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Living Books Season #1

Icabod: Dr. Seuss's ABC. Hi. I'm Icabod. Izzy: And I'm Izzy. Both: Welcome to Living Books. Izzy: We're gonna have fun with the alphabet. Want to come? Icabod: To have this book read to you, click this button. Izzy: If you want to play from the beginning, click this button. Okay.

by Dr. Seuss

added by anonymous
1 month ago

EXT. IN UNA GELIDA RADURA - GIORNO Cumuli di neve con i corpi di persone morte. Otto cadaveri stesi e congelati sul terreno-- uomini, donne e bambini che indossano pesanti pellicce. Il vento sferza i loro lunghi capelli. Ai margini della radura, WILL (20), un giovane ranger vestito di nero, esamina

by Emiliano Colella (translator)

added by emiliano_c
2 months ago
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Season #1

Daniel Tiger: Hi, neighbor! I'm going to share something special at school today. I can't wait to show you what it is! And then, we're having dinner... at a restaurant! And you're coming, too! I'll be right back! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day

by Angela C. Santomero and Becky Friedman

added by anonymous
2 months ago
white chicks

Where's Manny? Tell him the ice cream man is here. Freeze. Hammer time. Can we get down to business? You got the money? Tell him. He said that he's not gonna give you one red cent... until you tell him what flavor the ice cream is. Vanilla. That's what you orde

by idk

added by anonymous
2 months ago

Oh, good morning What up Katie Let me guess, going to Venice Beach You know it Oh, would you stop foraging. Sit down and eat something I can’t mom, I’m late Wait, wait, wait, did you clean your room? No, I’m late! Uh Hey… hey, watch it What up dad! English, dad up. ----------------------

by Jeff Schechter

added by anonymous
2 months ago
A Story Of Greatness Season #1 Episode #1

Khole: (writing in a book) Oct.12,2001 Hi, im Khole, i have a heart condition called Congenital Heart Disease. I could die at any moment, its very scary im only 9! But i'm going to survive, i know it. My mommy is very nice, i have an older sister and her name is Madye and shes mean sometimes bu

by Valerie D. White

added by ValllDawggg
2 months ago
Pitch Black

PITCH BLACK Screenplay by David Twohy Based on material by Ken and Jim Wheat Revised First Draft 3/

by David Twohy

added by anonymous
2 months ago

This is a true story about friendship that runs deeper than blood. This is my story & that of the only 3 friends in my life who truly mattered. Two of them were killers who never made it past the age of thirty. The other is a non-practicing attorney living

by Barry Levinson

added by acronimous
2 months ago

It has to be back to the beginning. Is that what he's doing? Yes, yes. Good. One thing I have to know before we start. When did you meet him? Back then? In 1963 you're talking about. What did you make of him? We didn't. We didn't meet him. He was

by Peter Moffat

added by anonymous
2 months ago
Demon Headmaster Season #Spring

Scene 1: Intro Jessie: Oh, I’m so glad we got those scholarships! I didn’t think I was good at music so when I heard… Becky: Yes you’ve said that an a thousand times. Jessie: Well it’s just as true now as it was the other thousand times I’ve said it. Becky: We’re finally here. The O’Connell School f

by Rebecca Morris

added by anonymous
2 months ago

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