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The Pursuit of Happyness

Time to get up, man. -All right, Dad. -Come on. Should be here soon. -I think I should make a list. -What do mean? -For your birthday gifts? -Yeah. You know you're only getting a couple of things, right? Yeah, I know. Just to look at and study so I can choose better. Okay, well, that's sma

by Steven Conrad

added by aruntalukdar
1 day ago

Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it? Lucy. It's easy as pie. In and out, all done and dusted. And why don't you do it yourself? The last thing the guy's expecting is a total 10 turning up to deliver the case. It'll blow his mind. Come on! What'

by Luc Besson

added by aruntalukdar
1 day ago
Fifty Shades of Grey

1 Ana, take my car. I gave you the recorder right? - Oh, yes. - And you have all the questions? - Yes. - And you know where you're going? Yes, I do have a GPS, and a four point GPA. - I can figure it out. - You're wearing that? Okay, a little less talking, mor

by Kelly Marcel

added by aruntalukdar
1 day ago

Basic principles: No woman wakes up saying: "God, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today. " Now, she might say, "This is a really bad time for me. " Or something like, "I just need some space. " Or my personal favorite: "I'm really into my car

by Kevin Bisch

added by aruntalukdar
1 day ago
Politically Correct Season #1 Episode #10

(Yvonne is laying on the sofa as Zoey walks to the kitchen gives anthony a book) Zoey: Here Anthony: What's this Zoey: The book you asked me for Anthony: oh (Anthony puts the book down and gets his phone out as Zoey walks towards the couch to sit) Yvonne: You know what we should do

by Jackson Perry

added by Damion
2 days ago
ST What Season #1 Episode #9

(Zoey and Kyla and Anthony are In the hospital waiting for amber to get out the room) Zoey: Well i hope she knows she had to be careful next time Kyla: that hoe ain't gonna learn a damn thing Zoey: True Anthony: Well i hope she is ok Kyla: i don't Anthony: Eww why Kyla: Cause she

by Jackson Perry

added by Damion
3 days ago
Set It Off

Thank you, sir. Have a nice day. Next in line, please. Ooh, a week in Hawaii. - All right, I'll fill in for you. - Are you sure? Yeah. You take your little honeymoon before I change my mind, all right? Oh, thank you. - There you go, sir. - Thank you very much. H

by Takashi Bufford

added by acronimous
5 days ago
Soul Food

BOYZ II MEN SINGING: You taught me everything And everything you've given me I always keep it inside You're the driving force in my life Yeah-eah-eah-eah There isn't anything or anyone that I could be And it just

by Unknown

added by anonymous
12 days ago
The Missile

It's five years ago and I'm in Walla Walla Washington. I'm lying in bed at Las Quinta inn, I'm googling myself eating a pizza and watching the news all at the same time, and I have a dream that there's a guided missile headed towards my room and I jump out of bed and say &qu

by Mike Birbiglia

added by anonymous
13 days ago
Baby Daddy Season #7 Episode #1

Riley and Danny are taking Care if their baby puck Danny: He has your eyes Riley:He has your face Danny:For real Riley:Let's just hope he doesn't have your brain Tucker and bonnie walk in arguing Bonnie:I am telling you sandra is getting to much to bare Tucker:Your just jealo

by Ej

added by Damion
14 days ago

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