junger: When a society collapses into anarchy And violence, civilians inevitably take matters Into their own hands. They form arm...Rate it:

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Catch Hell
Ryan Phillippe
1 And I could never tell as a kid What that window door went to Only told to stay away I almost had an accident at age six When I found th...Rate it:

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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay
Alan Burnett
1 We're three kilometers off the coast, Vertigo. Keep it steady, Manta. I'll go rouse the rabble. Time to move. I'm good to go. Sponge and J...Rate it:

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7 Days in Hell
Murray Miller
- Come on! - Out! And here we go. Aaron Williams, one point away from ending this outrageous seven-day match. On this, his 67th match point. ...Rate it:

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A Cold Day in Hell
Christopher Forbes
Sierra Nevada mountains You must be Rivers. - That is correct. Scarsdale said you would come. This is Jacobs. Maybe he wants to participate. ...Rate it:

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All American Horror: Gateways to Hell
Male Speaker: The Devil's Stairs is a rock formation beside a highway in Ashe County, North Carolina. The rocks are among the oldest in North ...Rate it:

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Bad Kids Go to Hell
Matthew Spradlin
Okay go go go! Police, police, police. Who's got two? Who's got two o'clock? Get down! Get Down! Drop the axe! Drop it! Get down on the groun...Rate it:

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Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell
Oniroku Dan
The valley is bigger than I thought. This area is the country's largest cement supplier. Please fasten your seat belt. It's rural... but we're...Rate it:

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Between Heaven and Hell
Harry Brown
- Get Gifford out. - Yes, sir. Hey, Gifford. Gifford! Get your gear. Get that arm up, Gifford. You're still in the army. Colonel Miles wants...Rate it:

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Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell
Shinichi Fukazawa
Late 1960s Somewhere in Tokyo I can't believe it. I won't permit it. You want to marry that girl? You belong to me. And I won't give you to a...Rate it:

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Born to Raise Hell
Steven Seagal
Bucharest, Romania. The evil is in every man, while some may contain, for me it is easier to accept. Get out of the way. Keep your eyes open. ...Rate it:

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Chris Rea: The Road to Hell & Back
Aloha, foolish mortals. You have come upon the Gates of Hell. Prepare to meet your fiery fate in an orderly fashion. Three lines, please. Boo...Rate it:

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From Hell
Terry Hayes
Get out of here! You're taking all our money again. You'll feel better when you get home. There's one over there. -Gonna be a long night, Mary....Rate it:

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From Hell to the Wild West
Rene Perez
[Music playing] [Cocks gun] There you are, you son of a bitch. Drop your weapon now. I'll shoot you dead. Do it, hombre. I was trying to sto...Rate it:

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Gekijouban Bleach: Jigokuhen (Bleach: Hell Verse)
Hey you! Whaddya lookin' at?! Huh? What the hell? Don't go dissing us! What's the matter? Say something, you! Hey! I think this guy's crazy....Rate it:

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Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell
Kyûzô Kobayashi
SHOCHIKU COMPANY, LTD What's this all about? I've never seen the sky this colour before. It's just like flying through a sea of blood. Ladies...Rate it:

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Group Text from Hell
- I used to have a happy life, full of promise. I was moving across the country with the love of my life, starting a dream job, living in my f...Rate it:

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Tim Fehlbaum
The world as we know it, doesn't exist anymore. Within 4 years, the temperature of the atmosphere increased by 10C. Water and food are exhauste...Rate it:

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Hell and High Water
Jesse Lasky Jr.
In the summer of 1953... it was announced that an atomic bomb | of foreign origin... had been exploded somewhere | outside of the United States. ...Rate it:

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Hell Baby
Robert Ben Garant
- Home. - Home. Here's to low-balling the seller and still getting 50,000 off after the home inspection. We could paint this place today, sel...Rate it:

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Hell Drivers
John Kruse
- Hey - Yes? Er, I'm looking for a job. Who do I see? Oh, you're out of luck, chum. - Who's one, mate? - It's on now. I heard you needed dri...Rate it:

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Hell In The Pacific
Alexander Jacobs
I told you to get out. Then why did you marry me? I told you I was sorry. Damn it! A raft. Damn it. Salt! It is. Wait! Hey, wait! Damn it...Rate it:

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Hell Is for Heroes
Robert Pirosh
Kolinsky, you seen Homer? Not since chow. I sent him to get a pen and paper about an hour ago. I got paper, but I'm using this. For how long...Rate it:

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Hell or High Water
Taylor Sheridan
Quiet. Open the door, open the door. What? What in the devil? Can you please stand up and take us to the cash drawer, ma'am? I will not. We ...Rate it:

