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Homeland  Season #1 Episode #1 (2011)
Synopsis: The first season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on October 2, 2011 on Showtime and concluded on December 18, 2011, consisting of 12 episodes. The series is loosely based on the Israeli television series Hatufim (English: Prisoners of War) created by Gideon Raff and is developed for American television by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.The first season follows Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer who has come to believe that Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine Sergeant, who was held captive by al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was turned by the enemy and now poses a significant risk to national security.

I don't care where he is.

Find him.

It's urgent.

Yes, I'll hold.

He's been locked up for almost a year and overnight they decide to hold a trial and pronounce a death sentence? What did you expect? Hasan blew up 129 civilians in the marketplace in Ramadi.

I know what he did.

I also know he's got intel about an imminent attack on U.



He's been dangling this so-called attack for the last three months.


And now he'll come clean if we commute his sentence.

We don't dictate law to the Iraqis anymore.

This is their jurisdiction.

And Hasan is their prisoner.

David Hold on a second.

He's Abu Nazir's bomb maker, David.

Execute him now, and everything he knows is gone forever.

It's over.

I'm on my way to the prison now.

At least petition JSOC.

- Have them appeal to the Iraqi Army.

- JSOC can't do anything either.

David, you're a CIA deputy director you can do this.

- I told you it's over.

- Please don't shut me down.

David, Senator Feldman's looking for you.

- Tell him I'll be right there.

- David, please, this is my last chance with Hasan.

- Carrie, I have to go.

- David I'm hanging up.

Estes didn't go for it.

I knew he wouldn't.

Is that him? Yes.

I'm not sure we can trust him.

Can he get me inside or not? He says he can.

Now you have only two minutes.

Understand what I say two minutes.

Ibrahim I tried to get the Agency to intervene, but they couldn't do anything.

I'm sorry.

So I have nothing to say to you.

Ibrahim, you said your family was in hiding, afraid for their lives.

I can get them to Amman.

Tell me what you know, and I will personally guarantee their safety.

Why should I believe you will do what you say? We have to go.

You said two minutes.

The guards, they are coming.

I need more time.

You don't believe me? Well, maybe I was wrong to believe you.

You said you were an important man.

You said you had information about an attack by Abu Nazir.

- I have information.

- Prove it.

Because unless you do, I won't protect your family.

Please, we're out of time! My family! My family! You promised to protect them! You're listening to "Jim Dawkins in the Morning.

" Wake up, Washington.

This is Dave sitting in for Jim Dawkins.

We got a lot on the topic today.

So why don't you get your phones ready and give us a call.

They say that Washingtonians are apathetic and Last night, at 2300 GMT, one of our ground assets produced a live lead on an enemy operating base in the Korengal Valley.

Nice of you to join us, Carrie.

How is it you are the only analyst in this section that can't get to a briefing on time? I wanted the whole group to hear this.

Within the hour, Delta Team was on site.

where they identified multiple insurgents on our hit list.

Minutes later, two UH-60 Blackhawk gunships lit the target with over 8,000 rounds.

All 13 hostiles were confirmed kills.

But, during the sweep, one of the deltas found something else a padlocked door to an interior room.

I wanted you to see for yourselves.

Get the fuck down! Get him on his feet! What did you say? I'm an American.

Turns out he's one of ours.

Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

MIA since early 2003 and presumed dead until now.

What happened to his partner? Brody was a scout sniper.

They work in pairs.

Corporal Thomas Walker also went missing that day.

According to Sergeant Brody, Walker was killed during their captivity.

But that shouldn't dampen what is a major win for the agency and for everyone in this room.

You should all take a moment give yourselves a big hand.

Because of you, an American hero is coming home.

Good job.

What were his exact words, please? An American prisoner of war has been turned.

He said this in English? Yes.

He whispered it into my ear right before the guards pulled me away.

And when he used the expression "turned" He meant turned working for Abu Nazir.

Why am I just hearing about this now? Because until ten minutes ago, I didn't know there were any P.



