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Anna Karenina
Tom Stoppard
INT. POKROVSKOE--NIGHT CLOSE--Expert fingers--female, unlovely, capable--shape a small lump of dou...Rate it:

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All About Anna
Anya Aims
A friend once said that every woman needs three men: One for adventure and fun, one for stimulating conversation, - - and one for good sex. Jo...Rate it:

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Serge Gainsbourg
Leave me alone. I leave you alone. You look like a peeping Tom. A what? Some kind of pervert. No. Yes. No. Yes, yes, yes. C'mon, give me y...Rate it:

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Anna And Anna
What's wrong? Thomas called this morning There's been an accident at home last night What happened? It's bizarre His wife was drying her hair ...Rate it:

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Anna and Elizabeth
Gina Fink
1 ANNA AND ELISABETH A sound film by Frank Wysbar. Screenplay: Gina Fink Art Direction: Hans Curjel. Production director: Max Hske. Director:...Rate it:

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Anna and the King
Steve Meerson
She was the firstEnglishwoman l had evermet. And itseemed to me she knew more about the world than anyone. But it was a world Siam was afraid ...Rate it:

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Anna and the King of Siam
Talbot Jennings
- I'll get someone for the luggage. - Thank you, Captain. Mother, these people are so funny. Everybody goes barefoot. Stay where I can see you,...Rate it:

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Anna Christie
Frances Marion
Either you're flat or I am. I beg your pardon. Excuse me. Always the lady. Say... Say, what the...? Why, I frighten your|hiccup away, Marthy. ...Rate it:

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Anna Karenina
Bernard Rose
Always in my dream, I'm clinging to a branch, Knowing full well that death inevitably awaits me. The fear of dying without ever having Known l...Rate it:

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Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy
It's like old times to have you visit us once again, Vronsky. As you see, we haven't forgotten you. Well, I used to be one of yours. While I'm ...Rate it:

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Anna Karenina
Jean Anouilh
Oh. What, the bathroom too? Matvey, what's to be done? It will blow over, sir. Her ladyship intends taking the children with her, and the coo...Rate it:

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Anna Karenina
Vasily Katanyan
Leo Tolstoy ANNA KARENINA Screenplay by|V. KATANYAN, A. ZARKHI Directed by Alexander ZARKHI Director of Photography|Leonid KALASHNIKOV Product...Rate it:

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Anna Karenina
Donald Bull
(Train whistle ) (Guard) All aboard! (Engines hissing, people chattering) (Whistle ) Come on, clear the way here, clear the way. (Engine chuff...Rate it:

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Anna Magdalena
Ivy Ho
First movement YAU MUK-YAN Tom Lee Piano. I'm here to tune the piano. I' m busy today. Come again some other time. Come in I said I' m busy co...Rate it:

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Anna Nicole
Joe Batteer
1 Welcome to Mexia, Texas, my hometown. Most people pronounce it "Mex-ia," and it's not. It's "Me-hay-ya." This here is the chicken stand wh...Rate it:

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Anna, quel particolare piacere
Ernesto Gastaldi
Wait! Where isthe car? - Down there. - Give methe keys, I'll drive. They shot you in the shoulder. Come on! It's nothing, come on... Come in!...Rate it:

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I, Anna
Elsa Lewin
Hey, Simon, it's me. I was just wondering how... Yes, I'm fine, I'm really fine. I've been busy. Yes, it's good. No. No, I... What would you ...Rate it:

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Miracle at St. Anna
James McBride
[man on television] I can't hear you. It's them bells! I've had them in my ears for ten hours. Ding, dong, ding, dong. [man 2] Hey, sergeant....Rate it:

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The Corpse Of Anna Fritz
Isaac P. Creus
We are going to see the stars parading on the 500-foot-long red carpet. This year we'll see Anna Fritz again... ...without a doubt a cascade of...Rate it:

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The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund
Andrew Jones
Lord Jesus Christ, you said unto your apostles, "I leave you in peace. My peace I give to you. " Look not upon your sins but on the faith of y...Rate it:

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The Faith of Anna Waters
Kelvin Tong
In the name of the whole universe, by Him who has the power to consign... That's enough! So you will kill in the name of your God just to sa...Rate it:

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The Passion of Anna
Ingmar Bergman
His name is Andreas Winkelman, and he is 48. He has lived alone for a while in this house on an island out at sea. The roof has long been in ...Rate it:

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