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The Godfather
Mario Puzo
story. She starts to eat her spaghetti. She begins eating, looking at him eagerly. MICHAEL Once upon a time, about fifteen years ago some peopl...Rate it:

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The Sixth Sense
M. Night Shyamalan
makes a decision. He rolls in the chair across the room as he thinks. Beat. MALCOLM Once upon a time there was a prince, who was being d...Rate it:

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The Wolf of Wall Street
Terence WinterTerence Winter
mommy promise to keep herlegs spread wide, wide open thewhole time? (she nods dreamily) Good. Once upon a time there wasa great big mansion in Lo...Rate it:

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Ted Elliott
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(4.69 / 16 votes)
Into the Woods
James Lapine
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The King's Speech
David Seidler
minor impediment, and it fades. BERTIE (CONT'D) Once upon a time there were two horsies. A whi...Rate it:

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Beauty and the Beast
Linda Woolverton
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Cinema Paradiso
Giuseppe Tornatore
as if his thoughts and his words came in from some other dimension, mysterious, hidden...) Once upon a time a king gave a feast and there we...Rate it:

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James V. Hart
by a silver samovar. ELLIE S.R. Hadden... (beat) You compromised our security codes. HADDEN Once upon a time I was a hell of an engineer. Pl...Rate it:

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House on Haunted Hill
Dick Beebe
the upper floor of the place. Some space that looks like it was going to be a bedroom, once upon a time: a lot of strange, ultra- m...Rate it:

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I Smile Back
Paige Dylan
maintenance. Okay, roll over. Laney rolls over, a gentle smile on her face. BRUCE (CONT’D) Once upon a time there was this incredibly good...Rate it:

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Our Girl
Tony Grounds
with you again it's too late! ELVIS No it isn't. GEORGIE Yes it is Elvis. Okay, once upon a time! But no not now. He grabs her...Rate it:

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Chris Butler
happened. Norman steels himself, opens the book and starts to read. NORMAN (CONT’D) “Once upon a time, in a far-off land there lived a k...Rate it:

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Short Term 12
Destin Daniel Cretton
she wants Grace to look at. She points to a small sketch of a cute little octopus. JAYDEN Once upon a time, somewhere milesand miles beneath ...Rate it:

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Mel Brooks
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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Earl Mac Rauch
raving lunatic, Perfect Tommy, a vicious psychopath with crazy eyes and flaming orange hair that once upon a time was mousy brown like yours. B...Rate it:

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The Coroner
Sally Abbott
EMBARRASSED AS HE LETS GO, JANE SEEING CLINT APPROACH] CLINT: Must have been nice here, once upon a time. [THEY ALL FEEL A CHILL - J...Rate it:

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The Croods
Chris Sanders
about a story huh? THUNK Yeah a story, tell us a story! Croods gather around Grug. GRUG Once upon a time there was a little tiger who li...Rate it:

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The Sandman (Vertigo)
Neil Gaiman
this story. But for those that don't ... (he coughs) Once upon a time -- Renewed APPLAUSE -- like a ...Rate it:

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The SpongeBob Movie
Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger
to listen) Burger Beard: Man, this is way overdue. (He began to read out loud) Burger Beard: "Once upon a time, under the sea, there was a li...Rate it:

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The Wedding Story
Julianne Homokay
back up. Lights up on BRIDE and GROOM in traditional garb standing on top of a wedding cake.) Once upon a time there was a young woman, pretty a...Rate it:

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