's still alive in Iraq or Afghanistan.

So you're suggesting that Abu Nazir You're suggesting that Abu Nazir planted intelligence in his own safe house just so we could recover Sergeant Brody? I realize it sounds like a reach.

To say the least.

Why not just drop him near a checkpoint and make it look like he escaped.

Why would you sacrifice Because Abu Nazir is playing the long game.

This way, no one suspects a thing.

Except you.

Yeah, except me.


And Sergeant Brody's due home from Germany tomorrow morning, which gives us just under 22 hours.

To do what? To authorize a surveillance package.

To tap his phones, wire his house, follow him wherever he goes.

David will never sign off on that and you know it.

Of course he won't.

The White House needs a poster boy for the war, and David just served him up on a platter.

That's why I'm coming to you.

I'm not going over his head, not on a hunch.

But if I'm right, if he is a terrorist, we need eyes and ears on Brody from the minute he steps off the plane.

- Never happen.

- But Out of the question.

Carrie All right, fine.

What do I have to do? Prove that the safe house leak was planted.

Or at least give me a reason to doubt its authenticity.

I'm in the penalty box, Saul.

I'm 5,000 miles away from my contacts.

I can't collect intelligence from behind a desk.

Find a way.

No, don't look at me that way.

We're all fighting the same enemy here.

We're ready for you, Sergeant Brody.

Your debriefing.

I want to call my wife first.

Oh, I think that's mine.

Oh, no.

Oh Don't get it.


It might be one of my kids.


Jessica? It's me.


Brody? Come on, Jess, talk to me.

What do you want me to say? Tell me that you're okay.

I'm not okay.

I'm a long way from okay.


Mom! Where's your sister? I thought you were at the movies with Jody.

Dana! Is she in her room? Mom Come with me.

Dana?! Mom, just wait a second.

Come on.

I have some incredible news for you guys.

Mom! Come on, Mom! Dana! Mom, don't go in there! Mom, just Tried to stop her.

How come you're home so early? Who is he? Xander.

Xander you need to leave right now.

I'll text you later.

Xan, your jacket.

Why are you making such a big deal out of this, Mom? Gee, Dana, I don't know, it's either the lying or the drugs.

You're supposed to be looking after your brother.

Well, he didn't burn down the house.

Why don't you just do what you say you're gonna do for a change? What? Mom! You said you had something important to tell us.

Shit! What, Ma? Come here, you two.

Touchdown in about two hours.

You need anything? No, I'm good.


You'll have some time with your family first.

Then you'll meet the Vice President, who'll introduce you to every major media outlet in the whole country.

The turnout is overwhelming here at Andrews Air Force Base where Sergeant Nicholas Brody is scheduled to land in just under two hours.

Now a White House spokesman confirms that the Vice President will be on hand.

Do you even remember him? Not really.

As we reported, Sergeant Brody is one of two Marines who went missing in action eight years ago, during a mission into Iraq, near the Syrian border.

A former Marine Scout sniper, Sergeant Brody was operating in hostile territory when his spotter Hi, Brody.

The soldiers were then separated You coming or not, Mom? 'Cause I don't think it'd appropriate if we were late.

Yeah, let me just get my coat.

Are you really wearing that dress? But after the announcement that Sergeant Brody, in fact, survived the eight-year ordeal and was greeted by a wave of enthusiasm from an American public eager to greet a true hero.

More details on Sergeant Brody's captivity are expected to come out over the coming days, but a military spokesman You look pretty, Mom.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Start in the living room.

I got 30 minutes.

And good to see you, too, Carrie.

Who the fuck is he?! Relax, it's all good.

It's my brother Max.

Max, say hi to the client.


What happened to Nick and Eddie? Out of your price range.

I told you, for a grand a day, it's gonna be bare bones.

Hey, you got a bad feeling about this? You want to roll this thing up before we get started, you just say the word.

Eyes and ears in every room.

Then it's back to my place to set up the monitors.

