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26 years old 2016-2017-student in the Open University. 2012-2016-Purchasing&Office Manager at Construction company "A.ginadi". 2011-2012-Secretaryn of CEO "Bank Hapoalim ". 2008-2009-Secretary of manager "Compy company".

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1 OVER BLACK: SUPER: “He said he will leap into his grave laughing, because thefeeling of having six million Jews’ deaths on his consciencegave him extraordinary satisfaction.” - Dieter Wisliceny, quoting Adolf Eichmann, 1948 Wind. The GROWLS of an approaching THUNDERSTORM as we PRELAP 2...

by Matthew Orton

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2 months ago

EXT. REDWOOD FOREST - SOUTH - DAY Mounds of white powder, as far as the eye can see. Winter consumes the land. Titan trees with trunks of red, break through the glittering snow-scape and stretch into the sky. Their needles, strong and green against the elements. BRAUN (V.O.) In days ...

by Bryan McMullin

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2 months ago
Circle of Treason

BLACK We hear the clink of cutlery, convivial noise, then... FADE IN: INT. MAYFLOWER HOTEL - DAY ...on ALDRICH HAZEN AMES, watchful eyes behind thick glasses. He’s at the bar, smoking and nursing a vodka, several empties in front of him. The busy restaurant is reflected in a wall-...

by Joe Shrapnel & Anna Waterhouse

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2 months ago

EXT. DIKE ROAD - NIGHT A pair of FINE LEATHER SHOES, soaking wet, SQUISH along a gravel road. With each step, water seeps through the tongue, reflecting the amber hues of a nearby porch light. Distant at first, the faint sounds of strained breathing growinto loud gasps for air. Glimpses of a...

by Taylor Allen & Andrew Logan

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2 months ago

FADE IN: A CIRCUS FLIER Floating in the night air like a falling Autumn leaf. “Shiv” is the name of the KNIFE THROWER, written in sharp, gleaming font. A stylish illustration depicts a hooded man hurling knives at us, blades reflecting a cheering crowd. A sharp WHISTLE - the poster T...

by Matías Caruso

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2 months ago

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