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Hell Ride
Larry Bishop
Safe-keep the treasure. I know you'll keep your word baby. Safe-keep the treasure for my boy. Keep safe, the treasure. For my boy Fucking Fuck...Rate it:

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Hell to Eternity
Ted Sherdeman
You're crazy. He's too big. You'll get murdered. What's the fight about? Fatso talks too much. What did he say? What did he say? Is Benson th...Rate it:

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Hell's Angels
Marshall Neilan
We are good. Ah! Ja! Wunderbar! Look at that, Karl. Well, Roy, you seem to like my country. Like it? I think it's marvelous. Say, I wish we...Rate it:

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Hell's Belles
R.G. McMullen
Tough race. Congratulations, Dan. Almost had him. Should've run him off the road when I had the chance. Come on, Tony, don't take it so hard....Rate it:

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Hell's Kitty
Nicholas Tana
(ominous piano music) (choir meowing) I know what this looks like. But it's not my fault. It's my cat, Angel. (choir meowing) You look nervou...Rate it:

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Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth
Peter Atkins
(Tyres screech) (Siren) You want it? Is it yours? No, not mine. Yours. How much do you want for it? Whatever you think it's worth. Exactly ...Rate it:

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Home Sweet Hell
Carlo Allen
1 Come on, it's my turn. - It's my turn. - I don't care, you've had it forever. You're not playing fair! Don't be a sore loser. If you cannot...Rate it:

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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
Tucker Max
Attention all units, attack in progress at 742 Summit Drive. 742 Summit Drive. Screaming heard from inside the residence. Respond, code 3. We'l...Rate it:

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In Hell
Eric James Virgets
Are you scared? Do you remember? The world has made you soft. In a lifetime a man plays many parts. We all hide behind a mask. Do you even kn...Rate it:

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Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
Dean Lorey
Shit. Bingo. Oh my. Damn. Open fire! Incoming! Hit the dirt! Yes! I don't think so. Good work, Agent Marcus. Thank you, Sir. Good shoot...Rate it:

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Living Hell
Richard Jefferies
All units, report! Report! Somebody answer the damn radio! Sir, it's inside! Initiate scenario D. Central Command, confirm! Initiate scenario ...Rate it:

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Merrily We Go to Hell
Edwin Justus Mayer
Silly people. I don't like that fellow with the little mustache. Up and at that mustache, men! Got him. Now that I know you love me, how ab...Rate it:

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Motel Hell
Robert Jaffe
He'd go to hell, right? They walked across the sands... and they knew they were sinners. They knew that they didn't know the word of the book.....Rate it:

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Party Bus to Hell
Rolfe Kanefsky
1 [chanting] [music playing] [panting] We have to keep on going. - They're coming. - Wait, this isn't right. - Yes. We have to go north. - ...Rate it:

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Posse from Hell
Clair Huffaker
Wait a minute. Whiskey. What is this? Oh! All right. Come on, Spot. It's all right, boy. Marshal. Come out of there. What's this town? Wh...Rate it:

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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
Thunder Levin
[ chainsaw buzzing ] [ buzzing fades ] [ tires skid ] Mr. Shepard, the President needs you right now! I didn't think I was gonna make it. We...Rate it:

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The Legend of Hell House
Richard Matheson
Dr. Barrett? My people tell me you're one of the best five in your field. Your fee will be 100,000. - You're to establish the facts. - Regardi...Rate it:

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The Mayor of Hell
Edward Chodorov
- How's that? That's pretty good. Hey, Stupe. - Watch your car, mister? - No. - Yeah, how much? - Quarter. All right. Check it, Stupe. - D...Rate it:

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They Found Hell
Neil Elman
1 Mysterious craters been found in Russia. News of this latest crater was first reported late last night by local residents having been awoke...Rate it:

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To Hell with a Bullet
Vick Wright
1 Hey, Whiskey, man! Did a great show. Yeah, I know, pops. This is for your kids. Fuckin' ass-hole. Well. Still got hair. Yeah, someone's in...Rate it:

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Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell
John Whelpley
Whoever heard of a heatwave in the Arctic? Welcome to the new normal. We're standing on a gigantic ice cap, and it's 32 Fahrenheit. Welcome to...Rate it:

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Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell
Peter Atkins
Correo e sincronia JRARIOSA O MESTRE DOS DESEJOS - 3 A PEDRA DO MAL Alm do porto do inferno Papai! Meu Deus... Querida... Mary! Mary! Fiq...Rate it:

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