No way you could delay the ceremony? Not without looking like a complete asshole.

He's in the head now puking his guts out.

I thought the Army docs did a complete psych eval.

They did.

So what's the problem? I don't know, David.

Maybe eight years at the bottom of a hole had something to do with it.

I have the Vice President arriving as we speak.

And I need him smiling and waving like a hero, like it's the fucking Macy's Day Parade.

The President asked me to thank you personally.

I have to think the short list for the directorship just got a lot shorter.

Well, I appreciate the consideration, sir.

Not that I'm pushing for it.

Sure you are.

Hi, Dad.


How was your trip? Look at how beautiful you are.


Pleased to meet you.

Hug him, Chris.

Where's Mom? When? Four years ago.

Sergeant Brody, the Vice President's here.

Sergeant Brody.

It's an honor.

Thank you, sir.

You okay? Yeah.

Good morning, Marines.

Good morning, sir! I said, "Good morning, Marines.

" Good morning, sir! Stand at ease.

Sergeant Brody, on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, it is my privilege to welcome you home! Oorah! Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

Thank you, Mr.

Vice President.

I'm not really too good at making speeches.

My wife does most of the talking in the family.

Even though I can't mention 'em by name, I want to thank the Special Forces team that saved my life.

And thanks to all of you out there for your prayers and your good wishes.

It made all the difference.

Most of all, I want to say I want to say thank you to my family for their strength in my absence and for their undying faith this day would come.

I'm a lucky man.

Guy's got game.

How long before you're set up? The feed will be live by the time Sergeant Brody gets back to his house.

More details on Sergeant Brody's captivity are expected to come out.

So, uh, you and Carrie, how long you guys known each other? Long enough.

'Cause I'd kind of feel a lot better if I had a clear picture about who we're dealing with.

We are breaking, like, You would, would you? A clearer picture? Why don't you shut the fuck up and get back to work, okay? Hey I'm sorry, um let's just say that she's a little intense.



What's that? It's what she hides in her aspirin bottle instead of aspirin.

I have one of my migraines coming on, so Let me see that.

What do you think it is? I don't know.

I'm driving.

Are you sure that's a good idea? Jesus, Mom, just let him drive.

Okay, I guess.

Marine! Mike? Welcome back.

Thanks, man.

How you holding up? You look good.

It's great to be home.

It's great to have you home.

This is for real? You stayed in? Military intelligence.

I know, right? Me, of all people, huh? And Megan? How's she? Long gone, buddy.

She divorced me between my second and third tours.


Look, I hate to bring this up, but Langley wants to schedule a follow-up to your debrief in Germany.

- They asked me to arrange it.

- When? - Tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?! I know.

I said the same thing, but this guy Estes, he wants it done sooner than later.

He just got here.

It's okay, Jess.

I'd rather just get it over with.

Well, I'll send a car in the morning.


And when you're up for it I'm taking you to the Greeks for some steak and beer, buddy, 'cause we got a lot of lost time to start making up for.

Huh? Yeah.

God, it's good to see you, buddy.

You, too.

You, too.


We're famous.

You said you'd be ready by the time they got home.

It's just a minor glitch, give me a few minutes.

You painted the house.

Mike's brother did it.

He's a contractor.

He gave us a really great rate.

What do you think of the color? I like it.

Come on.

I'll show you what we did inside.

How's it feel to be back? Can we get a group shot with the yellow ribbon? What do you think? Sure.


Come on, come on.


If you could just line up in front of the tree, yeah.

Family shot.

That's fantastic.

Big smile.

I'm having trouble collecting that intel.

I need you to get me into Sergeant Brody's debrief tomorrow morning.

And what good would come of that? I'm a trained interrogator.

I'll ask him a few questions, poke around his story a little.

principals only.

David's all about punishing me.

And not just for what happened in Baghdad.

- Do you blame him? - No, but this shouldn't be personal; I belong in that room.

Will you behave yourself? Carrie? Carrie? Sorry.

Uh, yeah.

