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Midnight Express


by Oliver Stone

added by acronimous
1 day ago
Sing Street

Card over Black: “The ‘60s never really happened in Ireland. So the ‘80s will be the ‘60s. And the ‘80s will make the ‘60s look like the ‘50s.” AN ALCOHOLIC. Pre-title: EXT. SYNGE STREET SCHOOL - DUBLIN CITY - MORNING Two FIFTEEN year-old BOYS stand outside this r...

by John Carney

added by acronimous
18 days ago

EXT. THE JUNGLES OF INDONESIA - DAY A NATIVE slashes through thick foliage, leading a patrol of INDONESIAN MILITARY -- shouted commands and radio chatter. The tribesmen hack through the perimeter of the brush and the party emerges onto the wide silt bank of a muddy river. Suddenly WILD BOAR

by Patrick Massett

added by acronimous
18 days ago
The Founder

INT. ED’S DRIVE-IN - KITCHEN - DAY The kitchen of a drive-in restaurant outside St. Louis. It’s 1954. Traveling salesman RAY KROC (52) stands before a sample MIXING MACHINE, making his pitch to the OWNER. RAY KROC Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What the heck do I need a f...

by Robert D. Siegel

added by acronimous
18 days ago

EXTREME HIGH AERIAL - DAY (1987) We’re soaring - 20,000 feet above this vast island earth VERY HIGH AERIAL - DAY 15,000 feet now - we’re soaring over a dark emerald ocean - HIGH AERIAL - ABOVE INDIA - DAY 4,000 feet, whooshing effortlessly over cities, villages, countryside, rai...

by Luke Davies

added by acronimous
18 days ago

Taxi! Taxi, taxi! Taxi! Hey, taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Can you give me a hand? Uh, Escherstrausse. -Was? -Escherstrausse. Was? Ah, Escherstrausse. Ja, ja. Has it been raining this hard for long? Half an hour. Can you wait a minute, please? -Hello? -Who is it?

by Dario Argento

added by anonymous
20 days ago
Trump’s Speech to Congress

TRUMP: Thank you very much. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, the first lady of the United States ... (APPLAUSE) ... and citizens of America, tonight, as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of Black History Month, we are reminded of our nation’s path toward civil rig...

by Donald Trump

added by acronimous
21 days ago
The Transporter Refueled

Hey. Yo, boy, you can't park there. - We're doing business here. - So are we. Move it! You, come. Tell everyone you know from now on the prostitution on French Riviera belongs to me. Who are you? Karasov. Go now. Anna, smile. Smile! Good girl. - You wanna work for me? - Sure. Good,

by Luc Besson

added by anonymous
25 days ago
The Secret of Crickley Hall Season #1 Episode #3

Episode 1 SHOOTING SCRIPT Pink Revisions 15/03/12 ii. Copyright of BBC Drama Production The sending of this script does not constitute an offer of a contract for any part herein. THE SECRET OF CRICKLEY HALL Ep 1 Pink Revisions 1. 1 EXT. CRICKLEY HALL - 1943 DAY 1 1 Six year old

by Joe Ahearne

added by aviv
1 month ago
White Van Man Season #2 Episode #12

FADE IN: 201 EXT. HOUSE (ANDRZEJ’S JOB) - DAY 3 - 17:30 201 A WHITE VAN, sparkling new - like shots from a TVcommercial. It’s the one OLLIE’S been dreaming of owning for weeks. Is it his? Has he managed to get the money tobuy it? Pull out to reveal bright letters on the side. The logo...

by Adrian Poynton

added by aviv
1 month ago

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