I need you to promise.

You will raise no eyebrows in there.

You will break no china.

I promise.


Then you can have your face time with Sergeant Brody.

Thank you, Saul.


Oh, Christ.

Well? Hello, Big Brother.

So when do you want me back tomorrow? Carrie.

I need to be in the office by 9:00, so get here at 8:00.


Hello? Hello? Hello? Who was that? Oh, Jesus, you scared me.


They hung up.

How was your shower? God, you look beautiful.

How about a glass of wine? I opened a bottle.

Oh, I see what this is now.

Dimming the lights, plying me with liquor.

Is it that obvious? Kind of.

I gotta say, I like you in that nightgown, though.

My mother wears a nightgown.

This is a negligee.

How about that wine, what do you say? Sure.

The tag is still Is that okay? Yeah.

Jess Jess Hmm? Oh, my Hey.

What they did to you Hey.

Hey Baby Oh, Jess Oh, God Hey.

I'm sorry.

No, it's okay.

I'm so sorry.

Let's sit down here.

It's over.

It's over now, baby.

I'm home.


I'm home now, baby.


Oh, baby.

Oh, God It hurts What time is it? Quarter after 8:00.

The debrief! I'm late! - Shit! - Want a donut? Two calls came in; both hang-ups.

Yeah? One last night, one this morning.

Both times the wife answered; both times there was no one on the other end of the line.

Did a number pop up on a tracer? No, and the calls were blocked.

Is there any way that No, not without a subpoena.

Look, Virgil, if somebody's trying to make contact with Brody, it'll only happen once.

And when it does, we'll be there.

All right? It's all good.


All right.

I've got to get dressed.

Many of the men and women in this room are involved in the operation which resulted in your rescue, so we take an extra measure of pride in welcoming you.

Thank you, sir.

Now, we've all read your debrief from Germany, so today we just have a few more questions clarifications, really that might help us in our ongoing fight against Al Qaeda.

- I understand.

- Good.


We'll, uh, start with Stuart Strickland, lead analyst in our Iraq section.

Sergeant Brody, it's a pleasure.

A few weeks after your capture, Special Forces conducted a direct action mission against a former police HQ in Garma According to your debrief, most of your incarceration was spent at a secret military facility outside Damascus.

What landmarks or structural details can you give us to help pinpoint? Eight months you were smuggled overland to an enemy operating base in Afghanistan.

Now, after so many years, what prompted? Sergeant Brody, my name is Carrie Mathison.

I served as a case officer in Iraq.

Your picture was on our MIA wall.

I saw it every day for five years.

It's good to meet you in person.

Thank you, ma'am.

I'm sorry we were unable to find you sooner.

I appreciate that.

I'd like to start with the first few days of your captivity if you don't mind.

Not at all.

How soon after you were taken did the interrogations begin? Pretty much right away.

What did they want to know? Anything I could tell 'em about U.


ground operations, supply routes, communication codes, rules of engagement.

When you were debriefed in Germany, you said you gave up no such information.

My SERE training was excellent.

And Corporal Walker? Ma'am? Did he give anything up? We were never interrogated together, so I don't know.

But still you must have wondered, especially after you learned of his death.

I'm assuming there's a point to all this, Carrie? There is, sir.

As you know, the first 72 hours after a soldier's capture are critical.

What he knows can be used by the enemy during that period to devastating effect.

The point is Sergeant Brody stopped being a source of actionable intelligence fairly quickly, and yet he was kept alive for eight more years.

I'd like to ask him if he knows why.

I often wondered that myself.

Who was your interrogator? An Al Qaeda commander.

His name was Zayadi.

Zayadi? That's what he told me his name was, anyway.

Was this him? No.

But you know who this man is.

Of course.

Every Marine in country was briefed on high-value targets.

Did you ever meet him? Abu Nazir? Was he ever present during any of your interrogations? No.

Look again.

Sergeant Brody? No, I never met him.

What-what what about Walker? Did he ever mention Abu Nazir? No.

You sure? Carrie, how many times does the man have to answer the question? It's just, I'm just a little surprised, sir.

Abu Nazir was in charge of coordinating attacks against coalition forces at the time.

No one had more reason to sit down with the only two American P.



's in his custody.

Well, apparently, he didn't.

Is there anything else, Carrie? No, sir, that's it.

Thank you, Sergeant Brody.

Thank you.

Moving on, Sergeant Brody, I'd like to turn your attention to anything you may have witnessed or overheard when in captivity.

Remember Mrs.

Base? The math teacher? Yeah.

Yeah, she was, like, my least-favorite teacher of all time.

She's so annoying.

Hey, can you guys come in here a second? Hey, I need help getting ready for tonight.

What's tonight? Some of your father's buddies from Bravo Company are coming over for a barbecue.

There's a bag of corn that needs to be shucked, and the grill needs to be cleaned.

I'll do the corn.

So, do I have to be here? Why is everything always a problem with you? I was just asking a question.

I know things haven't been easy between you and me.

But we all have to find a way to be there for each other now, okay? Yeah, okay.

Clean the grill.

Hello? Hey, Jess.


How did it go? I'm actually still here at Langley.

I'm stuck in this debrief, and it's taking a little longer than I expected.

How much longer? Oh, only an hour or two maybe.

Well, don't forget, everybody's coming at 5:00.


I won't be late.


Bye, honey.

Sergeant Brody you're a man who's endured a terrible ordeal.

Thank you, Mr.

Vice President.

Anything? As a matter of fact, yeah.

Brody just lied to his wife.

- Tell me.

- Max is tailing his town car.

Brody just said he was still at Langley, but he told his driver to drop him off at Bluemont Park.

This is it.

He's making contact.

All right, I'll meet you there.

Where's-Where's Bluemont Park? Saul? Hey.

Late for a meeting off campus.

How many boards can one man sit on? You kissed Carrie Mathison into my debrief this morning.

I'm curious if that was her request or yours.


Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't assign her yourself, since she's the only one in the section who's ever been to Iraq.

It's not her resume I have a problem with.

It's her temperament.

What happened? She turned a routine follow-up into a cross-examination.

Kept trying to connect Brody to Abu Nazir.

It's always Nazir with her.

I won't deny she can be a little obsessive on the subject.

Is there something I should know, Saul? Not that I'm aware of.

Because the last time I heard her like this, she bribed her way into an Iraqi prison, caused an international crisis.

I appreciate your concern.

Carrie has learned her lesson.

And we both know how good she is.

What did I tell you when I agreed to give her one more chance? You said only if I agreed to do the babysitting.

I said it would end badly.

For both of you.

You've got a big blind spot where she's concerned.

Trust me.

I did, too.

Now my wife lives in Palm Beach, and I only see my kids twice a year.

Did you fix the audio? Well, we'll know soon enough.

I set up a directional mic near the band shell.

Max, switch to channel three.

Somebody's approaching Brody from 1:00 a female, dark red coat.

I didn't think you'd be able to make it.

I don't understand why you had to go through Mike.

Why didn't you just call me yourself? I did.


Are you recording this? But your wife answered.

She didn't give me any messages.

Because I hung up.

She hates me, Brody.

Hates you? Why? Because I got remarried.

Jessica reacted like it was a personal insult.

Like I was publicly giving up hope that you and Tom were still alive.

What the? Who the hell is she? Helen Walker.

It's the wife of the other missing Marine.

Ah, well, then, she's not Brody's contact.

Just keep listening.

The Pentagon said you both were dead.

And now they're refusing to give me any information about what happened to Tom.

What do you want to know? How he died.

He's gone.

Does it really matter how it happened? It does to me.

He was beaten to death.

Were you there? No.

Thank you for telling me.

I'm going home.

Want to be there in time for this barbecue.

Hold on a second.

Max, will you give us a minute? Max, step out of the van.

I didn't think that this was any of my business.

Now I'm thinking that it is.

Clozapine? I'm sorry.

Was I supposed to say something? Just tell me I'm not out here risking federal prison on behalf of a crazy person.

I am crazy.

It's not funny.

If anybody at the Agency finds out about this I've got a mood disorder, okay? I looked it up, Carrie.

Clozapine's an anti-psychotic.

I'm dealing with it.

I've-I've been dealing with it since I was 22.

- Does Saul know? - God, no.


Nobody does.

Don't act so shocked.

I mean, it can't come as a complete surprise.

You know I love you, Carrie, but I got to be honest.

None of this is making me feel any better.

What are you saying? That I'm making this shit up? Well, maybe I am; you know, maybe it is all in my head, but you're in it now, Virgil, up to your fucking neck, and so is your weird little brother, so don't even think about bailing on me.

You think for one minute you get away with this? I thought that once I had some proof Do you have any? Anything? Even suggesting that Sergeant Brody's what you think he is? No.

Then get a lawyer.

'Cause you're gonna need one when you report to the IG first thing in the morning.

- Saul, please - There isn't anything to say.

I-I'm just making sure we don't get hit again.

Well, I'm glad someone's looking out for the country, Carrie.

I'm serious I missed something once before; I won't I can't let that happen again.

It was ten years ago.

Everyone missed something that day.

Yeah, everyone's not me.

I understand that.

I doubt a grand jury will.

Come on, you recruited me, Saul.

You trained me.

You put me in the field.

Tell me what I can do to make this right between us.

What the fuck are you doing? Good-bye, Carrie.

Aw, fuck! Shit.


You know, I'm shaking his hand he's the vice president and I suddenly realize I don't even know the guy's name.



Geez, you don't call, you don't write We have to talk.

'Cause you can't keep ducking me.

I'm not ducking you.

I'm just trying to deal with the situation.

Yeah, well, you're not the only one.

Look I understand you want to do the right thing and I support you, but, Jess three days ago we were about to tell your kids.

We were talking about moving in together.

Mike, please.

Hey, you want me to forget it? You know, all you got to do is tell me that it wasn't great between us.

(indistinct chatter continues) He's my husband, Mike.

They're gonna burn.

The burgers.




So, Mike's been a big help to your mom, huh? He comes around whenever she needs him.

You like him? Yeah, he's cool.

There you go.

One's for Mom.


Ow! I'm just saying that I think that somebody somewhere is looking at him right now and thinking congressman or senator or You know? Can I ask you a personal question? Don't you want to get a couple more drinks in me first? You're married? No.

But you wear a ring.

Oh, weeds out the guys looking for a relationship.

What? Uh, I I don't know, I guess I've never heard it put so bluntly before.

I just find it a lot easier not to screw things up with people I don't know.

Come on, you can't be all that bad.

What if I told you I betrayed my only true friend in the world today, just played him for a fool, put his 35-year career at risk? I would say that in this town you're in good company.


Another, please.

Coming right up.

These guys are pretty good.

You want to grab a table? I'd rather just get out of here.


Where should we go? I'm done making the decisions.

You're in charge now.


Okay, I like it.

Are you coming? Hey, Carrie, are you okay? What am I looking at here? His right hand.

He's just nervous.



Look again.

It's a pattern that repeats, like a musical phrase.


That's hardly definitive.


Just wait.

This is him outside his house.

And here he is at Andrews Air Force Base.

Okay, do you do you see? It happens whenever he's on camera, whenever he knows the world is watching it's the same sequence over and over again.

A code of some kind.

He's making contact, Saul.

He's sending a message to somebody a handler, a sleeper cell, somebody.

We should explore this further.

Let's get the crypto guys on it.

Pittman's team is the best plus, he knows how to be discreet.

I'll get his number.

So am I still going to jail? Not just yet.

What do you want to know? How he died.

Were you there? No.

- Did you ever meet him? - Abu Nazir? Was he ever present during any of your interrogations? Again.

No, I never met him.




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